Sunday, 29 December 2013

Distant Light.....

So Today has been nice so far! I love this time of the year, when all the stress from Christmas is over but everyone is looking forward to a New Year with New Beginings. Today I had a chat with a friend and I explained to him that 2014 is gonna be different.... Sarah is coming back and full of the convidence I lost along the years or that is the plan. So Today I am showing you a dress made for Miss Indonesia by Alafolie but sadly was never worn.... I say sadly because look at the amount of detail in this dress and not only the detail but it comes with a HUD where u can change 16 different colors, you can mix and match the skirt and top colors and you can change the beading and the headdress colors. It really is one of my favourite dresses from 2013 and its avaliable at Mimi's Choice where you will find your every need! Oh and not to mention my necklace is a New Year's Gift also from Alafolie!
Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and heres to New Beginings....

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Miss Indonesia from Alafolie at Mimi Choice
Necklace: Numero 5 from Alafolie at Mimi Choice GIFT
Other Jewels: Paparazzi from Chop Zuey
Skin: Eclipse Diva from Silken Moon
Eyes: Spectral Eyes in Moor from Ikon
Make Up: Autumn Eyes in Gold, Luna Lips in Bonfire and Signature Eyeliner Femme Fatal from Silken Moon
Hair: Mae from Emo-tions

Monday, 23 December 2013

Wild Horses....

Okies sooo its true.... Christmas is not my favourite time of the year and well.... Im sorry I am a grinch! But this year I guess I am looking forward to it more than previous years. This year is the first time in 4 years I  get to spend it with my Mom! So being back home isnt so bad :)
Anyways Today I am blogging the dress made for Miss Norway 2014 for the Formal Round of Miss Virtual World and I loveeeeeee the beautiful sliver patterns on the bodice and the beautiful stole covering my sholders in the cold snow. It really was one of my favourite Formal Gowns from the Contest. I added the new hair made for Miss Brazil 2014 SD Damino who has been a long time friend. The hair is from Emo-tions and comes with a HUD to change the colors easily and Mesh. I really love the quality of this one. I love the wavy locks which I doubt I could ever achieve in Real Life. Im finishing this Blog Post with Blush Skins... This is the new skin Armine and its beautifully Unique with the fierce tones but sweet features curving the face. I'd just like to Thank Marie and Ymir for being such amazing friends.
Have a Merry Christmas <3

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Frozen from Dead Dolls (MVW Norway)
Skin: Armine in Pale from Blush Skins
Eyebrows: Elle Eyebrows from Blush Skins
Hair: Mae from Emo-tions (MVW Brazil)
Jewels: Radiant from Finesmith
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Ultra Gloss (Natural Pack) from Shake Up
Pose: Modeller from Wetcat

Saturday, 21 December 2013

No! I Never Got Used To The Silence.....

"No I Dont Hear You Anymore" - One Republic. There's only so much a person can take, If you know me, you will know how much I hate being ignored. Its the worst thing you could ever do to me. And when someone does it for almost 2 weeks... For me its unforgivable. So anyways yesterday I woke up and decided thats it! And I walked away for good because I need to be happy.. I deserve that and even though this person hurt and ignored me.... They also deserve happiness. 
Anyways thats enough of my Second Life Drama.... I promise you all nothing but happy posts for a long while now. So you know I complain about the cold all the time because I am British and well we couldnt know what cold was if it hit us in the face. But I love how snow looks, how looking out your window and just seeing sheets of snow covering the roofs theres something so beautiful about it and you never really appiciate it at the time. So I decided on a Winter themed Blog today with this beautiful tailored coat from Liv Glam. I love the beautiful texturing and how the belt draws my waist in and its so pretty and gives me hips! Which I have plenty of in Real life. I added some beautiful hair from Lelutka and a pretty ring from Maxi Gossamer which is actually texture change and comes in gold and silver metals.
 Have a Beautiful Weekend <3

Want Theese Items:
Coat: Love On Top Coat from Liv Glam
Hair: Vibrato Hair from Lelutka
Ring: Positano Ring in Gold from Maxi Gossamer
Make Up: Fawn Lipstick fom Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Nails: Donna Flora Set from Nail It
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Pose: Bag Issue Set from The Muse Poses

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I'm Not Allowed To Care What You Do....

When someone walks away no matter how long its been.... It takes a lot of adjusting your life. I been trying to change my way of thinking and trying to focus on the positive... My new found confidence and a beautiful new friend. I guess thats alot to smile about and Today I have been doing just that! Smiling for no reason at all! I feel calm and relaxed and it has been a long time since I felt so much like "me". 
So anyway, You know Christmas is 8 days away? Im sure you have lots of Second Life fancy parties to go to and well why not do it with roses and ribbons with this new GIFT from Champagne Sparkling Couture. I feel so romantic and fun in this gown!
8 daysss to go.....

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Christmas Lover from Champagne Sparkling Couture GIFT
Jewels: Winter Drops from Finesmith
Make Up: Green Eyeshadow from Shake Up, Catliner 009 from CStar and New Occasion Lips from Glamorize.
Eyes: Spectral from IKON
Hair: Lika Updo from Miamai and Hairbase Front  and Roses includined in Tyra Hair from Emo-tions
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Words We Could Never Find....

Moments pass us with lost opportunies of words we should of said! I should of said "I am here for you!". I wish I was more patient and less selfish! And worst of all I am so head strong! That it will take me forever to apoligse even If I am aware I am wrong.
Anyway Today I am wearing one of VoguE's Newest Items! And we all know I am not a pink girl but I adore this jacket. I love how Zalyn has textured it beautifully with the dramtic colors and there 5 others to chose from and fully mesh!!! Secondly I just want to talk about my nails from Moondance! I love their new nails.... I am wearing the slink ones but you can also buy alot of beautiful prim nails there too! Soooo Runnnn...... Moondance Boutique
Its Friday here now so enjoy your Fritag!

Want Theese Items:
Jacket: Ginna Winter Coat from VoguE
Skirt: Mini Skirt - Black Leather from Maitreya
Hair: Devina from Truth Hair
Make Up: Catliner 009 and Lips 081 from CStar
Nails: Shiney Matte from Moondance Boutique
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Pose: The Bag Set from Wetcat

Friday, 6 December 2013

Its Only Empty Words A Million Miles Away.....

Today I woke up and realised a few things! And I realised I dont need anyone but me! I am not a bad person, well maybe some people think I am but I am trying so hard to be good. And well you can try as much as you like sometimes it will never be enough. So dont try, be you.... Dont let anyone tell you who to be! So yesterday I managed to get to The Arcade and I am so in love with this hair/dress combo from Exile! It comes with 2 HUD's one for the hair and the other for the dress. So you can wear any color you like. Ok...... So next I know there are alot of Ikon Eyes fans out there so guess what is at FameShed? Only Ikon Mesh Eyes! Runnnnn!!! I have NEVER met a eye designer I love more than Ikon... the detail and colors are just goregous! Happy Friday!! :*

Want Theese Items:
Dress/Hair: First Snow from Exile Arcade Dec Item
Eyes: Spectral Eyes from Ikon FameShed Item
Make Up: 009 Catliner from CStar and Natural Lips and Intense Freckles from Shake Up
Skin: Elle Nude from Blush Skins

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stop Standing In Line.....

"Tell All Of Theese Boys They Are Wasting Their Time.....Stop Standing In Line.... Your all mine!" - John Legend. Ok I admit it, I do have a bit of a crush on John Legend's voice! And Yes! I love this song "You & I". So now you know why I keep quoting his songs :P Anyways I have been a lil angry and well.... Anger makes me feel sexy it appears! So Today I am showing you the latest from Champagne! I love Enzo and how he manages to create theese Broadwalkish looks. I especially love this outfit because I loveeeee sparkles and I love the cane that comes with it!!! It also came with fishnet gloves and stockings and a pretty little hat but me and hats dont work well :P So I got my Afro on! Have a beautiful Thursday :*

Want Theese Items:
Outfit: Cabaret from Champagne (Includes Cane and Tie)
Hair: Dolce from Lelutka
Jewels: Flowers for Madeline Dress Ring from Dahlinks
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar
Stockings: Stockings from Chicka Set from Angel Dessous
Shoes: Appaloosa from BAX
Skin: Elle - A Touch Of Nostalgy from Blush Skins
Pose: Lean Poses from Zzang
 Piano: Grand Piano from Lisp

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

OOak Breedable Auction....

 I am really enjoying Blogging some events and I am really lucky Charmed Breedable Fashions always keep me upto date with what they are getting involved within. The next Event they are taking part in is OOak Breedable Auction for RFL which is this coming Saturday 8th December starting at 11am and 4pm. In The auction there are over 18 different Designers each offering a special Item and the Item Charmed are offering for the Silent Auction which started Today untill Saturday is so beautiful, I am still waiting to see the boots on anybody so whoever wins has to show me :P Also one of my 2nd favourite breedables is KittyCats and I cant wait to see what they bring! All Information including all the designers taking part can be found on the website. Please Visit: OOak Breedable Auction. Have Fun Bidding and DONT forget to Pre-Register!!

Picture By : Charmed Breedable Fashions.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Laced With My Doubt.....

Sometimes its time to unlace your doubts. To just let go and be you! I guess I have been trying too hard with things and what I have decided is... What will be, will be! Im not gonna stress out about it anymore. So Today with my new found confidence I styled this beautiful outfit from Gizza! I love all the colors but this was so great and tailored and perfect for thoose days you wanna look smart but.... chic and different! I didnt manage to get the skirt in the shot but its got a goregous sexy split though the middle! So Rawr! I mixed the outfit with this amazing and one of my all time favourite hair's from Emotions. I love how you have 3 different opitions and also added hairclip or roses. 
Happy Monday <3

Want Theese Items:
Outfit: Voyage from Gizza
Hair: Tyra from Emotions
Jewels: Pona from Finesmith
Make Up: Catliner 009 and Lips 084 from CStar
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

POE: I'm Just Part Of The List...

I wish sometimes things were easier, How I wish I felt more important to some people in both worlds. Anyways with that being said here is something Important Information coming up! Yes POE is back and ready for another successful year! When I got accepted this year I cannot tell you how happy I was! POE is a grid wide Hunt, featuring over 200 designers putting out FREE gifts and it starts 1st Decemeber 2013! So Today I am wearing this beautiful tartan green (Irish :P) dress made by G Sloane! I think its beautiful and looks like the perfect winter dress, I mixed it with the amazing White Widow which is also a POE Hunt Item!!!! Have A beautiful Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving <3

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Plaid Tunic from G Sloane POE Item
Make Up: Earth from White Widow POE Item
Morocco Lipstick from BlackLiquid
Catliner 009 from CStar
Hair: Listen from Elikatira
Jewels: Diconay from Finesmith
Pose: Corpus

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

If Its From You.... I Dont Mind Hurting.

I have been so tired recently! Worrying has made me not sleep well! Im one of thoose worrier's! So to take my mind off things I am having a styling day and forgetting everything else for a while. Sooo firstly Immerse is BACK!! And one of her newest creations is this Sweater Dress called Sequoia which is in the Fashion Fair Event and is an Exclusive! Ok so next.... Guess where I went next toooooo Shoetophiaaaa! Look at my sexy boots!!! Theres is a option to wear them with different color socks or bare!!! And Mesh! Omg they are soooo sexy!!! Thank You Vin for heping me chose! Have a beautiful Tuesday!!!

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Sequoia from Immerse Fashion Fair Exclusive Item
Boots: Boheme  Boots from JD Shoetophia Item
Make Up: Natural Lips and Intense Freckles from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Hair: Figure from Elikatira
Leggings: Favourite Wool Tights from Mon Tissu
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Pose: Lean Poses from Zzang

Friday, 22 November 2013

Toys For Tots : Charmed Breedable Fashions

I dont know if I was living a hole the last five years but this week I was introduced to a SL Charity Event called Toys for Tots. For everyone who has been living in a big black hole like myself.... Toys for Tots is a charity in which they raise money for children whos parents cant afford to get them Christmas presents. "The mission of the program "is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted."Toys for Tots Webpage So This Weekend is the Breedable Fair for Toys for Tot's. The sim is beautiful, You need to see it! So Charmed Breedable Fashions is taking part in this Expo and this is one of the items that is for sale and its my favourite, I secretely love Handbags more than Shoes.... Shhhhh! Please note this is not breedable but it is beautiful and perfect to wear right now and also you do get a voucher for the up and coming Version 2 and trust me the colors coming are goregous! 

So as I am talking about Version 2, Charmed Breedable Fashions are still looking for Open Beta Testers! Yes and the places are filling up quick, so Runnnn.... Contact Sassy1 Fizzle! 

Hurry to Toys for Tots it closes Sunday Night!!!! Taxi!

Photo by : Charmed Breedable Shoes Owners

I'm just a girl....Standing in front of a boy!

Well Yes I have watched Notting Hill one too many times! And still this quote seems to stick in my head after all the Romantic Comedy's I have watched! I adore Julia Roberts so I guess this post is Inspired by her! One thing I love about her is her beautiful Red hair and her class! How she always looks naturally amazing! She is so my girl crush. I guess this Post is also a message. Yesterday was hard but with 4 hours sleep, I am feeling a little better! Everything happens for a reason right?
Anyway let me talk about clothes, I have had this blazer in my inventory for over a year I think but its one of thoose classics but I never really got the chance to wear it so Today was the day! It is from Remy and I feel like a young man/woman has thrown their jacket over me to keep me warm! Im such a romantic its pathetic!!! Anyways I mixed it with this beautiful Pencil skirt complete with bow belt from Topazia! One of my newest favourite stores!!! Ill be back tonight with a new post about Toys for Tots!!!

Want Theese Items:
Jacket: Blazer Cape from Remy
Skirt: Grayson Pencil Skirt and Belt fro Topazia
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and New Occasion Lips from Glamorize
Hair: Kacey from Emo-Tions
Top: Body Suit from Peqe
Jewels: Gala Necklace from Donna Flora
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Blush Skins: 3rd Annversary Contest LAST Week!

So I have had the pleasure of helping Blush Skins organise a contest celebrating their 3rd Anniversary with awesome prizes for example: 1st Prize - A photoshoot with the one and only Skip Staheli for Bestyle Magazine and 10k in Lindens! That is an extordinary prize and this is your last chance to enter with the closing date looming! We are still looking for 5 more finalists to take part in the awesome contest and No! you dont have to be a model this is open to ALL female avatars!

So here the Rules
  •  Create a photo wearing skins from Blush with the Winter Theme (No sale skins or hunt/gacha items allowed).
  •  Deadlines:
    Week One - 11th-17th Nov
    Week Two - 18th-24th Nov
    Finale Week -25th-1st Dec
  •  Sent to Sessie16 Resident and also upload into our flickr group: Blush Skins Contest Flickr
  • If you use Facebook please like our page Blush Skins on Facebook
  • Please join our inworld group for all notifications on the contest Blush Skins Inworld  

  • 1st: Photo shoot with Skip Staheli wearing your Blush Skins for the cover of Bestyle Magazine and 10k in Lindens
  • 2nd: 5k in Lindens
  • 3rd: 2500 in Store Credit

Have a Beautiful Thursday - And Good Luck <3

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dreams Way : Slave To You....

Have you ever met someone you would instantly help, support without a moments notice! How instantly you care and its so insanely crazy! Well anyways Today I am wearing an Item from Legal Insanity for Dreams Way organised by Shanty Bookmite to help Real Life Charties Brigadoon Explorers and Dreams Foundations supporting people affected by autism and A/S. I love this robe by Legal Insanity because its got so much edge to it! And it includes the gloves as part of the one set outfit. I love the glittering gold! So take the taxi to Dreams Way NOW. I completed my look with some big earrings from Finesmith and some wild headdress from Emo-tions which I have wanted to Blog forever but never got the chance! Have a Beautiful Tuesday <3

Want Theese Items:
Robe: Damayanti Robe from Legal Insanity Dreams Way Item
Headdress: Cleo from Emo-Tions
Earrings: Awake from Finesmith
Make Up: Lying Eyes from Madrid Solo and Beauty Marks from Shake Up
Skin: Elle from Blush Skins
Pose: Tentative from Del May

Friday, 15 November 2013

Charmed Breedable Fashions

I usually dont use other people's pictures on my Blog but I have an exciting oppurtunity to talk about and couldnt hold out! The first time I heard of Charmed Breedable Fashions was at Fashion For Life and well I was very Impressed back then! But recently I was lucky enough to meet the owners and they let me see how it all works. Charmed Breedable Shoes is your chance to create your own shoes and bags! You are the designer and you are able to breed to make your desired look and you can even sell them on if you get a awesome pattern. 
So the exciting oppurtunity.... Arent shoes a girls best friend? For sure I am a shoe whore! And well Charmed are looking for 100 Beta Testers to test out their new version 2 which has lots more colors and patterns. All you need to to get involved is message Sazzy1 Fizzle Inworld. Get Breeding :P
Have A Happy Weekend <3

Picture: Zandy Oh
Model: Sebastian Viper

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bonfire Heart.....

"You light the spark in my bonfire heart" - James Blunt
So Today I am wearing a bunch of my favourite designers! If you had'nt realised by now I loveeeee Liv Glam! Especially this beautiful urban outfit! I am always scared to wear prints on my thighs in RL because Im concious of my thighs looking big but in SL I can get away with it! This outfit is actually on offer at the Pure Sales Room Event! So Runnnn! I am wearing with it the amazing Maziar set from Finesmith, the Necklace actually comes with more add ons but I wanted a simple and dramtic look and I love it! Finishing this post with my vibrant Fiery Red Hair from Vanity Hair!
Have a Thrilling Thursday!
Want Theese Items:
Outfit: Empire State of Mnd from Liv Glam PSR Item
Jewels: Maziar Shawl Necklace and Ring from Finesmith
Hair: The Meadow from Vanity Hair
Nails: Matte Intense Nails from MUA (Only for Slink Hands)
Make Up: Double Eyeliner and Teeth from Shake Up
Pose: Adle Set from WetCat

Monday, 11 November 2013

Dreams Way: Notice Me.....

In my room there was doubt
Now no words can come out
We were friends, we had heat
Now I choke when you speak
Because you never notice me
Because you never notice me

 I really love Diana Vickers voice, its so pretty and she defintely one of a kind! She was featured on X - Factor in the UK a few years ago and has only made one album but gosh I adore her! Shes also Irish!! Anyways Today Dreamers Way opened organised by the wonderful Miss Ireland this year, Miss Shanty Bookmite. "The "Dreams Way" project was created with the purpose of helping "Brigadoon Explorers" and "Dreams" Foundations, which are active in organizing various activities for people affected by A/S and autism" - Dreams Way! Shanty has organised A Fashion event where exclusive Items will be on sale and various agency will hold fashion shows. Today I am wearing 2 Items from Dreams Way featuring Blush Skins and the Skirt which is from Baboom both only avaliable at Dreams Way

Want Theese Items:
Skin: Candance from Blush Skins Dreams Way Item
Skirt: Ann Outfit (Only Skirt used) Dreams Way Item
Jacket: Vanity from Erratic
Hair: Daisy from Lelutka
Jewels: Flowers for Madeline from Dahlinks
Make Up: Intense Freckles and Teeth 001 from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Nails: Donna Flora (Slink) from Nail It!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Dream Within - The Stars of the Night

Ah, less — less bright
The stars of the night
Than the eyes of the radiant girl!
And never a flake
That the vapour can make
With the moon-tints of purple and pearl,
Can vie with the modest Eulalie’s most unregarded curl —
Can compare with the bright-eyed Eulalie’s most humble and careless curl.

Today I am bringing you a outfit made by Fellini specially created for "A Dream Within" Event organised by Bodza Blackadder. "A Dream Within..." is a charity event for Crohn's and Colitis UK and is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. 
 50% of the income of each design will go to Crohn's and Colitis UK, but there will also be donation boxes dotted around. Taxi!

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Etincelle Gown from Fellini Dream Within Item
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Make Up: Natural Lips and Added Gloss from Shake Up
Hair: Adorbale from Tuty's

Thursday, 7 November 2013

C4: Its Not That Easy....

When I was a teenager (OMG that seems so long ago) there was this talent show that had like one series but they found this amazing singer called "Lemar" and he was goregous anyway thats what I am basing Today's title on! If you never heard him check out the song "Its Not That Easy" I think everyone can relate to it! Anyways Today Sessie is wearing a NEW Skin made by 7 Deadly Skins called Gluttony which comes in 5 different tones and also has all the appliers you need! It was realesed few days back! Today I am wearing Tone 2 to show you! Another NEW Item I am bringing you is this awesome new bag from Zenith Fashion and OMG its cute and on Gatcha at Chapter 4 and I mangaed to get the RARE after only 3 tries! Woot!!! To finish the post I am sad to say Molichino is temp closing but is having a sale and all items are 100L or less! Runnnn!!!

Want Theese Items: 
Skin: Gluttony from 7 Deadly Skins NEW
Bag: Timeless Bag (Open) in Milk from Zenith Fashion RARE (Chapter 4 Item)
Top: Naomi Top from Molichino
Pants: Floral Sky Highwaisted from Attic
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Teeth from Shake Up
Hair: The Meadow from Vanity Hair
Jewels: Oziris Earrings from Modern Couture
Nails: Donna Flora Set from Nail It! (Slink)
Pose: Agpee

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

All I Have Is 3 Notes Playing In My Head...

That moment in life when you get a song stuck in your head all day replaying over and over!! People who follow me on Spotify will know I have been listening to Christina Aguilera on repeat for days and Today I found myself having the song "Sing For Me" stuck there! The song is a little depressing but so much truth in it! "And now I'm ready, I'm gonna sing 'em all out, Sing 'em out just for myself. I don't even care what the world thinks about how I sound" Anyway this Morning I got this beautiful dress from LpD and I am so in love with it! I love the fabric caressing the black cotton. So beautiful and for sure one of my favourite's. I added some beautiful shoes from Candy Doll which you need slink feet for but look at how realistic and pretty they look! I have just discovered this store!!! Lastly I got the finishing pieces from Finesmith, Shake Up and Truth Hair!
Have a beautiful day. Hugs

Want Theese items: 
Dress: Giulietta from LpD NEW
Shoes: Oxygen II from Candy Doll (Slink) NEW
Jewels: Grapa Set from FINESMITH
Hair: Denee from Truth Hair
Make Up: Natural Lips and Intense Freckles from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Pose: TTB 23 from Wetcat

Monday, 4 November 2013

Not This Time....

 Today I am feeling relieved and happy! Sometimes you got to just let it go. So with my happy good mood I decided to get all show girl in this beautiful new creation from Champagne Sparkling Couture, the outfit includes Necklace, Bodysuit, Cuffs and the beautiful Headpiece. I love this because it makes me feel so glamourous and with Enzo doing Face Of The Month its a perfect outfit to make a statement.
Heres to a brighter sexier week!!

Want Theese Items: 
Outfit: Broadway from Champagne Sparkling Couture NEW
Hair:  Romance from Emo-Tions
Make Up: Catliner 009 from Cstar and Natural Lips and Teeth from Shake Up
Skin: Elle - Party With Me from Blush Skins
Pose: Agpee

Friday, 1 November 2013

Blank Page

How do I erase the decisions I made? I have made some bad one who hasnt? But everything happens for a reason, I just wish I had the ablity to learn and walk away faster. Anyways Today I am wearing one of the newest Realeases from Azul. I loveeee the roses that this beautiful gown is covered in and it comes in over 7 different wonderful colors. I am feeling extra girly Today too wearing a gown. A ormal post is way over due! I added one of Bliss Couture's head dresses which was really affordable with Amutey's closing sale. Have a beautiful weekend <3

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Francesca from Azul NEW
Headdress: Silky Hat from Bliss Couture
Hair: Pocahontas from Lelutka
Skin: Elle - Party with me fro Blush Skins
Pose: DQ Runway 3 from WetCat
Jewels: En Tournant fro Lazuri

Monday, 28 October 2013

Burn Me With Fire.....

Recently I downloaded Spotify, and I lovvves! Today I havent stopped listening to Christina Aguilera - Remain and so any of the lyrics seem to be true to how I feel at this moment in time. That no matter what happens I will be here at your side. Anyways as I had an unexpected day off I did some styling. This time wearing one of Liv-Glam's newset realeses called " Miss me Blind" I love this dress and it was a HUD to change the color of the patten on the front of the dress. I added a NEW hair from Emo-Tions. I am really loving all Mirja's new hair! I love how this makes my outfit look completely fierce!! I completed the outfit with some stunning jewels from Finesmith which the gems are texture change! hope you had a beautiful Monday :)

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Miss Me Blind from Liv Glam NEW
Hair: Kacey from Emo-Tions NEW
Jewels: Desire from Finesmith
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Natural Lipstick from Shake Up
Nails: Donna Flora from Nail It (Baiastice)
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Pose: Spike Set from Wetcat NEW

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

When Sadness Was The Sea.....

"When sadness was the sea....You taught me how to swim" I found this quote on Pintreast Today and it touched me, I am still waiting to find that person who teaches me to swim but this last year I have been learning to love myself again. Because One day I will find my Lifeguard - :P Anyway Today I am wearing one of Living Imagination NEW realeses. I love that Bodza is now making casuals aswell as Formals and they are just as stunning! Another NEW item are theese beautiful earrings from Shake Up for Boho Culture Fair which is running untill 31st October 2013. 
Have a happy Hump Day ;)

Want Theese Items: 
Outfit: Going Happy from Living Imagnation
Hair: Salome from Lelutka
Earrings: Dezra Earrings from Shake Up (Boho Culture Item)
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Natural Lipsticks and Teeth Layer from Shake Up
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Before The Light....

Well, I cant even remember the last time I even wore stockings!!! Let alone waited for a hot night of ummm...... Anyways this sexy new outfit is from Countdown! I love the mix of a glittery jacket mixed with lingerie. Its soooo sexy and so mysterious and also Lola Tango friendly! To match this sexy outfit I chose a skin from Blush Skins with the added Make Up...I love this fierce Purple Shadow on the skin mixed with the Nude lips its just perfect and so flirty! I love my smexy look! 
Have a Sexy Weekend ;)

Want Theese Items:
Outfit: Enigma from Countdown
Skin: Elle Skin - Party With Me from Blush Skins
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Teeth 001 from Shake Up
Ring: Flowers for Madeline Dress Ring from Dalinks
Hair: Pocahontas from Lelutka
Pose: Lean Poses from Zzang

Thursday, 17 October 2013

.....And painted It Red!

As soon as I saw this dress I had this song in my head!
Red by Daniel Merryweather
"And I can't do this by myself
All of these problems, they're all in your head
And I can't be somebody else
You took something perfect and painted it red"
This is Me Me Me.... I think about things till I exhaust them over and over! Making problems that dont even exist, I dont know if this is a girl thing or just me!
Anyway.... Today I am wearing one of Topazia new dresses, I lovvvveee them all! they come in different bold colors and prints! But I love wearing Red alotttt and now I am hopelessly in love with this dress! My 2nd love of the day is this haiiiiirrr! Oh My Gawd! I love the high ponytail and the high quiff, I need this done in Real Life, I bet it looks so cute! 
Have a beautiful Thursday/Friday.

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Laureen Pencil Dress from Topazia
Hair: Maja from Emo - Tions
Glasses: La Vie En Rose from LWL (Gacha)
Jewels: Pona from Finesmith
Make Up: Lips 083 from CStar and Teeth 01 from Shake Up
Pose & Prop: Color Photo Box from Wetcat
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I Speak Words In Silence.....

This Title reminds me of the song "When you say nothing at all" by Ronan Keating. I love thoose moments when words are not needed and you can look at someone and know exactly what they are thinking. Its a bit of a guessing game but Its cute.
Anyways....Today I am spoiling you with Items from Boho Culture Fair and Pure Sales Room.
Firstly this beautiful Ring is from Boho Culture Fair made by one of my favourite brands in Second Life, Shake Up! I love big bold jewerally like this! How you can wear it with almost anything. Secondly this warm knit top is from the Pure Sales room this week and comes with a long brown skirt but you are able to wear them seprately made by Liv Glam. 
Happy Humpday :P

Want Theese Items:
Sweater: Tik Tok from Liv Glam (Pure Sales Room Item)
Ring: Promise Ring from Shake Up (Boho Culture Fair Item)
Hair: Flourish from Magika
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Chubby Lipstick, Intense Freckles and Teeth fro Shake Up
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skin
Pose: Glitterati

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

C88: Unfold Me....

October, October, October! Me and this month have a love/hate relationship! Firstly October I hate you for makng me cold and making it 10 times harder to get out of bed when Its cold and darker but I love you because you hold my Birthday and because of Fashion! October seems to be the Month that everyone starts throwing on thier layers! And I love sweaters and scarfs and gloves! This is too true for this Jacket I decided to wear Today from C88. It always takes me forever to get to C88 because I always forget as theres so many Monthly events etc but I think C88 stands above them all and with this beautiful elegant jacket from ISON it really is a good excuse to visit!
Want Theese Items:
Jacket: Leather Asymmetrical Jacket fro ISON (C88 Item)
Hair: Romance from Emo-Tions
Skin: Elle from Blush Skins
Eyes: Moor Vanity Eyes from IKON
Make Up: Intense Freckles, Teeth and Natural Lips from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Slink Nails: Nail it from Baiastice
Pose: Posesion

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cause They Know.....You Own it!!!

Hey You!!! Well after a short Blogging break I am back! I hope you misssssedddddd me! Lol Anyways I am sorry for being away, It seemed so much happened in such a short space. But I am back and smiling and I promise I wont suddenly leave you all again. Anyways sooooo....I went to the Mens Only Gacha (Yes I know im female) and it was amazing, I picked up this amazing neck wallet made by Xiaj and with so many colors in the gacha you wont stop trying!! It honestly drove me crazy! Gacha Whore right here! So also this week was a NEW realese from Truth Hair, I love how Truth is using Huds to change color of your hair now! Woots! I finished the look with theese super cool pants from TattooArt where the pants and also the boxer breifs are texture change! Loving my Urban look!!!! Happy Hump Day ;)

Want Theese Items: 
Hair: Katya from Truth Hair
Pants: Skinny Pants with Boxers from TatooArt
Top: Tina Off Shoulder Crop from Revolt
Neck Wallet: Weaved Neck Wallet (blk) from Xiaj (MOG Item)
Watch: Odyssey Watch from Gizza
Tattoo: Charity's Garden Sleeves from The Sea Hole
Make Up: Intense Freckles, Natural Lips and Teeth from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Pose: Maxx Male Set from Wetcat
Skin: Valencia from Wow Skins

Friday, 20 September 2013

In Something Unknown.....

The last few days have been unexpected relaxing peaceful days where I have been smiling again. I mean yes most of my friends dumped me for a Video Game which 3 letters I cant even bare to see or say any longer but minus that I am smiling. While the whole world seems away from SL for this game, I have been reinventing Sessie! I evolved a little into a little more like Real life me. I mean I will still make lots of pretty red hair posts because I cant throw that fiery red part out of my life! She is always there somewhere hiding. 
So Today's Post is a whole load of Vogue! This outfit isnt realesed untill Saturday (Tommrow for me) and as soon as I saw this I fell in love with the elegeance and sexiness all at the same time mixing leather and shorts and low cut neck line hugging my curves. It is just everything and more! 
I hope you like the new Sessie! Have a beautiful weekend :)

Want theese Items: 
Outfit: Zanna from Vogue
Boots: Regency Boots from BAX
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Hair: Flourish from Magika
Prop & Pose: Glitterati (Only on Marketplace)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Silence.... The Moment in your life you realise you were a Idiot! I promise to myself to not make the same mistakes again. I am going to turn myself into a strong independant woman - I am going to get my confidence back! Watch this space! 
Anyways....My SL self got a chance to be all fashionable Today, I got to wear this beautiful hat from Baoba which is a exclusive for the Couturiers Dock, theres only a limited amount so get your mesh butt's there! I love Baoba, If you are looking for that something to add a bit of edge to that outfit, its the place to be! So many different and unique designs you will be spoilt for choice! 
Second thing I really want to get really excited over is my Corset.... I have had this soooooo long! But I loved it the moment I saw it! Its so sexy showing a little bit of skin but also so pretty and girly with the bow at the waist! I really would love this in Real Life if I had a supermodel stomach that is! 
Have a pretty Tuesday!

Want Theese Items: 
Hat: Miss Volare from Baoba (Couturier's Dock Item)
Top: Boned Corset from V.E
Leggings: Couture Leggings from Maitreya
Jewels: Copacetic from MG
Skin: Cindy in Tan from Blush Skins

Sunday, 15 September 2013

If You Don't.....

 I dont know how I am staying awake Today, Im living off so much lack of sleep! This week has been a mix of good and bad, I tried to fix a friendship and it still feels broken but I got to spend some time with other friends and I have been breaking alot of my rules. I decided a little while a go to take a rest from the modelling world, so this week under influence I changed my shape and tried a new skin. I still love Blush very much and I am still going to use them to the max but everynow and again you need a change and this change makes me feel sexy. So Todays post is inventoy mix up! I just picked it all out and it seemed to work. Well Tommrow is Monday so I wish you all a beautiful week because I really need some rest ;)

Want Theese Items:
Dress: V - Neck Mini Dress from Gizza
Skin:  Greed Tone 3 from 7 Deadly Skins
Hair: Calm from Magika
Lingerie: Sexy Little Lace Bra from !E
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Janire Lipstick from Shake Up
Tattoo: Not So Religious from Tattoo Art
Shoes: Angelina Peeptoe from Gos

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Waiting Outside The Lines.....

I was listening to this song by Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside The Lines and one part of the song song stuck in my head "You'll never enjoy your life living inside the box. You're so afraid of taking chances. How you gonna reach the top?" This song inspires me to risk everything and not be safe. Because the best things in life are things we have risked everything for. I dare you to take one risk this week, month or year and see how it makes you feel.
So Today I am wearing a new skin being realesed by 7 Deadly Skins called Greed in Tone 3. I really love this skin - especially the tanned skin which was unexpected because I usually stick to the paler tones but I felt like taking a chance and I think it worked. 7 Deadly Skins has also made appliers for Slink Hands, Feet and Boobies so it really couldnt be any easier for you. It is out in the  7 Deadly Skins Mainstore on Friday 13th September. 
Lastly I am wearing a beautiful necklace I really wanted to talk about, I really had no clue it was in my Inventory but as soon as I wore it I knew it was the one and there was a instant love. Its from Pure Poison but I think it does everything I need it to for this Blog Post. I really dont want to take this outfit off for a long time. Im feeling sexy!

Want Theese Items:
Skin: Greed B2 T3 From 7 Deadly Skins
Dress: Marsh in Jade from Coldlogic
Jewels: Carmen Golden Necklace from Pure Poison
Hair: Romance in Chocolate from Emo-tions
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Janire Lipstick from Shake Up

Monday, 9 September 2013

Stop Right Now.....

And we know that you could go and find some other
Take or leave it or just don't even bother
Caught in a craze, it's just a phase
Or will this be around forever
Don't you know it's going too fast
Racing so heard you know it won't last
Don't you know why can't you see
Slow it down, read the sign
So you know just where you're going
Stop right now thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun 
Stop - Spice Girls

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Jacky Tube Dress from Couture'd Bacon
Hair: Bouffant from Lelutka
Make Up: Catliner 009 and Lips 083 from CStar
Boots: Regency Boots from BAX

Friday, 6 September 2013

C4: Remember This Feeling....

Today I am still feeling a little urgh but maybe its spending too much time at home even though yesterday I did get to spend the day with my Niece in Real Life. Soooo I managed to get to this month's round of The Chapter 4 and Omg I fell in love! Chapter 4 is a monthly event, open every 4th of the month with sale items and gacha's from beautiful stores like this incrediable top I am wearing from Ionic which I have been crushing on for weeks! Come Like their Facebook Page to stay upto date - Chapter 4 - Facebook. I mixed it with my favourite high waisted pants from Gizza and my NEW hair from Exile! Oh I love this tone and the waves. So pretty :) have a great weekend <3

Want Theese Items: 
Top: Lucy Blouse from Ionic (Chapter 4 Item)
Pants: High Waist Woolen Pants from Gizza
Hair: Amercian Woman from Exile
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Janire Lipstick from Shake Up
Ring: Flowers for Madeline Dress Ring from Dalinks
Pose: Lean from Zzang

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Arcade: I Hate The Mornings....

Urgh! I guess I'm not really feeling myself today. I hate it when something happens and your whole world seems upside down. But anyway I have to believe everything happens for a reason. So I have been wearing this outfit for way too long Inworld and yes I know its way too simple but I just loved it because the bright colors made me smile. See the cute cube of straw, what do you call that? (times I wish I was a professional farmer?) Anyways its a gacha item from The Arcade! I so love it! It takes pride in my garden (not yard, garden). The cute top is from Zaara and Omgaaaa dont I love that store! I spent way too much on their 50% sale! So I have been enjoying showing you my finds. I wish you all a sexy day :P 

Want Theese Items:
Top: Nina Tube Top from Zaara
Hair: Candy from Truth Hair
Jeans: Low Rise Skinny Jeans from Gizza
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Morocco Lips from BlackLiquid
Prop &Pose: Straw Bale Seat from DIGS (Arcade Item)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Arcade: Turning Up The Heat

Well Its been a few days but I am freeeeeee! In Real Life I have been working so hard because well all thoose kiddies need School Shoes but now I am enjoying my 4 days off! Phew! So I didnt actually get into The Arcade but well only a neighbouring sim, I cheated! Anyways while I was there I picked up theese Fiece shades from LWL. Anty I know you are so crushing on my shades right? I so love the Rares but I wasnt lucky enough for them after 6 attempts! So another machine I was playing with was Exile and would it give me the Reds? Nope! So when a close friend IMed me later with the reds I was so so happy! Thank Youuuuuu.... I completed my look with my LBD from Zanze and some NEW jewels from Finesmith. Love Love Love!

Want Theese Items:
Glasses: Diva Glasses in Black from LWL (Arcade Item)
Hair:Just A Reason in Light Reds 4 from Exile (Arcade Item)
Dress: Ellysa Dress from Zanze
Jewels: Noya in Dark from Finesmith
Make Up: 084 Lips from CStar
Skin: Blush Skins

Friday, 30 August 2013

If Only For Tonight.....

Today has been a really stressful day.... I really just want it to be bedtime already so anyway I am trying to relax by blogging. I been thinking long and hard, and well I think its time for me to hang up my runway modelling shoes! I guess its offical now. I have done everything I want to for now, who knows what the future brings though, But I am going to be staying a little shorter for a while now :) Anyways Today Finesmith's Bye Bye Summer Hunt started and Blush Skins is offering you this beautful skin called Bessie in 4 different tones for only 50L. I love how fierce and fresh this skin is, I am wearing the Tan but every tone is just as beautiful. Also for this post I am bringing you more amazingness from 24 Event! Liv Glam have this sexy dress at the event and Chez Moi have this mag and vase in a set for sale there, so much amazing things, hurry though because the event ends every soon. Oh and look I got my BAX boots!!! Woots!
Skin also Blogged at: Blush Skins

Want Theese Items: 
Skin: Bessie from Blush Skins (Bye Bye Summer Hunt Item)
Dress: Sexual Healing Dress from Liv Glam (24 Event Item)
Boots: Regency from BAX
Jewels: Shameless and Heartology Bracelets from Finesmith
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar
Hair: Divinity in Red from Vanity Hair
Props: Chez Moi (24 Event)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

24: My Heart Is Caged.....

Today I became completely Inspired by this Bird Cage which is made by my good friend and owner of Jonhadez. I love theese cute bird cages, he has made 3 exclusive sets for the 24, this one is called Free Bird and they are so adorable! Honestly really worth every linden! While you are at the 24 Event you should so visit Wetcat aswell as her poses and prop's are amazing quality and there is something for everyone and any picture!
Also this week I have spent alot of time trying to finish decorating my home, and well I needed something at Ionic but while I was there I accidently walked into the clothes section and spotted this NEW dress! It was love at first sight! I have fallen in love with the beautiful flower print on thi mini dress mixed with my new Truth Hair I am loving my look for today! 
Limo: 24 Event

Want Theese Items: 
Hair: Mina in Ginger from Truth Hair
Dress: Emily Dress in Spring from Ionic
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and Janire Lipstick from Shake Up
Nails: Pastel Colors from MUA (For Slink Hands)
Cage: Free Birds from Jonhadez
Pose: Female 1 from Wetcat

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dont Stop.....Just Because

Omg I have been sitting here for like 10 Mins....What to write! Do yo ever get that? When you dont know what to write or what to say? Today I guess my Title reflects me at the moment, I really have been in a Urgh mood Today! I needed to tell myself to make a effort! ROFL! I guess the good news is I managed to see a Real Life Friend today after Months of being back in Portsmouth. Was really nice to laugh again with someone I missed so much. Anyway... Moving on...Did you see Zaara has a sale? Yes I went there and got this cute Bikini! I fell in love as soon as I saw it and OMG! I adore! It isnt mesh or anything but omg I love the patterns, so Summer! As Summer is drawing to a close, I realise how much I am going to miss strutting my stuff Inworld In Bikini's! Have a beautiful Sunday/Monday where ever you are :*

Want Theese Items:
Bikini: Esha Bikini from Zaara
Jewels: Indra Bangles from Zaara
Hair: Candy from Truth Hair
Tattoo: Belly Buttom Tattoo from Dream Ink
Make Up: Double Eyeliner and Lara Lipstick from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Pose: Modeller Set from WetCat

Thursday, 22 August 2013

24: Without A Word....

I really love how we can express ourselves without saying anything. How a single look or action can mean so many different things. Even in SL words arent always needed. Anyway Today I am showing you more amazing things from the 24 Event starting with this skin, I rarely blog skin but I love this skin. It has tattoo layers for freckles and moles and also comes with a Tshirt layer for some cleavage. The dress I am wearing is also a Item frm the 24 Event and what I loved most about it was the vibrant colors but of course I chose green. Heres the Link to all Info's on 24 Website. Lastly I wish you a sexy weekend and below is the Calendar of events for the 24 Event.

Calendar Of Events - 24 

FRIDAY AUGUST 23rd, 2013
12-1pm SL The 24 Mens Fashion Show
1-3pm SL Siren Productions Opening Party
6-8pm SL KMADD Industry Party

12-1pm SL Gabriel Fashion Show
1-3pm SL AVENUE Industry Party
6-7pm SL The 24 Womens Fashion Show

SUNDAY August 25th, 2013
12-1pm SL LivGlam Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Hush Skins Fashion Show
7-9pm SL DesigningSl Industry Party

MONDAY August 26th, 2013
12-1pm SL Pure Poison Fashion Show
4-5pm SL Katie Keres Sings Live
6-8pm SL Moulin Rouge Party
                Featuring: The Basilique Burlesque Troupe
TUESDAY August 27th, 2013
12-1pm SL Legal Insanity Fashion Show
4-5pm SL Shasta Soulstar Sings Live
6-8pm SL Adonis Heights Radio Live from The 24

WEDNESDAY August 28th, 2013
12-1pm SL Clef De Peau Fashion Show
1-3pm SL Arcade Magic Party
4-5pm SL Katie Keres Sings Live

THURSDAY August 29th, 2013
1-3pm SL Adonis Heights Radio Live from The 24
4-5pm SL Jacqueline Luik Sings Live
6-8pm SL The Nest Industry Party

FRIDAY August 30th, 2013
12-1pm SL The 24 Womens Fashion Show
4-5pm SL David Paravane Sings Live
6-7pm SL The 24 Mens Fashion Show

SATURDAY August 31st, 2013
12-1pm SL Gizza Creations Fashion Show
1-3pm SL GA Industry Party
6-8pm SL Big Top Closing Party
     Featuring: Chang High Sisters

Want Theese Items: 
Skin: Julia T4 From Clef De Peau (24 Event Item)
Dress: Night Blossom Dress From VG Shoes (24 Event Gacha Item)
Hair: Sassy2 from Truth Hair
Make Up: Double Eyeliner from Shake Up, Catliner 009 from CStar and Morocco Lipgloss from BlackLiquid.
Pose: Female 2 from Wetcat (24 Event Gacha Item)
Jewels: BaboO from WTG