Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Who's that girl!

Ever seen someone walk into a room and thought Wow!! I wanna be her! Well this is one of the dresses that can help you achieve that, I havent seen a dress this beautiful on the whole of the Second Life Locations! So here's another reason to get your butt down to Vogue Store! Zalyn has made this beautiful dress, It isn't a new realese but its one of them dresses you look at for a long time crushing over.
I matched it with Bliss hair which matches this dress perfectly! I love how Amutey does this with every single formal hair she puts so much effort into it to make it beautiful yet with an unusal twist! If you go to the Bliss Couture store you can get anything your heart desires from Dresses, Casual clothes and even head dresses and hair!
Im loving my new dress and hair by my fav designers :-))

Want Theese items:
Dress: Jenufa Gown by Vogue
Hair: Monica Hair in Champagne by Bliss 
Jewerally: Trifles in White Gold by Chop Zuey

All Photos taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss This Photography

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Snow Flakes!

As I walk through the snow I stop to catch the most beautiful soft snowflake melt in the palms of my hands! This is the reason i love winter, the snowy days where all the kids in the neighbourhood are making snowmen and the snow decorating people's roof tops! When I come out in snow what better way to do it then to be wearing Xanadu, This is a new store for me! I expermented with her clothes and I was in love with the outcome!
The Fur mini jacket with brown pants make it a really neutral yet will still make you stand out! I mixed it with theese flat boots from Mary Jane Shoes and hair from  Lelutka! I spent about 2 hours looking for hair and then iput this on and it just felt right!
So im ready for them snowy days in Second Life

Want theese Items: 
Top/Trousers/Jacket: Naella from Xanadu
Boots: Equestrian in Brown from Mary Jane Shoes
Hair: Inverted in Glucose from Lelutka
Nails: Basic Prim nails in brown from Candy Nails
Skin: Elle BL Med 3 from Belleza
Ring: Oriente Ring from Donna Flora

All Photos are taken by my beautiful friend Ashia Denimore! Thank you Ashia xxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Forest's Love

In a peaceful forest lies
A young girl with bright blue eyes
Her hair shineĆ¢€™s gold like the sun
Like a rainbow whose colors align as one

As the morning sun rises one more
Casting sunlight across the forest floor
Whenever the morning sun rises
The pretty young girl smiles at the surprises

A new-born fawn stands for the very first time
Taking from the start natures rhyme
The wolf-pack is resting for the day
They prefer the night to hunt their prey....
by Angel

Want theese Items:
Hair: With in Blonde 08 from Elikatira
Skirt and Jacket: Maxi Skirt and Velvet Jacket in Green by Gizza
Jewerally: Ocenae and Anta Bracelet from Gems and Kisses
Top: Material Girl Bustier in Black from Fishy Strawberry
Nails: Material Green Moss Nails from Purple Moon
Skin: LAQ Vilda 01 in Fair

Photo taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss this Photograpghy.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Thousand Years!

One step closer......
I died everyday waiting for you,
Darling dont be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand Years,
I'll love you for for thousand more!
And all along  I believed i would find you
Time has bought your heart to me I have loved you
For thosand years
I'll love your for a thousand more!
Christina Perri A Thousand Years

I was feeling romantic today after listening to this song on repeat all day and with the thought of watching Breaking Dawn - Twlight Saga tomorrow! So i wanted to write a blog based on how im feeling and to show you this amazing creation by Bliss Couture! Wearing this dress is like falling in love for the first time! The skirt is the biggest i own and i can imagine being in a posh ball wearing this and eveybody being completely stunned by the dress.

This is actually my entry for O'Glam contest! But i had to blog it as the really do love this dress. Each and every stitch.

Want theese Items:
Dress: Aliyeh by Bliss Couture
Jewerally: Perola in black and sliver by Kunglars
Hair: Juicy in Caviar by Bliss hair
Skin: Vilda 01 (fair) by Laq

All photos taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss This Photography

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

O' Glamour!

Standing backstage as the blood pumps though my veins and my heart beats faster and faster! Watching the other models taking the runway one by one! Hearing the guests applaud each one! Spotting my friends in the crowd! I take a few steps and walk out on the runway....

As i walk out all my panic fades, as I pose once, second, three times! This is why I put myself through this everytime! The happiness I feel inside when im on the Runway and showing off the beautiful creations by the designers of Second Life!

I do this wearing the most beautiful dress I found in the O'Glam Mall from Purple Moon, I love the sparkly black version with the sculpted flowers on the dress and this is a perfect formal gown for the upcoming winter season mixed with Finesmith Designs earrings also from the O'Glam Mall. I mixed this up with the eye catching lashes from Glow!

I didnt win O'Glam Contest but I loved every moment of it! Thank you to all who were there!
Visit the O'Glam Mall Today!

Want theese Items

Gown: Odette in Black by Purple Moon
Earrings: Nubia earring by Finesmith
Hair: Courtisane in Noir by Vanity Hair
Lashes: Rhapsody Lashes by Glow
Eye shadow:White Spary by Damned

All Photos Taken By Aunya HotShot~Kiss This Photography!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Last few days for the FREE Winter dress at Vogue!

Well Mrs Zalyn has done it again! Making me fall in love all over again with another design of hers! but this time its totally FREE! This dress comes in black, red and blue and to get all 3 or you have to do if join the Vogue Group!

So my main love of this dress is the scarf you get with it! It really adds the edge to such a beautiful dress! Its so hard to find short dresses that dont look trashy! Thats why I love this dress because she has put as much love ad care into it as she would any other of her priced designs!
   I mixed it up with some heels from Mary Jane Shoes and some of the best quality jewerally in Second Life made by Gems and Kisses! The textures are just incredable!If you havent checked it out, you really must!!
Thank you Zalyn and Vogue for supplying this amzing free dress....Go here now to Vogue!!

Want theese Items:
Dress: Stephanie Winter Dress in black from Vogue  (Free item)
Hair: Mirabella in Natural blonde from Maitreya
Shoes: Strapped Stilettos in black from Mary Jane Shoes
Nails: Animal Print Nails in black from Purple Moon
Bracelet: Shina in Sliver from Gema and Kisses

Photos taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss this photography

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In space with Cleo!

The first woman on the moon was Dr. Wendy Jacobson. She flew to the moon on Apollo 23, in December, 1975! So today im pretending im Wendy in the modern day! And arent i doing in in style! I mean in the world of fashion we dont do it in spacesuits! We do it in amazing sexy space dresses! This one in particular is made by Cleo Couture and i really love the Cage skirt which adds a bit of edge to this sliver torso and curvy sleeves.
I matched it with a new realese from Finesmith, which i feel matches perfectly and really addes that little more of spacegirl within my look! Theese items are really a must! Mixed up with my sleek Poinytail from Tukinowaguma which just fits this perfectally! I hope there lots of hot Avi's in Space!
Thank you to Cleo Couture for supplying this amazing Dress!

Want theese Items
Dress: Caged Diva by Cleo Couture
Hair: Kira hairpiece and base from Tukinowaguma
Jewerally Core earrings and necklace from Finesmith
Shoes: Divine boots in black from sYs

All photos taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss this photography

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Waiting in the Wind!

As I wait on this windy day for all my friends to arrive at least i can say im doing it in style! When i say im doing it in style i mean Zalyn has done it once again and created this beautiful casual outfit for thoose Autumn days! I have been crashing over this since the day i laid eyes on it! This is 110% me! I love the knee length skirt mixed with the beautiful scarf and i love it in this color of course it comes in an aray of colors! Zalyn of Vogue does'nt jut make clothes to sell she put her heart and soul into every single piece!

I mixed this amazing outfit with knee high boots from Mary Jane Shoes, theese have been my favourite shoes for so long! You have seen theese in lots of my blogs and i find i just cant take them off! Major crush factor once again!!!
So thank you to Vogue and Mary Jane Shoes for making me this amazing outfit.

Want theese Items:
Outfit: Cherilyn from Vogue
Shoes: Knee High Boots in Black from Mary Jane Shoes
Hair: New 115 in brown from W&Y Hair
Nails: Basic Prim Nails in Brown from Candy Nails
Eyeshadow: Model Make-Up set 001 from Vogue
Bangles: Instanbul Bangles in Sliver from Chop Suey (Free Gift)

All photos taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss This Photography