Friday, 30 May 2014


There's something about bright colors that make you instantly happy. Especially the color yellow :) The darkest days can become a hundred times better with some yellow in your life. I just wish I was brave enough to wear it more. So Today I decided to Blog some Champagne... I know its been a while since I blogged some Champagne. So for last years MVW, He seemed really hard at work with all his requests :) And I honestly am unsure how he got all his inspiration because he had like 10+ outfits to make. Anyway so one of my favorite's was Miss Brazil - SD Damino. What makes this outfit so cute is the little parrots. I always wanted a parrot when I was little and this outfit also reminds me a little of Hawaii with all the flowers and bright feathers.
Have a great Weekend :D

Want Theese Items:
Outfit: Brazilian Jungle from Champagne
Hair: Windblown 6 from Emo-tions NEW
Jewels: Mango from Finesmith
Make Up: Matte Lipcolor from Shake Up  
Rumours Eyeshadow from Glamorize
Skin: Ashley from Birdy

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thoose Rawr Heels...

I used to work in a Shoe Shop and I remember thinking, I wonder why NEW shoes makes us females so happy? I mean they are only for our feet? We only walk on them!I have never really been a shoe and handbag sort of girl (Maybe cos I spend all my moneys on chocolate xD) I probably own about 5 pairs and I know that's not alot for females. Geez some of my RL friends have hundreds. I think I blame the fact I cannot withtake the pain heels give me so maybe I never got excited about them :D But in SL thats different I am either barefoot or wearing heels I couldnt wear in RL. So ty SL for the chance to wear skyhigh heels.
 I didnt understand the term "Sex On Legs" untill I was introduced with these shoes. The fact that I didnt buy theese from a store! No No No! These shoes are full perm which means you can buy them and put your own texture on them and they also come with 3 different textures included... One being the black I used. But did u know I didn't have a clue how to texture shoes untill like 2 days ago! Yes I am that Noob with building! So I do love these shoes a whole lot more because they are compatible with Slink High Feet and there are only a limited amount sold. Heres a link with more Infos: Aurora Platform Heels.
 Thank You Jordan for my NEW Sexy Shoes :D 

Want These Items:
Shoes: Aurora Platfrom Heels from J - Designs
Leggings: Leather Skinny Pants from Maitreya

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Clear Skies Ahead...

I know! I know!! So many Bikini Posts! Well it is that kinda time of the year! Firstly I wanted to Blog this swimsuit because Omga its super cute and comes with the necklaces and some matching earrings (Texture change) and best of all it was in last weeks 55L Thursday at Finesmith and I checked and it is still 55L at the moment. So if I was you... I'd grab it!
So Today was a super quick post
Enjoy your Tuesday:)

Want Theese Items: 
Jewels:Riri Ring from Finesmith
Danit from Finesmith 55L Thursdays
Hair:Lotus Hair from Truth
Nails:Fishscales from Moondance
Pose:Modeller from Wetcat

Friday, 23 May 2014

Love You Just A Little Too Much....

 So I murder love in the night,
Watching them fall one by one they fight,
Do you think you'll love me too?
Baby, I'm a sociopath,
Sweet serial killer.
On the warpath,
'Cause I love you just a little too much'.
Lana Del Rey - Serial Killer

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Summer Wind from Kelini NEW
Headdress: Born To Die - Lana Del Rey Flowers from Countdown
Hair: Pocahontas from Lelutka
Nails: Matt Nails from Moondance (Slink Hands)
Pose: Broken Angel Set from Magnifique

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ready For My Hawaii...

I am so so so sooooo ready to go to Hawaii..... Trouble is I dont have the funds to live there. But just imagine everywhere you go there are palm trees, people sunbathing on hammocks and clear beautiful sea. I think this is where I would wanna go when I retire. Im so sick of English weather.... Ok granted we did have like 3-4 Sunny Days but then a storm came and well Hello rain again! Urgh!
So anyways let me shut up about the weather xD Today I am Blogging some VoguE! I love this new Bikini from VoguE and its also named after one of my close friends Venum :D I love the tassels ( Perfect for Hawaii). Its Mesh and comes in many different colors but you know how much I love Red. I added some Jewels from Finesmith. I love this chest piece its stunning!!! And the jewels are texture change!! Need I say more? 
Talking about Jewels! Are you ready for Finesmith Muse? I was glued to the contest last year when Shino won. Its a contest like no other, So unique and I had a look at the themes and trust me its not to be missed! 
Save the date 5th July 2014 at 10am SLT :D 
Well I hope the sun is shining where you are! If your in Hawaii I am soooo jealous right now xD

Want Theese Items:
Bikini: Ames Bikini in Red from VoguE
Jewels: Iris Set from Finesmith
Hair: Denee in Gingers from Truth Hair
Make Up: Lying Eyes from Madrid Solo 
And Teeth from Shake Up
Nails: Love Donna Flora Set from Nailed It
Skin: Ashley Skin in Toffee from Birdy
Pose & Prop: Can't Swim from Wetcat
Location: Baja Norte (Must Visit)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Safe and Sound - Part 2.

Okies, So I know Its not Monday but I really wanted to do Strawberry Singh Monday Meme! Better late then never. So I literally begged Benspice to pose with me and answer a few questions and it turned out really fun. We just wore what we had on at that time and it ended up looking really cute - well I think so anyways. 

Instruction: " Meme instructions: Grab a friend from your second life friends list (optional) pose with them and/or answer the following questions. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the Blog Memes Flickr Group" - Strawberry Singh

Sessie's Answers:
1. What is the number of contacts on your Second Life Friends List? (visible in firestorm viewer or your web profile) 583 
2. Are you picky about who you add to your list or do you usually add most people? Not really, When I was modelling I made alot of friends on my list though Runway shows and Modelling Schools.  
3. Who is your oldest contact? (check your calling cards) Heriijk Resident - She left SL a long time ago, 
4. Who is your newest contact? (check your calling cards) Evakelini Resident - A designer and friend who I blog for. 
5. Do you know every single person on your list? Nope! Im a friend hoe xD 
6. How many do you speak to on a daily (weekly) basis? Daily about 6 people :) 
7. How many do you see/get together with in-world on a daily (weekly) basis? Prob about 3 people :D 
8. Who on your list do you have the closest relationship with? Benspice :D in both worlds :D If not its Anty or Vin :D
9. Who do you wish you knew better?  Holly Skyther - We sort of have been getting closer but shes seems super fun and well shes Ben's Momma! If the Mom likes you - extra points :D
10. Who on your list is the funniest/most entertaining? Prob ma Anty :D He makes me laugh so much :D Especially with all those American words :D
11. How did you meet most of the people on your list? (work, parties, etc…) Modelling or GGLR :D 

12. Do you ever clean out your list? Neverrr! Once your there... there no getting away :P 
13. Do you have a crush on someone in your list? Yes Yes Only Benspice :D 
14. Is there anyone on your list that you would trust with your password? Couple People and they always complain at me cos I don't change it often :P

Benspice Answers:

1. What is the number of contacts on your Second Life Friends List? (visible in firestorm viewer or your web profile) 89. Totes antisocial. 
2. Are you picky about who you add to your list or do you usually add most people? Yeah! That's why it's not really a huge number. I don't really see the point on having someone on your list unless you plan to interact with them on a regular basis, or you want to stalk them and can't be bothered typing their name into search all the time :D 
3. Who is your oldest contact? (check your calling cards)
Cake Somerset 

4. Who is your newest contact? (check your calling cards) Ivy Krovac. But only because she re-added me after leaving SL and then coming back (Biatch.) 
5. Do you know every single person on your list? Yes. 
6. How many do you speak to on a daily (weekly) basis? Daily, 3 or 4. -  
7. How many do you see/get together with in-world on a daily (weekly) basis? 3 or 4.  
8. Who on your list do you have the closest relationship with? There's this diva called Sessie who stalks me. I'd be lost without her. Apart from her, It's Holza Gothly and Jordanit0, the parentals :D 
9. Who do you wish you knew better? Mila Kunis ;) 
10. Who on your list is the funniest/most entertaining? My SL Parents, Sess and Hellkitten. She literally makes me laugh until I can't breathe. 
11. How did you meet most of the people on your list? (work, parties, etc…)Tequila.
Oh and through SL work :D 

12. Do you ever clean out your list? Not really13. Do you have a crush on someone in your list? Yes Yes Yes, Sess, Sess, Sess ;)
 14. Is there anyone on your list that you would trust with your password? Yes, and they already know it.

Visit Strawberry's Blog for Monday Meme Information

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Safe and Sound.

"Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound"
Sam Tsui/Taylor Swift - Safe and Sound

Want Theese Items 
Hair/Chain/Horns: Mantus from Emo-tions NEW
Skin: Ashley from Birdy
Make Up: Punk Eyeshadow from MONS, Catliner 009 frm CStar and New Occasion Lips from Glamorize
Eyes: Nagaeyes from DeviousMind
Pose: Delmay


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bright Tears....

Thoose tears that come not when something upsets you but when something is so beautiful or makes you so happy you cant help but cry. I love those moments! Engagements, Children being born or the I love you's!All are happy tears of love, pride and satisfaction. I was thinking about theese moments today and I guess thats where my tangerine tears came from. 
So I was lucky enough to be able to have access to the Finesmith VIP Blog Room/Platform. Every month Yula is giving access to 15 amazing Bloggers to a room full of jewels including this new realese from Finesmith called Nina which comes in 4 different colors but I love the vibrance of theese tones. This piece was like love at first sight for me! So maybe its time to head on down to Finesmith!
Notice anything different about me? Yes Aloha! New Skin.... I was actually skin shopping for Ben with Holly but got distracted and bought a skin! And with the appliers only 1L well it was worth it! I was so pale for so long and since the sun has been shining more and Summer is well on its way well its time to get a little darker. 
 "Cause Im happy.... Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof " :D

Want Theese Items: 
Jewels: Nina from Finesmith NEW
Hair: Thelma from Truth Hair - C88 Item NEW
Bodysuit: Bodysuit in Nude from Maitreya
Skin: Ashley Skin from Birdy   NEW
Make Up: Triip Orange from Nuuna, Catliner 009 from CStar and Teeth 05 from Shake Up
Eyes: Perspective Eyes from IKON
 Nails: Love Donna Flora from Nailed It (Slink Hands)
Pose: Handy Sets from Infiniti

Friday, 9 May 2014

Club Tropicana....

Me, Ben and Wham have been having a reunion. My all time favourite Wham song is Club Tropicana without a doubt, I love the happy vibrant feel of the song and it always makes me smile.... "But dont worry we can Suntannnnn" and it has summer written all over it. I have had it stuck in my head for days and days now, it doesnt help I set it as my ringtone lol.
So Today I decided to Blog the new Vanity Series from Topazia, I love all the flowers and Satin, This is actually a bodysuit, but she has an aray of dresses, skirts and headdresses all with theese pretty flowers on with a choice of colors. Theese Gloves are amazing! They are mesh and you have a HUD with them that you can change how your fingers are displayed.
Have a Awesome Thursday

Want Theese Items:
Bodysuit: Naomie Bodysuit from Topazia
Gloves: My Lady Gloves from Topazia
Hair: Lorella Hair in Fades from Lelutka
Make Up: Eyeliner 108 and Natural Gloss In Venus  from Shake Up
Skin: Mabel Skin from Blush Skins
Eyes: Perspective Eyes in Dew from IKON
Pose: Vanity Set from Wetcat

Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Darmond....

Woot! Its Saturday finally, it seems like the weeks are going on forever and in England its Bank Holiday on Monday so long weekend, Cant complain too much. I named this Blog Darmond because we were watching Catfish and there was a child on there called Diamond and the way Ben says it, it sounds like Darmond. I think this will be our first kitty's name. Lol. 
Anyway today I decided to get my Gizza on with this edgy outfit called Montana, I love it because it comes in 3 different colors and also comes with handbag and sunglasses (not worn). Talking about sunglasses, I was on Facebook this morning and theres this really awesome page called Second Life Inventory and it features all New Realeases from designers and Gifts. I saw theese amazing Sunglasses which come in about 10 different colors and are under 200L. I fell in love and they had to be MINE.
So I hope the Sun is shining where you are and have a awesome weekend.

Want Theese Items: 
Outfit: Montana in Black from Gizza
Glasses: Feline Sunglasses from Co57
Hair: Sam from Emo-tions
Jewels:  Positano Night Jewel from Maxi Gossamer
Make Up: Lips 083 from CStar and Teeth from Shake Up
Tattoo: Rise Above from Wicked Tattoos
Skin: Valentina Skin in Tan from Wow Skins
Prop and Pose: Blow Smoke from Wetcat

Friday, 2 May 2014

Cause I'm Happy....

As promised I am back again, I wanted to catch up a little. Today has been such a ugly day for weather in England and it makes you really miserable. But its May so it means Summer is just around the Corner right? Fingers Crossed.
So Today I decided to wear some Liv Glam which has a HUD that you can change the design with 3 different colors and 2 different patterns. Its really bright and happy especially for days like these. I added some more beautiful jewels from Finesmith, this is probably my favorite set from Finesmith and the metal is texture change another reason to love Yula. I  finished the look with some hair from Emo-tions. I got my ginger back on and its so pretty because in my skin tone, bright reds dont look too good on me but I love this faded ginger from Emo-tions. 
I think I found my new skin and this is Mabel from Blush Skins, I been wearing her for a few months now, but I decided this is my permanent change for Sessie. I like it because it has more glow and perfect for the upcoming Summer. Now all I gotta do is wait for the sunshine.

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Party In My Head From Liv Glam
Jewels: Sarit in Brown from Finesmith
Hair: Rosa in Faded Flames from Emo-tions
Skin: Mabel Skin in Nude from Blush Skins
Make Up: Lips 076 and Catliner 009 from CStar and brow 5 from BlackLiquid
Nails: Matte Set from MUA (For Slink Hands)
Pose: Adle 3 from Wetcat

Thursday, 1 May 2014

And I'm Like...

Hello Strangers, Its been a while since I have Blogged and I guess its for a number of reasons, I met someone amazing, my PC broke and I have become unemployed so therefore finding time to even log in SL has been a struggle. But even though I have to use my partners PC I am semi back :D Yay! 
So for my first Blog back I got a little naked and raided Finesmith where I found this beautiful piece, I fell in love instantly because I love casual jewels I can wear more than once and Yula seems to do this so well. Secondly I am wearing a gacha hair from Emo-tions. The headband is separate prize from the hair and is amazzinnnggg! It will be available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival for only 50 Lindens a play. 
Have a Fantastic Thursday

Want Theese Items: 
Jewels: Midbar Set from Finesmith
Hair: Aponi from Emo-tions (Headband and Hair are separate pieces)
Skin: Mabel Skin from Blush Skins
Make Up: Brow 5 from Blackliquid, Catliner 009 from CStar and Teeth and Natural Lips from Shake Up
Pose: Del May