Sunday, 29 April 2012

Can't Say No!

Wasn't looking for trouble,
But it came looking for me,
I tried to say no, but I can't fight it she was looking lovely,
She kinda reminds me,
Of a girl I know,
This pretty young thing that I got waiting for me back at home,
She's got my engines turning,
This happens every time,
I see a pretty girl and,
I wanna make her mine,
They send my rocket to the sky,
I want them,
But should I go for them,
I'm like Houston,
I think we got a problem
Conor Maynard - Can't Say No!!
 Today I got really inspired by one of SYS's Designs I actually found on Marketplace, Its called ACYD Juicy Catsuit. I fell in love instantly with the picture as I was looking for something different from the normal thing I usually do and I knew exactly where I wanted to go with this!! I love how Sys is seen more Avant Garde or Sci-fi but this is a nice spring color and actually really girly! 
 I really wanted this outfit to be fierce but stand out! So of course where else would yougo tobut Finesmith! And found this beautiful jewerally, The colors I found complimnt the outfit perfectally and draws the attention straight to my face.Where I went along to my new fav skin/make up store CStar and bought this fierce lipstick! Theres loads of different colors! When you buy the Lipstick you get two finishes so you can chose from Matt or Glossy. I really enjoyed shoppng for all theese bits and styling this! I hope you like it as much as I do!!

Want theese Items:
Catsuit: ACYD - Juicy by SYS
Shoes: Conquette in Turquoise by Ncore
Make Up: Eyeliner 03 by Lovely Mi, Vamp Lashes by Noya and Lips Matte 033 by CStar
Hair: Whiskey in Black by Loq
Jeweally:Watercolor necklace and earrings and Heres comes the sun ring by Finesmith

Saturday, 28 April 2012


In the blink of a night I was falling from the sky in the blur, 
You took my breath away and my heart starts beating 
 And my lungs start breathing 
And the voice in my head starts screaming I'm alive!
You're like a laserlight, 
Burning up burning down, 
On me you're like a laserlight, 
Burning up burning down, on me
You make me feel good, 
You make me feel safe,  
You make me feel like I could live another day  
You make me feel good,  
You make me feel safe,  
You know I wouldn't have it any other way
Jessie J, Laserlight

This song reminds me of the good times I have spent within Second Life so I really wanted to use it for one of my upbeat blogs! Always brings a smile to my face! I wanted to create a sexy spring look that i could just wearing exploring around the grid! I started by going to Bliss Couture where i got this really cute summery top. Its really good if you wanna bring a bit of shineshine into Second Life. I wanted to as all I'm seeing at the moment is rain in England!! 
I have to soooooo tell you about this skin!!! Its from a shop called CStar which have a wide selection of beautiful Skins and even make Ups! If your especially looking for avant garde make up!I would see here!! The eyeshadow I'm also wearing is from there and its now a new fav!! Its defo worth a trip! Jasmine is genius creating such high quality skins so im sure you will love it as muchas me!
Lastly I want to say how much I love Finesmith new back to nature pieces, the name says everything and i really am n love with this neckpiece especially! Its my new fav jewerally piece! I think i have worn it about 5 times in the space of a week. 

Want theese Items:
Top: Bellamorda Modice in Yellow from Bliss Couture (Basic)
Jeans: Bliss Flare Jeans from Bliss Couture (Basic)
Jewrally: Safari Chic Earrings, Back to nature Bracelet and Collar from Finesmith
Skin: Eccetra in Satin Tan from CStar Limited
Make Up:Lara Lipstick by Shake Up,  Leopard Print Yellow Shadow from C Star,Aphrodite 1 from Lovely Mi and Noya Vamp Lashes.
Hair: Shiva in Brick by Osmose

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spring Sensation!

If you really loved a few of blogs about Vogue Fashion Pulse! Well you will need to come with me to Vogue's Spring Sensation show on Saturday 28th April 2012 @ 12PM SLT. All of Zalyns latest spring creations to be shown also featuring WTG jewerally which is you havent been to this jewerally store! You should! The Nails there are outstanding!!!! Produced by Dream Seeker Productions.

I hope your all join me for this amazing event!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sun Will Rise

I've been stuck in this storm before,
Felt the wind....At my door
Couldnt Move,
Could'nt Breathe,
Could'nt find a way out
Somehow my clouds dissapeared
Somehow I made it here
Maybe just so you could hear me say
The sun will rise
When u lost your light
The sun will rise
It will be alright.
Kelly Clarkson - Sun Will Rise
The moment I saw this dress, I fell madly in love with it, I love the sheer front which adds a little but of sexy to this extrememly formal gown. Of course it comes in an aray of colors but even thou i use red hair the magenta matches me perfectly. I think it is one of the most beautiful gowns I have seen in such a long long time..Check out Vogue Mainstore

Secondly look at the jewerally! Wow! Flowers! Tulips in my ears and wrapped around my wrist revealing pretty diamonds reminding me of Summer. Sat in the frields making Daisy Chains. But this jewerally compliments this dress perfectally, This is part of the jewerally used for Miss Netherlands and not only does it come in this lavendar color but a whole aray to match any outfit you desire.

Want theese Items:
Dress: Sylvia Gown in Magenta by Vogue
Jewerally: MVW Tulip in Purple by Finesmith
Hair: Fragrance in Brick Red by Osmose
Make Up: Glitter Make in Charcoal up by Vogue

Thursday, 19 April 2012

This is the start....

This is start of something beautiful 
This is start of something new 
You are the one that make me loose it all 
You are the start of something new, ooh
And I throw it all away

Watch you fall into my arms again
And I throw it all away  
Watch you fall, now  
You are the earth I will stand upon  
You are the words I will sing
Ed Sheeran - This

Today I actually foud the time to have a little house to live in! Yay! Soo I found an outfit I adore and took some pictures around the House. I felt like a little girl goign to her prom where your parents make you stand there in your prom dress like in all the amercian teenage Rom - Coms. 
Today I decided Upon a Formal Gown from Purple Moon, I been feeling recently my blog was lacking in Formal Gowns! So here i am!! I love this gown! The collar really gives it that edge! And turns heads! Poulet really does put every effort into her designs! And every single gown I have bought from my early days in Second Life have been worth every penny or Linden I should say.
 The jewerally I have on is from no other than the amazing Finesmith, I have probably featured this jewerally in my blog before, but its so easy to mix with either your casual or formal outfits! This is my favourite jewerally piece. I guantee you wont want to take it off!!

Want Theese Items
Dress: Chok Gown in Red from Purple Moon
Jewerally: Scatterheart in Red/Black from Finesmith
Hair: DARE82 in Red from Boon

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Details in the Fabric!

Calm down
Deep breaths
And get yourself dressed instead
Of running around
And pulling on your threads
And breaking yourself up
If it's a broken part, replace it

If it's a broken arm, then brace it
If it's a broken heart, then face it
And hold your own

Know your name
And go your own way
Hold your own
Know your name
And go your own way
And everything will be fine
Jason Mraz - Details in the Fabric

Well today I heard this song for the first time and it was really nice, makes you not ever wanna give up hope. Which is nice whatever your going through. Moving on to my outfit this time. Today I really thought about what id wear on my real life. And OMG I would so wear my outft today. My favourite part is the top i bought from the Dressing Room Discount Store made by Baiatace. Its meshhhh!! And im falling in love with mesh more and more everyday! 
Secondly I have to tell you I have had theese jeans in my inventory a while in an aray of colors and they really are a must have as I like to talk around the grid in casual most of the time made by the artist that is Bliss Couture!
Lastly here is one of Exile's latest realeses and guess what? Its Mesh! I especially like my collection of Mesh hair and most of them are from Exile. Best part is Mesh is great especially with hair as it doesnt go into your body. This is an amazing thing for me in the modelling world! As posing is a little easier :-) x

Want Theese Items
Top: Rabibad from Baiastice
Jeans: Nunu Jeans from Bliss Couture
Hair: Tonight Tonight by Exile
Make Up: Lara Lipstick in Fawn by Shake Up, NiceWildrose Eyeliner and Noya Eyelashes
Jewerally: Noir Ring, Heartbreak Necklace both by Finesmith

Sunday, 8 April 2012

All of the Lights!

Turn up lights in here baby
Extra Bright, I want you all to see
Turn up the lights in here baby
You know what I need, want you to see everything
Want you to see all the lights
Fast Cars, Shooting Stars
All of the lights
Until its Vegas
Everywhere we are
All of the Lights
All of the Lights
Kayne  West/Rihanna - All of the Lights
Todays post is something completely different because I wanted to style something which usually isnt me! After my eye opening weekend at 105! I wanted to have a bit of fun and blog! Yay! Anyway my main piece in this outfit is a body suit from Countdown! I fell in love with this because not only is it fierce but with the collar also adds that little bit of girliness!!!
I deciced to match it with jewerally from Finesmith Designs in which I found this beautiful Necklace and Earrings! Yula is truely a genius at her pieces! This is a really fierce set whichcan be worn formally or casually! I was too excited to style it with my outfit!

Want theese Items:
BodySuit: Single Ladies II from Countdown
Jewerally: Alexandra Ring and Bracelet, Noir Earrings and Collar all from Finesmith
Shoes: Kick - Black spikes from Finesmith
Nails: Lua Nails from Finesmith
Hair: QPT129 Hair attachment in Red from Boon

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Only Girl in The World

Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world
Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love
Like I'm the only one who knows your heart
Only girl in the world like I'm the only one that's in command
'Cause I'm the only one who understands
How to make you feel like a man
Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world
Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love
Like I'm the only one who knows your heart, only one
Rihanna-Only Girl in The World
Well Everyone wants to feel loved and the only girl in the world to that special someone! I just loved this song! I been listening to Elle Goldings version of this song! But today this is the only outfit I wanted to blog as the season is coming up for Bunnies and Chocolate! And thats exactly what Zalyn Bailey of Vogue store made with this amazing creation and guess what? Its only a FREE gift for all her valued group members!!!! This wowzaed me as soon as I saw it on flickr this evening!! I would of actually of paid my hard earned lindens on this dress!!!! If your a Vogue lover keep posted! Theres some amazing things coming your way!!
I matched this with the beautiful set made by Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs! She always manages to do an amazing job with all her creations and this set i have had a while but didnt get around to blogging it yet! Its great for formal but yet a little fiery for thoose casual outfits also.
Happy Easter Everyone!!
Want Theese Items:
Dress: Easter Suit by Vogue (Free Gift)
Shoes: Conquette in Red by Ncore
Jewerally: Scatterheart in Red/Black by Finesmith
Hair:Hairpiece Dare82 with Red Hairbase from Boon