Saturday, 21 December 2013

No! I Never Got Used To The Silence.....

"No I Dont Hear You Anymore" - One Republic. There's only so much a person can take, If you know me, you will know how much I hate being ignored. Its the worst thing you could ever do to me. And when someone does it for almost 2 weeks... For me its unforgivable. So anyways yesterday I woke up and decided thats it! And I walked away for good because I need to be happy.. I deserve that and even though this person hurt and ignored me.... They also deserve happiness. 
Anyways thats enough of my Second Life Drama.... I promise you all nothing but happy posts for a long while now. So you know I complain about the cold all the time because I am British and well we couldnt know what cold was if it hit us in the face. But I love how snow looks, how looking out your window and just seeing sheets of snow covering the roofs theres something so beautiful about it and you never really appiciate it at the time. So I decided on a Winter themed Blog today with this beautiful tailored coat from Liv Glam. I love the beautiful texturing and how the belt draws my waist in and its so pretty and gives me hips! Which I have plenty of in Real life. I added some beautiful hair from Lelutka and a pretty ring from Maxi Gossamer which is actually texture change and comes in gold and silver metals.
 Have a Beautiful Weekend <3

Want Theese Items:
Coat: Love On Top Coat from Liv Glam
Hair: Vibrato Hair from Lelutka
Ring: Positano Ring in Gold from Maxi Gossamer
Make Up: Fawn Lipstick fom Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Nails: Donna Flora Set from Nail It
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Pose: Bag Issue Set from The Muse Poses