Monday, 11 August 2014

What I Am To You...

" What I am to you... If not what you mean to me, You give me miles and miles of mountains and Ill ask for the sea!" - Damian Rice, Volcano. Well exciting times are ahead for me in shape of my first Apartment which means I am probably going to be away for about a month now until we set up Internet Providers. One thing for sure is I will miss Blogging and I am not looking forward to living out of boxes for a few weeks but I am very happy I am finally growing up and being Independent! Anyway so Today I am Blogging 2 of my favorite stores in the color of Emo-tions and Finesmith. I start with Emo-tions who are taking part in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival in which this hair, necklace, grey bracelet and this Rare Helmet are taking place. I love what Mirja is doing at the moment with the horns, face masks and Hair. I added it with some of Finesmith newest release called Arena in which I am wearing the bracelet and Wings but it also comes with brooch and dress and some to die for slink boot/shoes. and will be coming in 3 beautiful colors of Black, White and Pink. Well have a beautiful Sunny August. See you all in September <3

Want Theese Items:
Helmet, Hair, Bracelet and Necklace: Torunn from Emo-tions (FGC
Bracelet and Wings: Arena from Finesmith
Corset: Halyna from F.A.D
Make Up: New Occasion Lips from Glamorize
Spray Eyeshadow from Damned
Catliner 009 from CStar
Eyes: Immortal Eyes from IKON
Skin: Iwana Skin from Wow Skins
Pose: Idiot from Del May

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

TAF:Heart Of Stone.

"Honey your a shipwreck with your heart of stone." Iko. This is what I have been listening to Today and what an amazing cover by Grace Vardell. I have literally fallen in love with her voice. Anyway Today I am blogging some more of The Aloha Fair. The Fair Runs until 8th August "A Fashion Show Inspired in Hawaii And Beach and the new Summer Tendency." - Hunt SL. You can also pick up amazing Items like my Skin and Swimsuit which are both part of The Aloha Fair. Definitely worth a visit and the Sims are also very pretty. Its like being in your own Hawaii! I added this amazing hair from Emo-tions which comes with this beautiful headpiece. I love how Mirja has gone to new levels with the fantasy theme. I Completed my look with jewels from Finesmith and Oh see my eyes? Immortal Eyes from Ikon. Thank You XiuLan for getting me hooked on them!

Want These Items:
Skin: Iwana from Wow Skins (TAF)
Swimsuit: Spiderweb Swimwear from Dark Passions (TAF)
Hair: Heavens Gate from Emo-tions
 Jewels: Ice Angel from Finesmith
Make Up: Odd Freckles from Milk Hair (Came with hair)
Demon Eyeshadow from Corvus
KO-Lips05 from Kooqla
Catliner 007 from CStar
Pose: Laze from Wetcat

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wowza! So Today in RL I have been really stressed. Sometimes its like I am getting battered by a huge stick. But ah, things happen for a reason right? So for my stress relief I log in SL and Blog. Time to ignore the real stuff for a little bit. So Today I am blogging some Traphouse and Omgosh! These Tees! I love Hawaii so therefore I love this top which is the tropical version. They had me at tropical! Its mesh and yay colors and the prices are really affodable too. they also have really cheeky designs in this shoulder top series. I love them all. Vanity Hair! You all know I love her designs and it has been a while since I blogged them! But lookie at this new design, I love the Boho look plus the full bodied design looks so healthy but yet I think if i tried this is RL it would take a while in my untamed hair! So as I write this I am smiling... That also makes everything a little bit easier <3 <3

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Off Shoulder Long Shirt from Traphouse
Hair: Alala from Vanity Hair
Make Up: Sweety Eyeshadow from Topazia
Catliner 009 from CStar
New Occasoin Lips from Glamorize
Tattoo: Bharati from White Widow
Jewels: Miranda Earrings from Lagyo
Terra Bangle from Shake Up
Skin: Lea Skin from Wow Skins (Black Dot Event)
Pose: Bitch Set from Glitterati

Friday, 25 July 2014

TAF: Color Me In...

More Blogging of the color of The Aloha Fair. Well not as much as yesterday but some of it. I just cannot get enough. I decided today on this beautiful skin from Envy Me, This is just one item the designer has in the Fair, not to mention her shoes and dresses. 3 days to go. Secondly I have been waiting Blog this beautiful dress from LpD for sometime now, so Today was the day! It comes in 4 different colors, Black/Gold is also amazing and very elegant but I chose the Pop color and well its so happy and bright and perfect for days like today when the Sun cant stop shining.
Awww how did the Hair Fair go by so quickly? This will be my last Hairfair Post 2014 and I'm ending it with an amazing hair and soooo wild. It is a must have from Lelutka. I'm away for the weekend... Sunning myself on the beach with Ben. So enjoy yours too :)

Want Theese Items:
Skin: Zoey from Envy Me (TAF)
Dress: Alana from LpD
Hair: Colleen from Lelutka (HF)
Make Up: Sweety Eyeshadow from Topazia
Catliner from Mons
Odd Freckles from Milk Hair (Came with an Hair)
Eyes: Promise Eyes from IKON
Beads: Hemp Hair Beads from Earthstones
Jewels: Folieole from Finesmith
Pose: Milliner Set from Glitterati

Thursday, 24 July 2014

TAF: West Coast

I Love me some Lana Del Rey and I adore this song called West Coat "On the balcony and I'm saying
Move baby, move baby, I'm in love!" And Why do I love this song? Its full of Summer and her voice! Omgosh its to die for! I especially love the cover from Grace Vardell.

So you know I saw a Tankini like this I want in RL and then bam! I log in and Wappen has made it in SL for The Aloha Fair! The amazing top comes in 4 different patterns, of course I selected the palm trees! The Fair sruns 28th July - Aug 11th. The Event is full of Hawaii fun from Exclusive Items, Gifts and Gachas! 4 days to go and soooo worth a visit to the beautiful Sims. 
Second Event I am blogging Today is Yes! The Hairfair inwhich Tram have this beautiful hair! I love the pretty fringe mixed with the cute plaits. Really is a sweet Combo, This was one of the hair's I knew had to be mine! And dont forget as you shop you are also helping charity in the name of Wigs for Kids. Huggies :*

 Want Theese Items
Bikini: Summer Palm Tree from Wappen (TAF*)
Hair: D530 from Tram (THF)
Jewels: Abaco from Kunglers
Make Up: Eurohoria eyeshadow from Shake Up
Natural Gloss and Teeth from Shake Up
Catliner 009 from CStar
Nails: Matte Intense from MUA (For Slink Hands)
Skin: Renata Skin from Wow Skins (Omg Event)
Pose: Wetcat

*Please Note Landmark to The Aloha Fair wont open until 28th

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ice Queen.

Today I am Blogging some Dead Dollz. I have loved Kiddo's dresses from the beginning of 2013 and every single time she comes at us with something more and more edgy. This is her item from Month of Games by Siren Productions which ends 31st July 2014 and is all inspired by 3 most popular childhood games... Chess, Candyland and Cluedo and I haven't played any of them :/ What I love about this dress? Those sharp ruffles! That low neckline and the tight fitting skirt! It really is amazing and not to mention the lace and satin headpiece. With the dress I decided to add a pop of color in the accent of Blue. I added lip color, nails and a jeweled bracelet and I was ready to go. Have fun at The Month Of Games.

Want Theese Items:
Dress: The White Rook from Dead Dollz (TMoG)
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Lipstick: Lips 08 from Kooqla
Nails: Matte Intense from MUA (For Slink Hands)
Bracelet: Shame from Finesmith
Pose: Everglow

Monday, 21 July 2014

S4L: All You Need Is Love!

Firstly I am sorry for being away for just under a few weeks... RL keeps stealing me and well my home connection hasn't been too good not to mention helping with Stand4Love entries and RL Job Interviews. So anyway this year I am proud to be helping with Stand4Love and Omgosh there has been so many entries. I think me, Rico and Edi have lost count. Anyway Today I had some spare time and did one of my versions. I hopefully will be doing one with Ben at a later date. I stand for love because I believe Love should have no boundaries that includes if you are gay, straight or bisexual. Luckily over the last year there have been some marriage changes in some countries including England where we are allowed to marry someone of the same sex but in some counties people are still fighting to marry someone they love...So again I ask this year that we are all show our support. That is why my styling today centered around this beautiful cardigan made for Stand4love as a FREE gift made by lyrical b!zarre. I completed my look with this amazing hair from from HairFair 2014 which is raising money from Wigs for Kids. Emo-tions is donating 50% to the charity so if you love it, it really is worth the purchase as you are also helping children in need. Have a beautiful start of the week <3

Want Theese Items:
Cardigan: Stand4Love from Lyrical B!zarre (S4L) NEW
Hair: Envy from Emo-tions (HairFair 2014) NEW
Skin: Renata Skin from Wow Skins (OMG)
Make Up: Seductive Eyeshadows from Topazia NEW
Catliner 009 from CStar
Odd Beauty Freckles from Milk (Came with Hair)
Teeth from Shake Up
Eyes: Immortal from IKON NEW
Jewels: Gothici Crux from Moondance
Pose: Amacci