Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My SL date : Rodvik Linden!

So guess what Strawberry's Meme was this week? Yes to take Mr R Linden around the grid! So I have to admit I was super excited to start this challege! To be honest I didnt take him too far because he told me he likes to spend time at home but as he didnt know my address, so I met him half way. I bought him a nice warm coffee as we travelled home, talking about modelling, friends and family. At this point I thought what a lovely man Mr R Linden is! 
As any man knows, the way to my heart is though greedy! And as much as I likes Mr Linden. he didnt approve of me playing greedy on our date. I told him its just for fun. But he was having none of it and refused to even sit down. What sort of person doesnt love greedy?
So after this issue, I was finding him a little boring especially as all he talked about was harry potter and Doctor Who! I tried to explain to him not all english people like Dr Who! Geez! So I cut the date short and asked if he wanted a ride home. Where he replied "I dont trust your driving" So he got out his Iphone and got a taxi and that was the last I saw of him. He didnt even take my number? Pfft! I am so unlucky on dates! Dammit! I could of had my SL Made!

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Farucia Dress from Liv Glam
Hair: Daisy from Lelutka
Jeans: Classic Jeans from Zaara
Boots: Stagioni Boots from Maitreya
Jewels:Damac Bracelets and Copacetic Tallalah from MG

Monday, 29 July 2013

LDF: Standing Right In Front Of You.....

I saw your face, stuck in a crowd 
Silently screaming out loud 
I felt the beat echo your heart  
Throw me a line cuz its too far
All that you want, all that you see  
All that you thought that you believe
Is it enough? Do you think its too much?  
You say you only trust what you can touch
One Republic - Passenger

Today's Blog I am feeling better. I realised that life too short and if someone doesnt want to make a effort to be in your life, then walk away. So this dress instantly made me happy, remember during Fashion for Life when people where bidding on Desingers to make them something special but also donating all bids to Charity, Well the amazing Enzo Champagne has created this and has donated the dress for the Love Donna Flora Event for the beautiful Rea Quar.
So also Today I decided to take part in one of Strawberry's Monday Meme's and as I didnt get the chance to take Mr Linden anywhere yet, I thought I would do a past challenge as I started the challenges pretty late. So I was scrolling though and I came across the Weird Questions Challenge!

Weird Questions Challenge  
Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) Gol
Does your avatar look like the real you? We are oppisites in looks!
Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? No! I never have but mostly because my private parts are usually covered.
If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld? I have always wanted one of thoose really cool cars in Second Life so I guess that would be my first stop!
Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before? Yes I remember once I did that and luckily the item was tranfer so I was able to pass it on to a friend.
Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life? Well I do sneak into Anthony Audrans house all the time even when hes offline!
If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be? Zzoie Zee because she's beautiful.
Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? Carilynn Ohare
What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld? Shouted out Cheeky Boys gesture instead of an applause at a SL Wedding. (Hides)
If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you? Why did you make me ginger? :P

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Grace from Champagne Sparkling Couture (LoveDonnaFlora Item)
Hair: Lika Updo from Miamai
Make Up: Pink Eyeshadow and Janire Lipstick from Shake Up
Jewels: Pasqualina Earrings from Donna Flora
Skin: Cindy Skin from Blush Skins

Sunday, 28 July 2013

LDF: Let Me Occupy Your Mind....

One word made me think, made me distance myself and made my mind work overtime. When someone does'nt appiciate you, do you give up on them even as a friend? I have no idea anymore. But I dont want my confused state of mind take over this post. I want to tell you about all the things I did to occupy my mind this weekend, Inworld I have been hanging out with some friends and my amazing brother, just playing greedy or laughing, and secondly I was in my first show since like Feburary for Zanze! Was a really really fun show! Today with my styling I decided to go a little wild! Shey is taking part in the Donna Flora Event and wow! This mini dress comes with a hud with lots of amazing different patterns and colors to chose from but I chose some sexy Animal Print! I mixed it with this beautiful new necklace from Emo-tions! Yes Mirja's Jewel's are still going and getting better and better! This is by far my favourite piece. Happy Sunday :)

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Aisha Mini Dress from Shey (Love Donna Flora Item)
Jewels: Nisha Necklace from Emotions and Africian Summer Bracelet from Finesmith
Hair: Visionaire from Vanity Hair
Leggings: Couture Leggings from Maitreya
Make Up: Double Eyeliner and Lara Listick from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar

Friday, 26 July 2013


Within the last week, I have been thinking about all the memories I have had, but then I realise that sometimes you only remember the good things. One of my good memories within Second Life is joining I am a Top Model Contest, and even though I had to quit half way though, I remember the first challenge and I remember buying this scarf and walking the runway and making it to the next stage. I remember adoring all thoose beautiful models and making friends. At the end of it Beatrice Serendipity won the event who is also representing the United Kingdom for Miss Virtual World 2014. But it is true what they say - No one can take away your memories. If you havent visited the Love Donna Flora Event please dont forget to check it out before Aug 13th  2013 its where I got this beautiful casual dress from. Lastly I just want to end on a happy note, and say last night I made a new memory and I made it to the Eiffel Tower in Second Life and had a really nice time exploring.
Taxi to Love DonnaFlora
Taxi to Eiffel Tower (Ty Strawberry)

Want Theese Items:
Scarf: Paper Fashion Collar from Shi
Dress: Racey Rib Tank Dress in Charcoal from from Larnia (Love Donna Flora Event)
Make Up: Catliner 009 and Lips 070 from CStar
Hair: Flapper from Lelutka
Pose: Rain from Muse Poses
Skin: Cindy Skin from Blush Skins

Thursday, 25 July 2013

I'm Going To Show You How Much!

Well I hardly ever post twice in one day! But Today I had one of thoose days where I just felt like I needed to style! So I have some good news! Are you ready? I came first place in Champagne Sparkling Face for August! I really was in so much shock! This was one of my biggest achievements within Second Life! So Today I decided to blog their newest arrival called Follow, I love the sequins and following sleeves and not to mention the short skirt which makes it glam but sexy at the same time. I added a new hair from Emo-tions, I love all the wavy hair at the moment and Emo-tions has my favourite shade of red! As I been forgetting to do the Strawberry Monday Meme all week, I decided to do it now. 

Second Life Bucket Challenge
Meme Instructions: Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week. - Strawberry Singh
1. Be Able to help the Real Man's Campaign - I decided I have wanted to do this for over a year now. I am thinking I want to hire a photographer with some famous SL faces with the title I am ..... and I support I am a real man Campaign. But as I am working Little in Real life at the moment it will have to wait.
2. Go to Disney Land in Second Life or Go to the Eiffel Tower - is there even a Paris Sim in Second Life?
3. Start to Blog some Home Fashions - My Blog is really about Clothes! I would love to expand it by blogging some Home events and Decor.
4. Ever Since I joined Second Life! There is that one Modelling Agency I would sell my soul to get into. I recently went to the casting and made Final stage but didnt make it. But I will not give up! they will love me one day lol
5. Lastly - Become close to that person again. Who I let down so badly. This is personal but I want to let them know I am trying.

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Follow in Gold from Champagne Sparkling Couture (Includes Earrings)
Hair: Chloe in Flames from Emo-tions
Make Up: Gold Eyeshadow and Janire Lipstick from Shake Up (Eyeliner is CStar)
Pose: Imagine from Elephante Poses

LDF: Every Step of The Way....

You’re powerful,
valuable, beautiful and brave
And I know that you know
you can make it through tomorrow
if you can get through today;
I will be there for you
every step of the way

Today the Love Donna Flora Event Opens its doors running from 25th July untill 11th August 2013. Love Donna Flora is a fundrasier for the beautiful desinger of Donna Flora - Squinternet Larnia who has been fighting Breast Cancer since 2011. "Since she has not been strong enough to release recently, her income from SL has dropped to just enough to maintain her sim. In characteristic Second Life fashion, the community that makes SL what it is has come together to throw a fundraiser for her to help defray her  expenses." - LoveDonnaFlora. Please visit the LoveDonnaFlora Event and maybe together we can make a difference in a dear friends life. Heres Your Taxi : LoveDonnaFlora! 

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Sessie Dress from Liv Glam (Donna Flora Event Item)
Hair: Boys will be Boys from Vanity Hair (Hair Fair Item)
Jewels: Oriente Ring and Jasmine Earrings from Donna Flora
Make Up: Dolce Eyeshadow from Shake Up and Lips 081and Catliner 009 from CStar
Pose:  Nails from Posesion

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Marry The Night

Well Real Life has been very challenging today so I am having an alone day Inworld and I wanted to blog something bright and sparkly and this fitted the job. Have you ever been to Sensuelle? Well if not, well you really need to check it out! When I was given the Landmark I was very very surprised.  I have to admit it is one of the best lingerie stores I have ever seen! As soon as I entered the store I saw this beautiful Lady Gaga styled lingerie and knew I had to have it. Look at how it glitters? Wow! Dont all girls love glitter? Well I do! It also has a option to use Lola Tango's with them if you own thoose. I matched it with my one of my favourite skins from Blush called Mabel. I so love this sexy Combo! Hope you have a sparkling week.

Want Theese Items:
Skin: Mabel in Amour Vivant from Blush Skins
Lingerie: Bridgette from Sensuelle
Make Up: Catliner 009 and Lips083 gloss from CStar and Eyelash Tattoo from Amacci
Eye Lashes: Feather Make Up 004f (R) in Black from Vogue
Jewels: Moon in Scorpio from Chop Zuey
Hair: Dolce in Summertime from Lelutka

Monday, 22 July 2013

Are You Gonna Go My Way?

I don’t know why we always cry
This we must leave and get undone
We haven’t changed and rearranged
And turn this planet back to one
So tell me why we got to die
And kill each other one by one
We’ve got to love and rub-a-dub
We’ve got to dance and fall in love
But what I really want to know is
Are you gonna go my way?
And I got to got to know
Robbie Williams - Are You Gonna Go My Way

Want Theese Items
Outfit: Nalia Jumpsuit from Liv Glam
Jewels: Pona from Finesmith
Shoes: Ultra Platform in Rouge Passion from NCore
Hair: Flapper in Summertime from Lelutka
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Pose: Black Inspiration from Posesion

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Green Eyes and Freckled Smiles....

Amongst all this drama filling the Second World! I just want to say how proud I am of my avatar and how far she (me) has grown. How she is everything I wish I was in Real Life, Her green eyes, her beauttiful Red Hair anf her stunning Freckled Skin. Not only has she taught he alot of lessons, she is the reason I am me! She and her name have so much meaning, she has allowed me to meet people all over the world, she has let me love and yes maybe dislike! Without her, I wouldnt have this Blog and you wouldnt be reading it! I am a real person with a real life but sometimes that gets a lil stressful and that when I turn to my Second Life! You who know me will know in Real Life I left a cheating partner 7 months ago - Without my SL family and friends I wouldne be here! So I am Proud of my Second World!

Want Theese Items: 
Dress & Jewels: Dana Dress in Mix 4 and Tamar Jewels from Finesmith
Hair: Pocahontas Hair in Irish Red from Lelutka
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red  and Lime Eyeshadow from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Skin: Cindy Skin from Blush Skins
Pose & Prop: My Red Telephone Box from Whats Next

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Look the other way.....

Chebs! Chebs! Chebs! One of the newest stores in our Second Life! And I love every single piece, After my last post with the bustier, I could not resist following it with this beautiful crop sweater. and the textures! Are outstanding. Now let me say I am not one for Animal Print but I love this, maybe because green is one of my favourite colors but Oh you dont realise how easy this was to style especailly as you can match it to literally any of your pants in your wardrobe! Ok Sess breathe!!!! Anyways I completed this look with some awesome hair from Emo-tions for the Hair Fair, And Oh talking about loving appreal - Well I love this sleek long red goregous hair! Just Wow! And by shopping at the Hair Fair you are helping Wigs for Kids! Any reason to not shop?

Want Theese Items: 
Top: Crop Sweater from Chebs (Inworld Store or Marketplace)
Hair: Romance in Flames from Emo-tions (Hair Fair Item)
Jewels: Alexandra Bracelet from Finesmith
Glasses: OverSized Sunglasses from Izzie's
Make Up: Lips Gloss 084 from C-Star
Pose: Posesion

Monday, 15 July 2013

And the sun comes....

So Today maybe I am going a little crazy, well with 5 hours sleep maybe you understand, anyway I was trying some new things on PicMonkey as you see above. I like Experimenting with the pictures and seeing what happens using that site. Anyway maybe I went a little too much, I am not sure. Moving on slowely.... I made it to the Hairfair! Yes after getting so jealous of other people's posts I made it and headed straight to Exile where I picked up this glam curly hair! I love the new Huds Exile has so much more easier! Completing my Post Today I have been reading Strawberry's Monday Meme and today decided to get involved so here goes nothing. 

Strawberrys Monday Meme
How do you deal with Critism: I am always open to what people think of something I do even though sometimes it can hurt me if its something I really care deeply about especially in SLife.
What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do? When people treat Friendship's in SLife like they only travel Virtually. I am a person who cares deeply for people if they feel the same or not.
 Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why? I would love to have Lunch with Rico and Edi and hear all about their love for fashion, Stand4Love and Interior Designing.
Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration? Someone who puts fame in either world before their friends, I have lost a few friends due to thier head getting a little too big and this is very much connected to question 2.
 What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you? This question has taken me so long to answer, I really cannot think! 
What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about? Lolololol No Comment!
What’s the oddest term of endearment you’ve ever used or that someone’s used for you? Haha loads of the terms make me wanna laugh, I find being called Sweetheart a lil cringe!
Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident? Yes 
 Describe a time/event in your Slife that you’re nostalgic for.  Thoose starting says in Modelling when you are still learning and finding yourself. 
What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you? Make me a Sess Gesture.

Want Theese Items
Hair: Glamorous in Light Reds from Exile (Hair Fair Item)
Top: Flowers Bustier from Chebs (Maketplace)
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up
Jewels: Jasmin from Donna Flora

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I will pick you up.....

Well Today's Post if very different from my others, Today I am here asking for help for a beautiful women who alot of people adore, and I know most of you have heard about Donna Flora's fight with Cancer as there has been a notecard and blogs posted but I am hoping if I can just reach one person who does'nt know then well that makes me happy. "Squinternet needs our help. She has cancer, breast cancer that has metastasized to the bone and invaded her spine and she is no longer strong enough to create, and she depends on home nursing. Some beautiful people have come together to help raise funds to defray her expenses. The Love Donna Flora event will run from July 25th through August 11th." - Monica Outlander. If you are a desinger and want to help please visit - LoveDonnaFlora. Together we can make a difference to this beautiful women's life who has helped so many of us though Second Life.

Want Theese Items: 
Jewels: SeaQueen from Donna Flora
Bikini: Maia from Prism
Shorts: Briony Shorts in White from Erratic
Hair: Rykiel Hair in Summertime from Lelutka
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up and CatLiner 009 from C-Star.
Pose:  Wetcat

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Somebody's me

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breathe without you, it's lonely
Somebody hopes that one day you will see
That somebody's me
Enrique Iglesias - Somebody's Me

Want Theese Items:
Top: 3D Lace Flowers Top from Milk Motion. (Collabor 88 Item)
Jeans: Zippy Skinny Pastel from Maitreya
Hair: Kenzie in Gingers from Truth Hair
Jewels: Axilla Braclet from Lagyo (Collabor 88 Item)
Cosmetics: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Orange from Shake Up
Skin: Cindy Skin in Nude from Blush Skins
Pose: Giz Set from Posesion

Sunday, 7 July 2013

I want it my way!!!!

So I am surprising myself, How many times have I joined Sparkling Face of the Month - Champagne Monthly Contest but this is the first time I submitted my own made photo so its true I am really worried but giving it a shot and see what happens. Please wish me luck :) So at the same time as entering this contest I also decided to Blog it, Can I tell you how much I love this outfit? Alot!!! A whole lot! I love the shades, I love the necklace and I love love the dress. sparkling and girly and everything you need for the beach. Its time to be glamourous!!!! Maybe its time to run to Champagne? Taxiiiiii! Also I have to congratulate my best friend Anthony Audran for placing 5th Place in Mr Virtual World! I am so so proud of you! Love from your super fan <3

Want Theese Items: 
Outfit: Riviera in Green from Champagne Sparkling Couture (NEW)
Hair: Salome in Summertime from Lelutka
Make Up: Janire Listick in Shades of Red from Shake Up

Friday, 5 July 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is coming to Second Life on July 31st - 21st August. Over 3 weeks where you can try your luck on the machines. "With our second life Fantasy carnival, we have asked designers to create unique items that have not been sold in their stores. During the event we will have many free treasures and give away random prizes." I cannot express my love for Gacha's and this event will be no different with designers like Gspot, K Designs, CellarDoor, Pretty Liar and so many more it really is the event not to be missed. All details can be found on their website - Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Your mind is beautiful!

I really am clueless to how designers do this. The ideas they come up with it blows me away each and every time I get sent something or I see something else on another blog or store. I can really say this with this beautiful NEW gown from Purple Moon, called Aquarelle formally a group gift but now Poulet has made 7 new colors including the white version I'm wearing above. I loveeeee the bright flowers and this really reminds me of vacations in the sun. I honestly love the flowers along my face feeling complete with this stunning new hair from Emo-tions called Dream. Wearing one of my favourite skin's called Mabel. I remember when I first got this skin, I fell instantly in love with the Make Up upon it! How the red plays with my green eyes. So many amazing items from so many amazing stores. Time to get Summary!!!

Want These Items:
Dress: Aquarelle in White from Purple Moon
Skin: Mabel Skin in Pure Bliss from Blush Skins
Hair: Dream in Flames from Emo-tions
Jewels: Lolita Set from Lazuri
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Yellow from Shake Up
Pose: Wetcat

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

But....I can't hear a word you say!

Yay! July is here! How did the year go so quickly and I have adored 2013 so far! Anyway Today I was searching You Tube for a title to this post and I stumbled across this amazing cover by Sam Tsui and Oh My God he blew me away! You should so check it out. Heres the link to the cover Titanium. I love this song firstly because Its such a strong beleiving song about never quitting. "You shoot me down, but I wont fall, Titanium" I never really listened to the lyrics before but Sam really made me sit there and listen. I have spent the last 30 minutes scanning You Tube finding other covers by him. I hope you love him as much as I do. Today I am spoling you with this dress that is only 25L from Apple May on Marketplace but only in this color but its stunning and was so meant for me after sharing my Real Life name. 

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Sarah in Purple from Apple May
Jewels: Nes in Amathyst from Finesmith
Hair: Lively in Irish Red from Lelutka
Cosmetics: Double Eyeliner and Janire Lipstick in Shades of Pink from Shake Up
Skin: Cindy Skin from Blush Skins

Direct Link to Apple May Marketplace