Friday, 22 November 2013

I'm just a girl....Standing in front of a boy!

Well Yes I have watched Notting Hill one too many times! And still this quote seems to stick in my head after all the Romantic Comedy's I have watched! I adore Julia Roberts so I guess this post is Inspired by her! One thing I love about her is her beautiful Red hair and her class! How she always looks naturally amazing! She is so my girl crush. I guess this Post is also a message. Yesterday was hard but with 4 hours sleep, I am feeling a little better! Everything happens for a reason right?
Anyway let me talk about clothes, I have had this blazer in my inventory for over a year I think but its one of thoose classics but I never really got the chance to wear it so Today was the day! It is from Remy and I feel like a young man/woman has thrown their jacket over me to keep me warm! Im such a romantic its pathetic!!! Anyways I mixed it with this beautiful Pencil skirt complete with bow belt from Topazia! One of my newest favourite stores!!! Ill be back tonight with a new post about Toys for Tots!!!

Want Theese Items:
Jacket: Blazer Cape from Remy
Skirt: Grayson Pencil Skirt and Belt fro Topazia
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar and New Occasion Lips from Glamorize
Hair: Kacey from Emo-Tions
Top: Body Suit from Peqe
Jewels: Gala Necklace from Donna Flora
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins

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