Monday, 29 August 2011

Crazy for Gizza!

Well i recieved a notecard about the Loveli Model Search 2011 and I had to enter! I was supplied with a few props and i got my beautiful friend Bindee to take some pictures for me! Sooo for this animal theme i fell in love with Gizza! This dress is amazing! I love the animal print mixed with the red belt! I feel like im actually in Sahara with theese beautiful giraffes behind! Thank you to Bindee for working so hard for me! 

I mixed my look with finesmith gold earrings as they are just beautiful! And the quality of Finesmith Jewerally is amazing!! Mixed with this wild Updo from Vanity Hair it is just beautiful! I love my blonde hair it really suits me! I like Vanity Hair because the styles are so Different and if your looking to becoming a model its really worth a look, If you join there group they also offer 10% off purchases. But without Vanity or Gizza i'd be lost without this look!

Want theese Items

Dress: Breeze Dress in Zebra by Gizza
Hair: Foile D'Este in Blonde by Vanity Hair.
Earrings: Foile Earrings in Gold by Finesmith

Photographer: Bindee Resident

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Space Girl!

Sooo i was looking for outfits for my graduation from a modelling school and i came across this outfit which i had to buy! Soooo Pretty yet Mega Matrix chic! And i love the little bit of pink its allowing me to express! Its Girly yet i could bust some of them Keanu Reeves moves!
So i really picked up on the pink and went for this beautiful eyeshadow, takes over my face but is beautiful! I teamed this with a hair from Vanity! I love the quality and how it isnt like any of my usual updo's! Quirky!
Personally i dont think i need any jewerally with this outfit as its so unique and speaks for its self! Too Amazing! Like always im so happy with the outcome of my purchases! SYS is defo worth a visit! So you too can be Sexy Space Girl!

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Lady in Pink from sYs
Boots: Divine in Black from sYs
Hair: Uthopia Hp in Intense from Vanity Hair
Eyeshadow: Racoon Face in Pink from Pink Acid.

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography

Thursday, 18 August 2011

New House.....New Me!

Sooo i got a new house with some amazing friends! So i wanted to celebrate with the amazing Bindee! So i got her to take some photo's of me in my new casual clothes. Now this top is beautiful! I love the contrast of  pink, white and brown all mixed together! Its just simply beautiful

I teamed it with theese mega cheap Jeans from Five which i love and wear all the time! As they are the perfect color and length for me and my shape! i matched my top with theese beautiful cream shoes! Bindee knew where they were from instantly! My style Guru!

Sooo all in all i had a fun shoot with Bindee at my new house!

Want theese items:

Top: Front Tie Bolero in pink from Reagle.
Jeans: 20 cool blue from Five
Hair: Valerie in Beach from Exile
Shoes: Polka Pumps in Cream and Orange from Purple Moon
Necklace: Nautical Charm Necklace from Yummy.
Bracelet: Athena Bracelet in Gold from Finesmith

Photographer: Bindee Resident, check out more of here work here!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Miss Azul!

Well i found an amazing store and i just had to tell everyone! Sure its expensive but they are too beautiful for words! I chose to purchase this amazing red dress! I love the way the dress flows and how elegant it looks! Its one of my favourite dresses and to add to that. Azul are having a Miss Azul contest till the end of August so you could also use it to enter that!

I chose to team it with this amazig jewerally from Alienbear! I love this necklace and earrings! Im always using them for my formal looks! I think they are so beautiful and i love how they sparkle! Check out Alieanbear for more amazing beautiful jewerally! 

I completed my look with this beautiful Updo from Y&W Hair and this beautiful newly realised Head Dress from Bliss! But  the dress really does talk! Im so excited to have found a beautiful store with Dresses i love!!!!!

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Camilla in red from Azul (Including Gloves)
Hair: 13 New from Y&W Hair
Jewerally: Kriscar II by Alienbear
Head dress:  Alluriya Hat in Red from Bliss

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Falling in Love with Bliss all over again!!

Well i was looking around bliss again trying to find the hunt pieces and i excidently walked past this beautiful dress! I called a friend over to see what she thought and she said it was English Casual so i had to have it! It's very elegant but fun at the same time and i dont know when ill next be taking it off!

I teamed it with the most amazing hair form Vanity! I usually dont like theese wild styles! But this i love! So maybe their styles are growing on me! I pulled on some of my Poshiest Shoes i own and i was good to go!

I feel like i belong in the 50's in this dress! It just gives me that feel! Im Gwen Stafani meets Kate Winslet! Now wheres my Jack! Hehe!

Want theese items:
Dress: Silva in Cream from Bliss
Shoes: Sayuni in Black from Haysuriza (Azul)
Earrings: Pearl Earrings from Alienbear
Hair: Zarine in Blonde by Vanity Hair

Photographer: Bindee Resident, check out more of here work here!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lushish Catz

Well this has been an eventful week for me! I got a modelling job at Lushish Catz and i didn't realise how beautiful there clothes are! Too Amazing! So i had to go shopping (again). Within This store there are lots of choicing of clothing for Men and Women and some great bargains including a section where some Items are only 10L. This is one of the Items that was only 10L but has now gone back up to 99L. But its some of the best swimwear I own!

I wanted the look to be pretty basic as the bikini is so beautiful so i  teamed it with beautiful Hot Pink Heels and got some hair from Exile. Which i fell in love with as soon as i saw it! I love the way the hair sits and the quality is so amazing!

To take a look at more beautiful Lushish Catz items go to:

Want these items:
Swimwear: Summer Vibes by Lushish Cats
Shoes: Lady T in Hot Pink by Pixel Mode
Hair: Malibu in Tropic by Exile

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fab Pony!

Today i felt like a bit of Bargain shopping and Fab Pony is amazing for that. Its a great place for casual colorful wear and mostly under 100L. I got these beautiful  Overdye Jeans that come in 13 different colors for just 75L. They are a must have and  make any outfit stand out!

I decided on a black and Aqua theme so i got this beautiful top Also in Fab Pony! Which really shows off your amazing shape and you can put with any casual bottoms you have.You could even dress it up! This top comes in 18 different colors and if you cant decide you can buy the row.

If you want really cheap jewerally to complere a look, go bargain hunting on Market Place! You find some good bargains! Thats how i found my necklace and bracelets which were all under 10L each!

So all in all, Fab Pony was what it says on the package! FAB!

Want these items:
Top:  Ballet Top (Black) from Fab Pony
Jeans: Overdye Jeans (Aqua) from Fab Pony
Shoes: Narcissus Ballerina (Black) from Purple Moon
Hair: Vivid Blonde 07 from Alikistar Hair
Earrings: Mystic Aqua in Green
Necklace: Sunara Necklace (with HUD) from Burroughs

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bliss 50% Off!!

Well i was pretty bored and i got a Notecard about Bliss giving 50% off to their Members! Due to hitting 37,000 group members!! So therefore most of their Dresses and Casual wear are Half Price! Seeing as I'm a hardcore shopper i thought id take advantage of this! All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is Join Bliss's Group for FREE!!

Sooo....I was looking though and i thought what would my fans really appiciate? And i found this beautiful Dress avaliable in 4 Different Colors! Pale Green, Dark Green, Pink and Purple. I chose to purchase the Pale Green one and then i thought what shoes can i wear so i took a trip to Purple Moon and bought theese amazing shoes (Haru in Gold).

To add to my look i decided upon buying this goregous necklace and Nails also from Purple Moon to complete my outfit!

Want theese Items:
Dress: Pale Green Ashley Dress from Bliss
Braclets: Athena from Finesmith Designs
Shoes: Haru in Gold from Purple Moon
Necklace: Ayame Necklace in gold and dark moss from Purple Moon
Nails: Metallic Green Moss nails from Purple Moon
Earrings: Roses Vintage earrings in Green from Purple Moon
Hair: Maitreya taryn II in Caramel from Maitreya

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography