Monday, 9 September 2013

Stop Right Now.....

And we know that you could go and find some other
Take or leave it or just don't even bother
Caught in a craze, it's just a phase
Or will this be around forever
Don't you know it's going too fast
Racing so heard you know it won't last
Don't you know why can't you see
Slow it down, read the sign
So you know just where you're going
Stop right now thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun 
Stop - Spice Girls

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Jacky Tube Dress from Couture'd Bacon
Hair: Bouffant from Lelutka
Make Up: Catliner 009 and Lips 083 from CStar
Boots: Regency Boots from BAX