Monday, 11 November 2013

Dreams Way: Notice Me.....

In my room there was doubt
Now no words can come out
We were friends, we had heat
Now I choke when you speak
Because you never notice me
Because you never notice me

 I really love Diana Vickers voice, its so pretty and she defintely one of a kind! She was featured on X - Factor in the UK a few years ago and has only made one album but gosh I adore her! Shes also Irish!! Anyways Today Dreamers Way opened organised by the wonderful Miss Ireland this year, Miss Shanty Bookmite. "The "Dreams Way" project was created with the purpose of helping "Brigadoon Explorers" and "Dreams" Foundations, which are active in organizing various activities for people affected by A/S and autism" - Dreams Way! Shanty has organised A Fashion event where exclusive Items will be on sale and various agency will hold fashion shows. Today I am wearing 2 Items from Dreams Way featuring Blush Skins and the Skirt which is from Baboom both only avaliable at Dreams Way

Want Theese Items:
Skin: Candance from Blush Skins Dreams Way Item
Skirt: Ann Outfit (Only Skirt used) Dreams Way Item
Jacket: Vanity from Erratic
Hair: Daisy from Lelutka
Jewels: Flowers for Madeline from Dahlinks
Make Up: Intense Freckles and Teeth 001 from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Nails: Donna Flora (Slink) from Nail It!