Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dreams Way : Slave To You....

Have you ever met someone you would instantly help, support without a moments notice! How instantly you care and its so insanely crazy! Well anyways Today I am wearing an Item from Legal Insanity for Dreams Way organised by Shanty Bookmite to help Real Life Charties Brigadoon Explorers and Dreams Foundations supporting people affected by autism and A/S. I love this robe by Legal Insanity because its got so much edge to it! And it includes the gloves as part of the one set outfit. I love the glittering gold! So take the taxi to Dreams Way NOW. I completed my look with some big earrings from Finesmith and some wild headdress from Emo-tions which I have wanted to Blog forever but never got the chance! Have a Beautiful Tuesday <3

Want Theese Items:
Robe: Damayanti Robe from Legal Insanity Dreams Way Item
Headdress: Cleo from Emo-Tions
Earrings: Awake from Finesmith
Make Up: Lying Eyes from Madrid Solo and Beauty Marks from Shake Up
Skin: Elle from Blush Skins
Pose: Tentative from Del May