Monday, 20 October 2014

Fall Down At Your Door
"But I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more.Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door" - The Proclaimers 500 Miles. So yesterday I was watching X-Factor UK and Jay James sang this song and I never really properly listened to it before and I love it! The lyrics are beautiful! I wish I had my 20's in the 80's because it was a decade of Amazingness! Anyway today I wearing VoguE's newest release and its all about the leather and Fur this Season! I love the fur encased arms and bootleg on the leggings so sexy and edgy! If you are a VoguE Superfan like myself - We are looking for store models. Fancy it? Vogue Blog! Come join the family.
Want Items: 
Outfit: Paegan from VoguE
Hair: Salome Hair from Lelutka
Make Up: Punk Eyeshadow from MONS
Color Gloss from Shake Up
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush
Jewels: Vintage Ring from Shake Up
Pose: Slouch Poses

Thursday, 16 October 2014

BCF: Bang Bang
I have been doing a course this week which involves sitting on a PC so that's my excuse for lacks of Blogs again. Anyway The Boho Culture Fair is all about bright colors and flowers and Nya's Shop hit the nail on the head. This fabulous little jumpsuit is everything a Boho chic needs with the bright colors hugging your body and the shorts add a bit of cuteness to this bright outfit. I added it with another release at The Boho Culture Fair from Wow Skins which was this skin called Nessie. The detail is amazing and has every applier your heart desires as well as coming in 4 different tones. Another new item I am Blogging is my bright red hair which is from one of my favorite new hair stores called Runaway and this style is an exclusive for The Mystic Realms Fair

Want Items:
Jumpsuit: Boho Jumpsuit from Nya's Shop - BCF
Skin: Nessie Skin from Wow Skins - BCF
Hair: Kayako Hair from Runaway - MR
Make Up: Hippie Eyeliner from MONS
Catliner 009 from CStar
Hurting Lips - Gloss from Go &See
Jewels: Prelude from WTG
Pose: Wetcat

Friday, 10 October 2014

Queen Of Everything.
Queen Of Everything! So The Title... Well Its my RL birthday and well I am 29! Eek! Anyway my Niece bought me a keyring and it says "Queen of Everything". Bless her, Shes only 8 and already knows who is Boss! So back to blogging, Today I decided to Blog some VoguE which is actually a sneak preview as it isn't released in Main store until tomorrow. Aren't you excited? Fall brings us elegance with Fur and sequins and I for one couldn't be anymore excited. I mixed it with Yes! Gizza! These beautiful pearls are one of their NEW jewels and well I am in love! I love how I can literally wear them with everything! Last Stop was Uber! Where I got this elegant beautiful Fiery hair which is just to die for! Big and bouncy and definitely me! Have an exciting Friday :)

Want Items:
Dress: Helina Dress from VoguE
Jewels: Pearl Set from Gizza
Hair: Vixen from Truth - Uber Event
Make Up: Eyeshadow Sliver from Shake Up
                 Catliner 009 from CStar
                 Leah Lipstick from Glam Affair
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins

Thursday, 9 October 2014

BCF: Lazy October!

Well I have to admit this month as far I have been a little lazy with Blogging, Ok so what are my excuses? Having Flu and well preparing for my 29th Birthday which may I add is depressing me a little. I don't wanna hit the 30! So Today I decided to Blog Some Boho Culture Fair which opens its doors Tomorrow! Yes 10th October it will be opening its door and there's so many beautiful items. I am starting with Blogging this beautiful crinkle dress from Ghee. I loooove it and why? because I love outfits you could throw on and in RL this would appeal to me because Hello! No Ironing! I added it with some older pieces from Finesmith's Safari Sets and Some stunning hair from Vanity Hair. I literally fell in love as soon as I saw this. Finishing the look with some Dark Tan Skin called Aisha made by Wow Skins which was at The Black Dot Project which is running until 24th October. Have a beautiful start of the Fall <3

Want List:
Dress: Stevie Dress from Ghee - BCF
Hair: Love For Sale from Vanity Hair
Jewels: Safari Set from Finesmith
Terra Bangle from ShakeUp
Make Up: Eye Shadow Punk from MONS
Hurting Lips from Go&See
Nails: Glitter Colors from MUA (Slink Nails)
Skin: Aisha Skin from Wow Skins - BDP

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Today Benspass was sick so I decided to stay home with him. Shhh don't tell anyone. Anyway the newest addition to Ben and myself's SL family is the talented Kristyna and she has been busy with her new skin store called Go & See... So Today I decided to wear one of her newest skins which is only available for a limited time (15 days) and will be gone forever's. I love what it does to my eyes, makes them really stand out, she also is into making cosmetics for the SL default head and Mesh heads. So if you are looking for a image update,  Now is the time to go visit Go & See,
I decided to Mix it with some Gizza, I love these urban outfits. The sparkly top instantly reminded me of Rock Stars so I decided to mix this beautiful hair from Exile with it, What I love is that there about 4 bright colors on the little HUD that you can shake the style up with. Enjoy your Thursday :)

Want List:
Outfit: Rebel Outfit from Gizza
Skin: Leo frpm Go & See (Limited)
Make Up: Leo Gloss Lips from Go & See
Leo G - Eyeliner from Go & See
Odd Beauty Freckles from Soonsiki
Hair: Stone Cold Seduction from Exile
Jewels: Pearl Necklace from Gizza
Arena Bracelet from Finesmith
Pose: Glitterati

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Don't Argue...

I love wearing dark colors in both worlds. I love how black can give you so much mystery. I love me some mystery. Starting with my jewels from Finesmith, I think this amazing piece has so much attitude and it comes in 3 other colors as bright as yellows and blues. Next stop was LpD at the Uber Event for this amazing dress which has a HUD to change the band and sleeves to either black, white or pink. I obviously chose black because I wanted to go darker with the mood. I neeeeed to Inform you about is this beautiful hair from Emo-tions I love the soft waves and classic style. Really quickly I must chatter on about Slink Physique Mesh Body and I really love it because I don't have to edit pictures as much and it looks really realistic and pretty on. Its amazing how far SL has come with mesh fever. Nearly everyone I know owns hands and feet and some even mesh mouths. Where will mesh go next. I hate to even imagine :P

Want List
Dress: Nicia Dress from LpD - Uber Event
Jewels: Mer from Finesmith
Hair: Pria from Emo-tions
Skin: Allison from Wow Skins - Designer Circle Event
Make Up: New Occasion Lips from Glamorize
Rumours Eye Make Up from Glamorize
Catliner 007 from CStar
Odd Beauty Freckles from Soonsiki
Pose: Del May

Monday, 29 September 2014


So I have been away for just over a month and Well... I am now living in the beautiful Town of Torquay. I even managed to get myself a little job so things are looking a lot better. Sookie! Hence my title, while I was away I.... well We discovered True Blood, I know in America it's a crime to have not seen this series but I am hooked now and the way Bill says Sookie kills me every time. Today I decided to treat you with a little bit of VoguE and lookie at this cute Winter outfit, I love the checked sweater and the adorable skirt and I mixed it with some cute shoes from J - Designs which are full perm so really I am calling the designers to texture these amazing shoes and sell them on. Luckily Jordan textures them for me as I am hopeless but they are soooo pretty and girly with the gorgeous gold wings on the side and perfect for slink feet. Ill be back in the swing of things from now on so Ill see you very soon :*

Want List

Outfit: Gizelle from VoguE
Shoes: Icarus Wedge from J - Designs
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Make Up: Punk Couture and Teeth from Shake Up
                 Odd Beauty Freckles from Milk Hair
                 Catliner 009 from CStar
Jewels: Savannah Necklace from Lagyo (Editted)
             Promise Ring from Shake Up
Hair: Colleen Hair from Lelutka
Nails: Metal Set from Nailed It
Pose: Del May