Monday, 21 July 2014

S4L: All You Need Is Love!

Firstly I am sorry for being away for just under a few weeks... RL keeps stealing me and well my home connection hasn't been too good not to mention helping with Stand4Love entries and RL Job Interviews. So anyway this year I am proud to be helping with Stand4Love and Omgosh there has been so many entries. I think me, Rico and Edi have lost count. Anyway Today I had some spare time and did one of my versions. I hopefully will be doing one with Ben at a later date. I stand for love because I believe Love should have no boundaries that includes if you are gay, straight or bisexual. Luckily over the last year there have been some marriage changes in some countries including England where we are allowed to marry someone of the same sex but in some counties people are still fighting to marry someone they love...So again I ask this year that we are all show our support. That is why my styling today centered around this beautiful cardigan made for Stand4love as a FREE gift made by lyrical b!zarre. I completed my look with this amazing hair from from HairFair 2014 which is raising money from Wigs for Kids. Emo-tions is donating 50% to the charity so if you love it, it really is worth the purchase as you are also helping children in need. Have a beautiful start of the week <3

Want Theese Items:
Cardigan: Stand4Love from Lyrical B!zarre (S4L) NEW
Hair: Envy from Emo-tions (HairFair 2014) NEW
Skin: Renata Skin from Wow Skins (OMG)
Make Up: Seductive Eyeshadows from Topazia NEW
Catliner 009 from CStar
Odd Beauty Freckles from Milk (Came with Hair)
Teeth from Shake Up
Eyes: Immortal from IKON NEW
Jewels: Gothici Crux from Moondance
Pose: Amacci

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Its that time a year again to show your support for Stand4Love. Stand4Love has has huge success to create awareness for people who are judged by who they love. Recently within this last year People are finally getting the go ahead to marry the person they love of the same sex. Love is Love and it shouldn't matter who you love! Its the same for everyone and they deserve that right. So we are asking people to help us create awareness again this year by snapping a Stand4Love picture OR getting help from one of the Photographers on our list at the Stand4Love Website who volunteered their help. As well as just a picture we ask that you add the Stand4Love Logo with either a Black or White background and a quote of your belief, name and country and submit it to one of the following people: Myself (Sessie16 Resident) RicoRacer Flux or Stand4Love Resident until August 31st 2014 (Sizes 1024 x 1024 or 512 x 512). Also please upload your picture to our Stand4Love Flickr!
In addition to this we are looking for helpers. Bloggers and Photographers and even Designers we are calling to you for help with promoting this campaign again this year. Bloggers we just need you to promote it on your Blogs! Easy! Photographers can you volunteer your services to help us? And designers if you have the time is there anyway u can help us with a special free item for Stand4love? Please contact RicoRacer Flux or Editorial Clarity for all details.

All Details on Blog: Stand4Love

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Dust Clears

Woohoo! I managed to make it back again Today! Today I decided to stick with the flower theme. This round of Chapter 4 is amazing! This beautiful headress is one of the items from there on the gacha machines, I got lucky and got this pretty yellow. I really love Lode for there stunning head accessories. Another Event this month is The Instruments and this amazing top is what Purple Moon have to offer this round. I really love all the beautiful colors and this top has a bare back sooo summer but yet so sexy! Completing my look I decided on more Finesmith in which I decided on an older item in my inventory called Desire! I adore this item because its gem texture change and well the greens fitted perfectly. By the way this is the Wow Skin that I cant seem to change at the moment and is NEW to Wow Skins and it has every applier you heart desires. I wish you a beautiful Summery Week <3 

Want Theese Items:
Headdress: WaterLily from Lode (TC4) NEW
Top: Breezy Top from Purple Moon (The Instruments) NEW
Jeans: Zipper Skinny Jeans from Maitreya
Jewels: Desire from Finesmith
Hair: Marsmellow from LoQ
Hairbase: Innocence Hairbase from The Skinnery (TC4) NEW
Make Up: Yellow Eyeshadow from Shake Up
Catliner 009 from CStar
Nails: Donna Flora Set from Nailed It (Slink)
Skin: Melodia from Wow Skins NEW
Pose and Prop: Shuttered and Jewelery Set from Glitterati

Monday, 7 July 2014

Dont You Know I'm Human Too?
So Its been a while since I blogged. My internet connection is down at the moment but hopefully will be fixed this week. I missed blogging but I did discover one of my favorite new songs by Magic called Rude. It reminds me of a really rich family like the sort who live in Chelsea rejecting some guy who wants to marry their daughter just because he isn't wealthy or respected. Reminds me a bit of The Notebook.
Anyways Today I am blogging the NEW swimwear from Topazia, It comes in a selection of different patterns but I choose this pretty pink floral. I love it so much and I think this might be my new favorite swimwear! I added this pretty Hat from Swallow which is actually at The Dressing Room Fusion at the moment at a steal of 70L. Finishing my look with these beautiful jewels from Finesmith. I been looking at them for a while now and they are absolutely stunning and a NEW skin from Wow Skins which is sooo pretty and perfect tone in Dark Tan for my Beach Look. While I am here Congrats to the Wonderful Tyra Eiren who was crowded Finesmith Muse 2014 on Saturday!

Want Theese Items:
Swimwear: Manea Swimsuit from Topazia NEW
Hat: Flower Hat from Swallow (TDR) NEW
Jewels: Julius from Finesmith NEW
Hair: One by Herve Faenzo
Skin: Melodia from Wow Skins NEW
Make Up: Teeth from Shake Up
Odd Beauty Freckles from Milk (Came with Hair)
Bag: Vintage Radio from Bubble
Pose: Clutch Set from WetCat
Location: Baja Norte

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Does that make me crazy?
"Come on now, who do you
Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are? Ha ha ha, bless your soul
You really think you're in control? Well, I think you're crazy, I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy.....Just like me" Gnarles Barkley - Crazy. I LOVE this song and I was reminded of it Today when I saw Sara Skinners Version. Shes really good and I love her Covers. Anyway Today I am wearing some beachwear from Gizza. I love this simple casual set. It has a long Maxi Skirt and this casual Jean Jacket is perfect and so versatile to use for other outfits!! See my skin? Yep I went a little darker today. This Skin is from Wow Skins and is for a huge event called Summer Of Love which opens Tomorrow!!! Most Definently worth a look because not only is this skin beautiful but its also Exclusive to the Event!!!
That's it from me for the week!! have a beautiful Weekend <3

Want Theese Items:
Outfit: Matilda Outfit from Gizza
Glasses: Full Moon Glasses from Meisu
Hair: Jade from Emo-tions
Skin: Imen Medium from Wow Skins (Summer of Love)
Ring: Garden Cocktail from Yummy (Arcade Event)
Make Up: New Occasion Lips from Glamorize
Teeth from Shake Up
Nails: Fruits from Shake Up (Slink Compatible)
Pose: Model 445 from Everglow
Location: Baja Norte

Monday, 23 June 2014

Bring Me The Night.....

Monday always comes around so quickly. Last Week my friend Jordan wanted my opinion on a pair of his Full Perm Shoes he was making and Instantly I had fallen in love. I love the way the strap wraps around our ankles and its really sexy but elegant. I instantly said "Ooooh this would look so hot in Sliver or Gold." He was really lovely and textured mine so I could Blog them. He is selling these at an amazing price aswell so you should go grab a demo especailly if you are a designer who has permissions from Slink! Yes they are made for Slink Feet!! So another one of my favourite accessories is a handbag and I adoreee this clutch from BeloD... I love the sparkly Diamonds and the bag is resizable! Have a sparkling week!!

Want Theese Items: 
Shoes: Stapped Heels from Jordan J Designs
Feet: Feet Female High from Slink
Bag: Cristal Clutch from BeloD
Nails: Love Donna Flora from Nailed It
Pose: Victoria Poses from Meisu (Subscriber Gift)

Friday, 20 June 2014

Open Up The Sky
For a few days I lost style, I mean I don't know what happened... I just lost myself and because I was trying so hard to make things work... It got worse and its the weekend and Ben is coming so I am bound to be a little away for the next few days. Today I am blogging something I found in my Inventory while I was "cleaning" it!! A while back I bought and fell in love with these shades and this loose sweater from Mon Tissu, and Yes when I found it again... I re- fell in love. I love Yellow... I wish I was brave enough to wear it in Real life. I think I need to loose a few pounds before yellow will look good on me. Guess what else I found while cleaning? this beautiful long hair from Baiastice and its named Claire.Which is funny because that's my Real Life Sister's name and well this hair always reminded me of her. Have a beautiful bright Weekend.

Want Theese Items:
Sweater: Oversized Shirt from Mon Tissu
Hair: Claire Hair from Baiastice
Glasses: Harlow Sunglasses from Mon Tissu
Make Up: Lips Gloss 084 from CStar
Teeth from Shake Up
Beauty Marks from Shake Up
Nails: Matte Intense Colors from MUA (For Slink)
Skin: Fiore Skin from Wow Skins
Pose: Everglow