Friday, 28 February 2014

Our Story....

Can we write our story
Taking one page, At a time
What's the point if we're only
Gonna worry how it ends
We can take it fast, Or take it slow
If we just take each step as we go
Our story, One page at a time
Sam Tsui - Our Story.

Sometimes you have to slow down and just try and enjoy the here and now, Dont over think the future. Concentrate on what is happening Now! I really love Sam Tsui even when he was just doing covers, his voice is so soothing to me. Anyways Today I am bringing you something NEW from Gizza. Coming in 6 different colors, this dress is perfect for the upcoming Spring Season, where we wanna still remain warm as especially in England Spring is like the rainiest season! I mixed it with oe of Emo-tions newest hairs. I love this messy windswept look on the hair! Makes it so prettiful!!
Now its the Weeeknd - Yayyyy!

Want Theese Items:
Belted Dress - Argly Soil from Gizza
Stacey - Browns from Emo-Tions
Leggings - Brown Cotton from Gawk
Kaluha Set from Emo-Tions
Make Up
009 Catliner from CStar
New Occasion Lips - Melon from Glamorize
Elle Skin - Nude from Blush Skins
Constantine from The Muse Poses

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Steal Ma Sunshine....

I'm so so ready for the Summer! Sunshine where are you? Who stole you :( There is nothing better than waking up with the sun shining and being warm. I write this as I have just got home and as I was walking It poured down with rain! England I hate on you! Grrrr!
Anyway Today I decided to be a little different, I have been meaing to Blog some Moondance in a long while, I just got distracted. I love Kat's new ranges of nails, She even made about a billion sets for the MVW Girls. There's some cool Canada ones but I guess Im too bitter to wear them after the Olympics. I also decided to wear a different skin today and I adore Mabel Pure Bliss from Blush Skins, I love how it gives me this sweet but sexy look! Prettiful
Have a lovely Thursday Sexies

Want Theese Items:
Shiney Matt - Sand from Moondance (For Slink Hands)
Skin: Mabel Skin - Pure Bliss from Blush Skins
Brow 5 - Dark Brown from BlackLiquid
Make Up
Catliner 009 from CStar
Natural Lips - and Teeth from Shake Up
 Promise Eyes - Mahogany from IKON
Kotar - Organic from Finesmith
Rashida - Light Brows from Truth 
Handy Set from Infiniti

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bullying Stops Here.....

So Today is Wednesday...... But it is also Pink Shirt Day! And Purple Moon has made this shirt to help raise funds for CKNW Orphans Fund in support of Boys & Girls Clubs Anti-Bullying programs. The Shirt is on sale for 10L but you are able to donate more! This topic is pretty close to my heart as I have watched  someone really close to me too scared to go to school because of bullys hurting her physically and emtionally and it happens to so many people, effects so many of us! Lets help theese charties so our children can have a brighter future.
All Information can be found here: Purple Moon Blog

Want Theese Items: 
Shirt: Pink Shirt Day - Bullying Stops Here from Purple Moon
Jewels: Roxanne Bracelet from Finesmith
Hair: Carmen from Emo-Tions
Make Up: New Occasin Lips from Glamorize and Teeth from Shake up
Nails: Matte Intense Color HUD from MUA (For Slink Hands)
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Eyes: Promise Eyes from IKON
Pose: Stop It Set from Image Essentials

Friday, 14 February 2014

I Feel The Fall.....

I am turning into a Blogging Mess! Im Sorrry... Forgive Meee! Real Life has been a lil hard this week, but I hit it a few times with a baseball bat and I'm back. Anyway..... Today I am starting with these amazing jewels made by the talented Yula Finesmith for the Couturier Docks which sadly the round ends pretty soon for this Month but its a great place to get fashioned up! I'm pretty sure theese amazing jewels will also be in the Mainstore soon too if you miss out at TCD. I did a little mix and match, the top being a item in the Gizza "Fall In Love" Event Made my Liv Glam. I love the beautiful front scarf trailing down my thighs only avaliable to 28th Feb so Runnn...
Happy Valentines Day Sexies :*

Want Theese Items: 
Top: Love Is To Die from Liv Glam (Gizza Fall In Love Event Item)
Skirt: Mini Skirt Dark Leather from Maitreya
Jewels: Hamara from Finesmith (Couturier Docks Item)
Hair: Judith from Emo-tions
Make Up: Catliner 009 from CStar
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Prop & Pose: Glitterati

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Beginnings...

Sooo... This is why I havent Blogged in so long, I was working my butt off on a Home Post and the first one at that. I was so lucky to meet the Owners of Creative Decay where I got this stunning house from, A huge Hallway, Living Area, Kitchen and Patio and not to mention 3 huge bedrooms and walk in wardrobes, Its the perfect family home. I just lack on the family front. So this is a new beginnig for me because well.... Someone come back into my life and I havent been happier, I been learning to smile again. Anyways so because it took me so long to Blog this house some of the Items were from last months Chapter 4 Event, Beautiful Items from Ionic especially including the adorable couch which im sure you can still fnd on the Gacha Markets. I have decided I do have a hardcore addiction to firstly gacha's and secondly home decor items. I have been following a magazine online called "Love To Decorate" which is so awesome for inspiration and new home stores. You can like them on Facebook here: Love To Decorate.
Have a beautiful Hump Day!

Want Theese Items:
Heritage House from Creative Decay
Picture 1
 Fall Dear Sofa Warmer from Lisp
Snuggle Blanket from Lisp
Lets Play Scrabble from Apple Fall
Jute Natural Rug from Apple Fall (Gacha Item Instore)
Woodstock from Apple Fall (Gacha Item Instore)
Black & White Christmas from Sari - Sari
Construct Shelving from Apple Fall
 Hydrangea Bunch from Apple Fall
Stumble Print from Floorplan
Mon Blanc Lantern Set from Atelier Visconti
Lemuria from Ionic (Jan Chapter 4 Item)
Picture 2
Sexy Wall Decor from Mud Honey
Dellinger Desk from Pilot
Picture 3
Animals are my friends couch from Ionic (Jan Chapter 4 Item)
Vanite Carpet from Atelier Visconti
Light Boxes from Hideki (Jan Chapter 4 Item)
Book Clutter from Floorplan
Vanite Bird Cage from Atelier Visconti