Friday, 29 March 2013

You Left With Her....

Today I bring you lots more amazing designs which are taking part in the Hollywood Event. Starting with the beautiful friend which is Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey, She blows me away with each new piece she creates, sparkling red and white diamonds, what I love most is the double bracelet which is something I would love to own in Real Life. I love Chop Zuey's quality of he glittering diamonds, It really is a piece that cant be missed, I teamed it with a beautiful gown from Tres Beau, I loved both versions of the black and bronze when I saw them, her textures are amazing, and I really feel like the skirt is floating around my legs. I usually am not really a gown girl, the only gowns I get excited about are wedding dresses, but this gown as soon as I saw it, it was love. Both items are avaliable at the Hollywood Event running from 30th March - 14th April, where over 80 of Second Life's best designers are taking part with lots of swag bag gifts to collect, More info at Hollywood Event

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Starlet in Bronze from Tres Beau (Hollywood Event Item)
Jewels: Paparazzi III Red Set from Chop Zuey (Hollywood Event Item)
Hair: Shena in Light Red from Vanity Hair
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up
Pose:  Extreme Fairy Set from Posesion

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter....

Well I wanted to do a really fun post and Enzo helped me do this with this seriously cute Easter Costume, It comes in 4 different colors Yellow, Blue, Pink and Orange and I am loving them all. I love it when Enzo makes really cute outfits to mark Occasions like Easter. And the little carrot peeping out my dress is so hot. I just have to hope I dont meet any men who like carrots! My favourite part of this outfit is the ultra cute mask, I love the little nose and super long ears. Awww Its so cute. I added a wild hair I got a few weeks ago from Lelutka which I adore there big curly hairs at the moment and can hardly remove them, Added a bracelet from Finesmith and I am ready for Easter Sunday and lots of Chocolate! Happy Easter Guys.

Want Theese Items: 
Costume: Easter Girl in Blue from Champagne Sparkling Couture
Bracelet: Folieole Braclet in Sunflower from Finesmith
Hair: Dolce Hair in Summertime from Lelutka
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Orange from Shake Up
Pose: Runway Set from Wetcat

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Not Enough This Time....

Soooooo.....Today Im a little sleepy and lonely. So it was time to Blog some of the Hollywood Event things which opens March 30th-April 14th which has 80 of the best designers and 80 swag bags for you to collect. Heres the website for all infos: Hollywood Event. I adore casual things and I am seeing head scarfs everywhere at the moment so here I am in a beautiful mesh dress and headscarf from Zen for the Hollywood Event. I love this dress and I wish I could get away with something this tight fitting in Real Life. I added some pretty bracelets from Finesmith which are all the rage at the moment, I am seeing them everywhere and I can hardly take them off! And with a huge range of color, how can a girl resist? I decided to use a pose which is actually made for men for the Hollywood Event, But hey it works! Hope you have a beautiful Weekend especially with Easter coming up. 

Want Theese Items: 
Dress & Headscarf: Papparazzi Dress from Zed (Hollywood Event Item)
Tights: Pantyhose in Mocca from BAX
Ring: Diva Ring in Green from ME (Hollywood Event Item)
Bracelets: Kotar Bracelets in Organic from Finesmith
Hair: Adorable in Chestnut from Tuty's
Make Up: Lara Lipstick in Fawn from Shake Up and Lying Eyes in Green from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)
Pose: Minimalist Set for Him from Posesion (Hollywood Event Item)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Together Though The Storm.....

It was so strange seeing this dress for the first time, It reminded me of a time I was thinking about giving modelling all up, I remember at the time I spoke to the the beautiful Carilynn O'Hare. She and my Bestie Dana persuaded me to keep going. And so when I first saw this dress it was on Cari, Its such a fierce dress which shouts "Yes, I am a Women! Dont Mess With Me". I really love the dresses from Champagne Sparkling Couture, Enzo puts his heart and soul into every creation, and you can always see it! The dress is named Decadent and comes in 2 other other colors, a beautiful natural brown and a fiery orange, All the colors are stunning and really worth taking a look. I added a windblown hair from Emo-tions, I think they are hands down my favourite place to shop for hair, all their hair have a edge to them. What I am starting to love more is Emo-tions now started making some jewels, So it really is a dangerous place to go with Lindens. I hope you all have a great week.

Want Theese Items:
Outfit: Decadent in Green from Champagne Sparkling Couture
Hair: Windblown 2 in Flames from Emo-Tions
Make Up: Lara Lipstick in Fawn from Shake Up and Twce Shy in Lime from Madrid Solo
Skin: Cindy in Tan from Blush Skins
Pose: Ambiorix Set from Posesion

Friday, 22 March 2013

My 3 Leaf Clover....

So I am a bit late as per usual but I was writing a article on St. Patricks day for Neiva Kumasi Magazine and became a bit Inspired. So I saw this beautiful dress Gizza had specially made for St.Patricks Day and I offically fell in love! It is really Irish in a simple way, I love the beautiful gold band drawing my waist in and how soft it looks on the skin. To add to this I saw Finesmith had the Desire items on the 55L Thursday and Well.....I had to drop by,  picked up this stunning necklace and bracelet which are texture change, so you can change the gems up to a total of 6 different colors to match that special outfit. I really love Yula's creations for something unique and special. It also amazes me how so many stunning models can style the items so differently, I can guantee I'll be using this set in Blogs to come. I finished this post with an amazing Updo from Emo-tions made for myself, I cant resist blogging it early! It will be in Emo-tions Mainstore in a few short weeks.

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Chantelle Gown in Green from Gizza
Jewels: Desire Bracelet and Necklace from Finesmith (55L Thursday)
Nails: Nails Shape 2 in Gold from Finesmith
Hair: Sessie (Might Change) in Flames from Emo-tions (Coming Soon)
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up and Lying Eyes in Yellow Gold from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)
Pose: Jewelry Set from Posesion

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Up in my head......

So recently I have been spending alot of time by myself, and it hasnt actually been too bad. I got to style some pretty dresses so how can a girl complain? A few days ago Azul realesed a few new pretty dresses, my favourite was this short cocktail dress. It is avaliable in a range of stunning colors. Today I decided to spoil you with the black version, I love Azul for their soft textures which scream I am elegant! I had to add this new headpiece from Baoba also avaliable in Lilac and Natural, I really adore Baoba, You can add a Baoba headpiece and your bound to turn heads. I completed the look with a group gift from Finesmith! Theese beautiful jewels you see in my ears are a Valentine's gift which is still avaliable at the Mainstore.Yula is so incredable, she even has included a gold and silver version in the package which includes, Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets. Hope you are all having a pretty Thursday.

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Eve in Onyx from Azul
Headdress: Fairie in Sliver from Baoba
Jewels: Love Angel Earrings from Finesmith (Free Group Gift)
Shoes: Illusion in Sliver from NCore
Hair: Tutys Adorable Updo in Brune Orange from Tuty's
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of red from Shake Up and Lying Eyes from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I'll be your river.....

"If your too big to follow rivers, How you ever gonna find the Sea" - Emeli Sande. I live by this quote. Always remember your frends. Because at a time when you need them, there they will be holding out a hand helping you. I am lucky to have a best friend Miss Dana Yotov who always reminded me of this. So thats why I am here holding out a hand of friendship to ever needs it. Talking about friendship, I'm still so lucky to have a friend in Chevia, who when we went on our last shopping trip we hit Alb and I picked up this beautiful corset top, I fell in love with the details in the textures. It really is a stunning piece of art. I love it and have been waiting for time to blog about it for a lil while now. I added some of Yula's outstading jewels which are so beautiful, I was lucky enough to work with her and she is the sweetest, adorable artist I know. The jewels come in an aray of colors. all very very beautiful. Time to hit Finesmith? I finish with one of my all time favourite hairs from Exile, when you have stores like Exile, how it makes me love being a red head. Have a beautiful Tuesday. 

Want Theese items:
Corset Top: Betty in Golden Sky from Alb
Leggings: Couture Leggings in Pearl from Maitreya
Jewels: Kotar in Cream from Finesmith
Nails: Nails Shape 2 in Gold from Finesmith
Hair: Crazy In Love in Venetian from Exile
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Orange from Shake Up.
Skin: Cindy in Nude from Blush Skins
Pose: Gravity Set from WetCat

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

FFL: I Feel It In The Air....

So it has been a few days since my last post, I got a little busy this week with Metaverse Prelims and Styling. But Fashion For Life has offically opened in the meantime, and Today I went over there and headed to WetCat where I had a bit of a spending spree on poses. After I decided to message the owner telling her how much I liked her poses and In the end I managed to make a new friend today. Anyway the dress I'm wearing Today is from Lpd and is an Exclusive to Fashion For Life located in the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus: - Built by Nexuno Thespian. I love this as its so delicate and pretty, like a fairy tale wedding dress, I really love LpD for all thngs sweet and pretty. The jewels I am wearing are also an exclusive to Fashion For Life made by my beautiful friend Zuri Lyric of Lazuri. The gems are all texture change and metal change to match with any outfit! Both of theese Items 100% of proceeds goes to Relay For Life so its time to SHOP......

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Steam Cloud from LpD (FFL Item)
Head Dress: Simplicided from Baoba
Jewels: Princess Of The Forest from Lazuri (FFL Item)
Hair: Adorable Updo Hairstyle in Orange Brune from TuTy's
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red and Steam Cloud Eyeshadow from LpD (FFL Item)
Pose:  Wide Set from WetCat

Friday, 8 March 2013

FFL: 23 Hours....

23 Hours untill Fashion For Life is open to the public! Yayyyyy I can barely wait! I keep seeing updates of pictures of what the sims will look like and Oh Gosh it looks amazing! 9 Sims full of Fashion Shows, Stores and Events! At the same time while your shopping, you are helping Relay For Life. No excuse needed for all those shopping bags! So today this post is actually full of exclusives from Fashion For Life! Starting with the amazing Belle of Chop Zuey and her beautiful jewels, I love how she creates such art. This set is very natural yet dramtic and easyily dressed up or down. I mixed it with this messy Dura Hair and Skin from Modish which I seem to have fallen in love with. I love this tone. I have enjoyed going slighty darker mixed with this fierce Lipstick from Madrid Solo. So 23 hours!!!!!! Heres your Lnadmark for tommrow: Fashion For Life

Want theese Items: 
Skin: Iala-Nature Skin in Cioco from Modish (FFL Item)
Jewels: River Rocks from Chop Zuey (FFL Item)
Make Up: Vendetta Lips from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)
Hair: Fashion For Life hair 1 from Dura (FFL Item)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

FFL: Flying High

Flying So High, High Off the ground, when your around" - Jem. Well we only have 2 beautiful days till Fashion For Life Opens! 9th March 12pm! Mark your Calendars! Today I bring you a range of items that will be exclusive to Fashion For Life.......Liv Glam, Violater and Madrid Solo. I really adore Liv-Glam. They supply with this HUD. You can chose the size and color you require so you dont have a million and one folders in your inventory. The boots I'm wearing are my favourite boots of all time, so I feel I should mention them a little! They are Maitreya and come in mesh rigged or non rigged. They come in a huge selection of colors, so you can chose the colors you love. Dont forget to take a trip to Fashion For Life this coming Saturday where you will be gobsmacked with the beautiful 9 sims full of stores and amazing parties and fashion shows. Together we can make this the best Fashion For Life Ever. You have an excuse to shop! I like the sound of that!

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Valencia Beaded Mini Dress from Liv Glam (FFL Item)
Leggings: Leather Leggings in Black from ISON
Boots: Jazz Boots in Cardinal from Maitreya
Hair: Visionaire in Passion from Vanity Hair
MakeUp: Spotted Owl from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)
Jewels: Folieole Braclet in Black from Finesmith and Reinassance Earrings in Red from Violater (FFL Item)
Pose: Black Set from Posesion

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

FFL: The Only Sun....

Last Night myself and a few friends hit Zenshi where I picked up this amazing jacket from Diram, Chevia couldnt believe I had never shopped there before. I guess I secretly am not a shopaholic! Anyway I saw this jacket and had to HAVE it!!!! I love the edgyness of it! Yes I admit I love Fierce clothing! What made me want to create a Fierce look today was the make up I'm wearing from Madrd Solo. I love what it did to my face! This Item is only avaliable at Fashion For Life which opens in 3 days!!!!!! Add 12pm on 9th March in your diary if you havent already! Desingers have come together to raise money for Relay for Life. So by shopping you will be supporting a great cause! I completed my look with one of my faourite pieces from Finesmith! I love how sexy and scary this necklace can make you look! Have a great day :)

Want Theese Items: 
Jacket: Nathalia Jacket in Red from Diram
Make Up: Spotted Owl from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)
Jewels: Noir Lashes and Shinobu Necklace from Finesmith
Hair: StrangeLove in Dark Red from Emotions
Pose: Drama Set from Posesion (FFL Item)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

FFL: Stay....

Today I get to post with the beautiful Chevia, I never really posted with people because I'm always scared to take the photos because I really am a newbie at camera controls! Anyway heres my 4th Fashion For Life Post! Yay!!!!!! Today I decided on some Blacklace Lingerie. I really love Blacklace because of the beautiful texures. The embroidary on the fabric is simply amazing. We both decided to wear some NEW Lelutka hair which is my personal favourite. I love the sleek long hair, out of  your face. It really is just stunning in whatever color u chose. Fashion For Life Opens 9th March -17 March, spread across 9 beautiful Sims, Its not like a usual fashion fair! This is something you want to go visit. You will not be disapointed with a truskload of stores with exclusive items, fashion shows, parties and the Final of Top Model! Its time to make this the best Fashion For Life yet. 

Want Theese Items: 
Lingerie: Daphne Set and Danae Set from Blacklace (FFL Items)
Hair: Vibrato in Irish Red from Lelutka
Jewels: Princess Of The Forest from Lazuri (FFL Item)

Lingerie: Delectable in Cream & Blk from Blacklace
Hair: Vibrato in Dark Brunetter from Lelutka

Pose: Bend from Glitterati

FFL: How Did You Find Me.....

So the countdown has begun, Only 4 days till Fashion For Life Opens and today I decided to show you a beautiful dress from Shiki, The whole dress is covered in sequins and mesh, the texture is really amazing. The part I love the most about this dress is the square cut neckline. It adds that bit of fierceness which I adore. I managed to meet the Shiki Designer at the DEJAVOGUE show and he is a really friendly person and all his creations are made from the heart. Today I decided to wear some Finesmith Jewels on the dress from last years Miss Virtual World- Germany Set, designed for the stunning Falbala Fairey. This was my favorite set in the contest and Falbala looked just stunning. I finished the look with some hair from Vanity Hair, I love this beehive hair! I think because in Real Life my hair is super thick, I like any wild styles. Dont Forget Fashion For Life Opens 9th March, spreading across 9 stunning Sims with a truckload of deisigners helping Relay For Life. Fashion Shows and Events from some of the best Agencies in Second Life. Heres your Landmark : Fashion For Life. Have a beautiful Week!

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Celeb Mesh Gow from Shiki (FFL Item)
Jewels: Falbala MVW Formal Gown Decor and Holiday Tale Earrings from Finesmith
Hair: Visionaire in Gravy from Vanity Hair
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up and Lying Eyes in Gold/Yellow from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)
Pose: Tominaga Set from The Muse Poses (Fashion Limited Item)

Monday, 4 March 2013

FFL: Staring At My Reflection....

Yesterday was a special day for a various of reasons, I cant remember ever being so happy. So I thank everyone who has made me smile in the last few months. Today I am doing another Fashion For Life Post. Fashion for Life doesnt open until 9th March for a beautiful long week with lots of fashion shows and events and where alot of beautiful products are being sold. Lots of exclusive items to get your hands on. One of which is this Lacey Dress from Vogue. I saw this a few weeks ago when I saw it on Zalyn in a photoshoot. It was love at first sight. I love how you can dress this up or down. I love the sexy lace and the modern lines. A another thing you can get your hands on at Fashion For Life is lots of fresh new poses including WetCat and Muse Poses. I got to shop a little for this outfit where I picked up this perfect Windblown hair, I love it because it really does look like the breeze is blowing in my face. I also picked up this beautiful necklace, totally Boho (Looks at Chevia) and you can get the full colorpack for only 399L! Both from Emotions. Heres The FFL Landmark. Please do not Teleport there before 9th March: FFL. Have a Beautiful Week.
Want Theese Items: 
Dress:Nevelyn Dress From Vogue (FFL Item)
Gloves: Anielle Silk Gloves in Black From Miamai
Hair: Windblown 2 in Flames from Emo-tions
Jewels: Vari set in Black/Silver from Emo-tions
Make Up:Lara Lipstick in Fawn from Shake Up and Evasion Eyeshadow from White Widow (FFL Item)
Pose 1:Breeze Set From Wetcat (FFL Item)
Pose 2: Karya Set From Muse Poses (FFL Item)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

FFL: An Best Friend.....

Firstly..... I want to dedicate this blog to my bestest friend in the whole world, she crossed over to my Real Life a long time ago, I talk about her very frequently on this Blog. And of course Im talking about Dana Yotov and this beautiful Gown was her Gown for Miss Virtual World made by the ever so talented Amutey Decuir of Bliss Couture. Now I have to hand it to Amutey, she got Dana in Glitterrrrrr! I want to just say how much I adore Dana! She has always been my person! The person who tells me when I'm right and wrong! I should listen more because she is 99% of the time right!!! This post is also very special as its my first Fashion For Life Post! Fashion For Life opens 9th March - 17 March 2013, You can Visit the 9 sims and see the latest SL styles and accessories, party in the event zones and watch fashion shows produced by a range of top agencies. FASHION FOR LIFE is helping to raise funds and awareness on behalf of RELAY FOR LIFE, so shop until you drop and help support this good cause. Heres the Slurl (NOT OPEN TILL 9TH MARCH) INTERNATIONAL PLAZA

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Miss Virtual World Gown -Dana from Bliss Couture (FFL Item)
Skin: Iala Skin in Pink from Modish (FFL Item)
Pose: Drama Set from Posesion (FFL ITEM)
Hair: Karma in Autumn from Emo-tions

Friday, 1 March 2013

Next To Me......

Today has been a beautiful Friday In Second Life and being the 1st March, That only means a new round at Fashion Limited! This Month you can pick up this stunning colorful dress made by Loovus Dzevavor. 100% Mesh and So Fashion! I like the soft differet color lines across the dress. Something I really would wear in Real Life. Also at Fashion Limited this Month is this beautiful Eyeshadow made by the beautiful Julie Hastings of White Widow. If you are looking for some dramatic make up. Make this your one stop. I added some of my favourite Earring made by the stunning Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs. They come in a an aray of colors and really are one of her most famous creations and very very easy to match with any outfit. Look I finally changed my hair! This week I took a trip to Lelutka where I found this extrememly wild hair. I love it because it has so much volume like my hair in Real Life. Have a colorful weekend and make sure you hit Fashion Limited.

Want Theese Items: 
Dress:Riri Horizon Dress from Loovus Dzvavor (Fashion Limited Item)
Make Up: Easter from White Widow (Fashion Limited Item) and Lara Lipstick in Fawn from Shake Up.
Shoes: Kashi Pumps in Glacious from MStyle
Hair: Dolce in Summertime from Lelutka
Bag: Delirium Clutch in Peach from Molichino
Earrings: Folieole Earrings in Silver Aqua from Finesmith