Friday, 31 May 2013

Somewhere out there.....

I named this blog"Somewhere out there" as it looks like I am off on my travels into the big old world! It kind of reminds me of a quote I found on google "Are you on the inside looking out? Waiting to feel something you think can only be felt....Out there?." This quote inspires me to get off my butt and do things and dismiss fear and rejection. So I hope it does something for you too. Today I was looking though my Inventory for something to wear and I came across this cute casual top from Ison. Seeing as green is my favourite color, I threw on my fav hair and jeans and decided on a laid back casual styling for my adventure in the big wide world! Well I got to have comfy shoes for all that walking I am going to be doing! Lol! 

Want Theese Items: 
Top: Oversized Top in Emerald from ISON
Hair: Daisy Hair in Summertime from Lelutka
Jewels: Cross & Pearls from Glow
Shoes: Cottage Flats from Mon Tissu
Jeans: Skinny Pants in Denim Blue from Gizza
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Brown from Shake Up
Pose & Prop: Old Luggage from Di's Opera

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Main Focus....

Sometimes we meet peple who change our lives in so many ways, I am lucky to have met so many true friends in both worlds. My friends will always be my Main Focus. Today to celebrate friendship I am wearing a beautiful denim number made by Gizza, I love the close fitting and if I had my Avi's figure in Real Life I am sure, I would wear something as pretty as this. I added a Long flowing hair from Truth which Yes, I admit I have had a while and have worn in previous Blogs. I finished the look with my favourite lippy from Shake Up. 

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Cindy in Light Blue Denim from Gizza
Hair: Mercedes in Carrot from Truth Hair
Make Up: Lara Lipstick in Fawn from Shake Up
Pose: Acuario from Posesion

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Its true I crave you.....

Anyone who knows me will know this is one of my favourite songs since I heard it played at Zenshi. I literally played in on repeat for hours, the day after I first heard it. Check it out on You Tube : Crave You. Today I am wearing a beautiful mesh dress from from Sascha's Designs, I love the patterns all over this dress, It sort of reminds me of partying with the girls. I added a beautiful necklace from Finesmith and yes you know it, who doesnt...My favourite hair of all time from Lelutka. How I want a crazy perm like this in Real Life. I think bright ginger hair and permed like this would for sure get you noticed.

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Sari in Aqua from Sascha's Designs
Hair: Salome in Summertime from Lelutka
Jewels: Folieole from Finesmith
Make Up: Double Eyeliner and Lara Lipstick in Fawn both from Shake Up
Pose: Model 355 from EverGlow

Thursday, 23 May 2013

H&G Expo: Lunch by the River?

The Home and Garden Expo is coming.....Starting on the 24th May - 2nd June. It is an Event for Relay for Life to help raise funds by selling lots of high qulaity Home & Garden Items. The Item I am showing off today I fell  hopelessly in love with it as soon as I rezzed it. It is a couple Item with 3 Cuddle Animations and 3 Kissing Animations which are mega cute. This is the first time this has been sold and will be sold for only 195L. The cute candals in Jam Jars and the picnic basket really made me love this Summer Pergola from JLZ. All information on Race For Life is here : Race For Life


In June 2012, the Stand4Love Campaign, headed by RicoRacer Flux-Clarity & Editorial Clarity-Flux, launched to raise awareness and show support of marriage equality.
The campaign had a tremendous amount of support and backing from people in Second Life. We had over 700 images of support telling us why they stand for love submitted to us and placed on our Flickr and in the blog. We had content creators of all kinds make unique items from T-Shirts to Pose Sets, from Support badges to pillows! We had amazing bloggers and photographers taking part and helping to advertise the campaign across the grid and the web. All this support made the campaign an amazing success and it something we plan to repeat, if not BETTER this year!
Starting from today, we shall make public the 2013 official logos (located at the top and bottom of the PR) for the Stand4Love Campaign, created by Anthony Audran. We have 2 variations, a Black and White version for you to use. You can begin taking your pictures as soon as the logos are made public, however please do not send them before JUNE 1ST. Below, are the official guidelines for the 2013 picture campaign. Please read them carefully.

1: Take a picture of yourself or your friends in a plain (WHITE or BLACK) background and add the STAND4LOVE Logo. NAME the picture STAND4LOVE (Your Name). Feel free to copy the logos in this page or ask Editorial Clarity, RicoRacer Flux or Stand4Love Resident in-world. Please NO NUDITY or PORN as we are not allowed to publish sexually explicit pictures and we want to keep the site for General Audience Viewing.
2.Put your name in the picture, your country and your message of support. You can add your title/business/what you do and anything else that matters to you…if you want. If you have a business in SL, you may put your business logo as well in the picture.
3. PLEASE MAKE THE PICTURES SQUARE preferrably 1024×1024 or 512×512 in size. It is easier for us to post square pictures in the blog and in the upcoming gallery inworld. Make your picture FULL PERMISSION if you send it to us inworld so we can upload it.
4. Submit your pictures to Stand4Love Resident inworld or email: Please submit from JUNE 1 to JUNE 30, 2013. All pictures received will be published here in this blog. It will also be promoted in Stand4Love Facebook page and Flickr group. We will be opening a huge gallery inworld to display your STAND4LOVE entries.
5.Kindly upload your picture to our Flickr Site here: STAND4LOVE Flickr
Feel free to tag RicoRacer Flux and/or Editorial Clarity in your picture in flickr or facebook so we can find it. 6 If you do not wish or cannot take your own picture, we do offer official photographers who have agreed to take photos if needed. These so far are FALBALA FAIREY, DANA YOTOV. We shall add more as the campaign goes on.
Submit them from JUNE 1 to JUNE 30, 2013. Thank you.

Like last year, if you want to participate in a more hands on approach, please read the following:
If you want to participate in this campaign and help take a picture of other people, please let us know and we can add your name to the staff page. All you need to do is help spread awareness through your pictures. Photograph yourself and your friends who support the cause. Follow the instructions above. If you can help photograph others too, it would be fantastic.

If you can help us advertise STAND4LOVE in your blogs and put our URL in your links, we will do the same under the staff page. Please help us promote marriage equality through your amazing blogs. Feel free to put the logo in your inworld PICKS, flickrs and facebook as well. Please let RicoRacer Flux or Editorial Clarity know so we can add you.

Anyone who does the project above is considered a supporter and their names will be posted under The Supporter’s Page. Their picture submission will be published in this blog. If you are a designer or business/event owner in Second Life, we would love to have your support as well and we can put your logo in our page. If you are a designer or business/event owner and want to have some kind of promotional event to promote STAND4LOVE, we will be extremely grateful and will support/advertise it 100%. We welcome any ideas.

 So, we are ready to go. WE STAND 4 LOVE, DO YOU? Show us your support THIS YEAR! <3
For any inquiries, please contact Editorial Clarity or RicoRacer Flux.

Like STAND4LOVE On Facebook : STAND4LOVE Facebook
All Information at: STAND4LOVE

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fine China....

Does one know how the fine china feels?
Locked far way in a high glass cabinet,
On display for whoever pass by to see.
Passerby’s who will smile and say,
“Oh how beautiful and delicate!”
So how does the fine china feel?
Knowing it’s only used by special guest?
Knowing it’s treasured and that’s the reason why it’s always untouched.
Knowing that it is love, the reason why they are cared for.
Knowing it just fear that it might break?
Does anyone know how the fine china feels?
Perhaps a little left out,
The other wares after all get to have all the fun.
Perhaps even alone as they seem to be left to themselves.
Davina Lowe 
Want Theese Items:
Hair: Gloria Hair in Summertime from Lelutka
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Pink & Gold Eyeshadow from Shake Up
Dress: Action in Pink from Countdown

Boom Boom...

I am naming this blog after an evening of YouTube video's laughing with friends Inworld. So I am smiling as I write this post, One of thoose friends is the desinger of Tattoo-Art, who made this beautiful Beidge and Black striped pants in mesh. I love them, they scream Fashion. Check them out on Marketplace: TattooArt. I added a crop sweater from ISON which I adore, Its perfect for this time of year, when the weather is more mild in the spring. I finished the look with some fierce hair from Lelutka called Dolce, I really love Lelutka for their big hair and red tones! Thank You Lelutka!!!!!

Want Theese Items: 
Pants: Mesh Skinny Pants B/W from TattooArt
Top: Draped Crop Tee from ISON
Hair: Dolce Hair in SummerTime from Lelutka
Shoes: Goshi Pumps in Black from MStyle
Jewels: Folieole in Black from Finesmith

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Amazing for a Minute.....

Today I am showing you one of the newest skins from 7 Deadly Skins, called Sloth in Skin Tone 2 which is a bare skin with cleavage and freckles. You can also get the Make Up Packs for the matching skin and the appliers if you use Lola's. The only thing I added was a lipstick from Shake Up. To go with the skin I am wearing a dress from Purple Moon avaliable at the Gyset Market at a reduced price. Its mesh and I love casual dresses like this especially as this can be styled in so many ways. To finish the look I added a hair I got from Truth Hair a few months ago but never really had he chance to wear it, So Today was the day and its so cute with the matching scarf with HUD to change colors. Have a beautiful Tuesday.

Want Theese Items: 
Skin: Sloth in Skin Tone 2 from 7 Deadly Skins.
Dress: Brandy Dress in Black/Brown from Purple Moon
Hair: Winter in Auburn from Truth Hair
Make Up: Lara Lipstick in fawn from Shake Up
Jewels: Heartology Bracelet from Finesmith
Pose: Acuario Set from Posesion

Monday, 20 May 2013

But even the sun sets in paradise.....

So....Today England seems to have lost the sunshine. I dont know when it will come back but I miss it. So I decided to blog something pretty and summery. I threw on this beautiful mesh top from Immerse, I love the patterns scattered across the the front and on the back and I also love it as it almost owns my Real Life Name! It also comes in Blue, Berry and Peach, It comes with a skirt but I teamed it with some crop jeans from Zaara. To finish the look I got a new hair from Lelutka in the red fades pack and some amazing jewels from Finesmith. I love this set and I own it in every color, I love it that much! Its great for casual looks and the metal is texture change. yay! Have a a beautiful week. 

Want Theese Items: 
Top: Sara Top in Teal from Immerse
Jeans: Denim Knee Lengh Shorts from Zaara
Jewels: Nes in Aquamarine from Finesmith
Hair: Ferah in Red Fades from Lelutka
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Orange from Shake Up

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Just Some Feeling....

"Some People feel the rain, Others just get Wet" - Bob Marley. I really love this quote, because I really am a feeler, so when I do get wet I have friends to lift me up. Today I decided to show a bit of skin in one of Vero Modeo's newest releases, part of their Bohemian Summer range. I loved this as I love Maxi skirts and I love the style of this set as its so casual and yet so sexy with the knotted top. I added some beautiful jewels from Finesmith, I love how Yula has some pieces which are really out of the ordinary. She pushes boundries and creates pieces of art. To finish the look I added a short curly updo from Emo-tions. Her styles take my breath away more and more each time. I really love my short perm :D And not to forget the pose, from Posesion. Have a beautiful week.

Want Theese Items: 
Outfit: Hippie Set Red from Vero Modeo
Jewels: Devil's Love in Copper from Finesmith
Hair: Cosmic in Flames from Emo-tions
Make Up: Lara Lipstick in Fawn from Shake Up
Pose: Posesion

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Strong Will Never Fall.......

I have been listening to this song over and over today Des'ree - Kissing You. I was trying to remember why I loved it so much and then I saw on YouTube it is from Romeo and Juliet. Its from my favourite part in the movie, where Romeo is watching the fishes and catches Juliet's eye. This scene is the whole reason I believe in love at first sight. Anyway stop me chatting about love films, Today I am wearing a new dress from AD Creations which I adore, It comes in a selection of colors but I chose this red version, I love it because its everything I adore, the low neckline reavealing a little cleavage and its made from orignal mesh and comes with a shirt and legging choice. I added one of the hair's I have been looking at for days, this stunning hair from Vanity Hair, I love how formal it looks from the front but then you turn to the side and its really edgy, did I tell you how much I love the new tones of red at Vanity? Well I loveeeeeee! Enough Said. 

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Cla in Red from AD Creations
Hair: Diavolo in Warm Red from Vanity Hair
Jewels:  Desire Ring in Gold from Finesmith
Make Up: Lips Gloss in 084 from CStar
Skin: Cindy Skin in Tan Blackout from Blush Skins
Pose: Obsura Set from Posesion

When you stop waiting.....Vista

Well after Persia telling me how amazing the NEW Essence Women AO from Vista, I finally got my hands on it, And what can I say its all I imagined and more. Everyone knows about my love for the Spice Girls and this AO is here to celebrate being a women, so you can expect lots of confident stands ad sits. "Vista Animations celebrates the beauty and femininity found in all women with this fresh AO created for women across the world by the Vista Animations team in both lives.This AO is a tribute to women who are self-assured, passionate and playful; women who are aware of their femininity and the power that it holds" - Vista Team. With over 25 stands, 5 sits, 9 dances,Mesh and Lola compatable and new breathing version to make it more realstic. You can see why I am in love. Grab yours today at Noon. Click Image below for you Limo. Have a great Friday whereever you are.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Your Uninvited.....

Today I decided on a colorful post because tommrow being Friday everyone deserves to be happy. So I put on a beautiful dress from Nya's Shop called Valencia Sweater Dress, I really love this dress for all the bright colors, of the white, reds and pinks making me want to smile. Reminding me of fireworks in the midnight sky. Nya's Shop is a new store which only opened at 2am this morning. I already have seen so much more beautiful things, so it is worth a browse to say the least and thats not to mention a hunt going on till the 23rd May. Heres your Taxi : Nya's Shop
I added one of Truth's newest hairs, I really love all the new hair's and colors. I especially love the gingers, with this tone being my favourite in the fade, this is the color I wish my real life hair was. Light ginger fading into blonde. A girl can only wish can't she? 

Want theese items: 
Dress: Valencia Sweater Dress from Nya's Shop
Hair: Abra in Gingers from Truth Hair
Jewels: Bang Bang Collar from Finesmith
Make Up: Lined Pink from Miamai and Janire Lipstick with teeth in Shades of pink from Shake Up
Pose: A Breeze One from Wetcat

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ray Of Sunshine....

It has been a few days since I got to blogging, I have been working in Real Life and not finding much time between parties and friends in Second Life. When I was trying to style a 50's look I almost gave up, Im not a fan of Grease or anything, so I really stuggled but I ended up really loving this look. I started off with this poodle dress and glasses from Artilleri, I was trying to style cute but I tend to suck at styling cute, so I went to Vanity hair and got this amazing 50's style hair. I love how it looks in Red and  think I will be using lots and lots more. Have a beautful week :) Oh and thank you Sophie for the milkshake :DD

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Poodle Power in Green from Artilleri
Glasses: Greta Sunglasses in White from Artilleri
Gloves: Gloves from Luccy Dress Set from Purple Moon
Hair: Pin Up in Red from Vanity Hair
Make Up: Honeywest Eyeliner and Beauty Mark from Madrid Solo and Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up.
Pose: Haute Chic Set from Posesion

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Frozen Waves...

Oh Dear, How did this week go so quickly? I really dont know where the weeks or months are going. Today I bring you a beautiful new realese from Ghee only avaliable at Seasons of Couture. "Seasons of Couture, a seasonal couture collection which will bring the latest trends from the most successful real life runways, interpreted by the best Second Life designers under one roof!" Like them on Facebook for all latest Informaton - Seasons of Couture. This beautiful dress by Ghee was modelled by the stunning Bea in the opening of Seasons of Couture and blew me away. I love how Bea styled this stunning sexy mesh gown. I love all of Warm's creations and this isnt an exception. I added beautiful jewels made by the stunning Yula Finesmith. I have loved this set fro a long time. I love how the diamonds sparkle. They make any outfit stand out and are so edgy but so pretty all at the same time. The pose I am actually using is a mens pose from the successful MOH Hunt from Posesion.

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Geometic Dress from Ghee (Seasons of Couture Item)
Jewels: Asia from Finesmith
Hair: Adorable Hairbase in Orage Brune from Tuty's
Make Up: Lips 084 from CStar & Dramatic Wing from Action Cosmestics
Pose: Andromeda for Him from Posesion (MOH Hunt Item)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Audran....

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends in my Second and Real Life! Best friends are rare to find but when you find them, you take them to your heart and never let go. This is how I feel about Sir Anthony Audran and he inspired me 500% for this post. Without him, I dont know how I would find the strength to get though some of my bad days so Thank You Anty! So if you know Anty, You will know he loves his shades! So I decided to put on some of the newest edgy shades from Chic Zafari. I love how they arent your normal shades, they are so edgy with the gold detailing. One item i did fall in love with was ths beautiful mesh jacket from Coco. I love Coco for their new mesh lines. Every item is amazing and the quality is out of this world wiith different sizes for easy fitting for any shape. I am enjoying a beautiful Sunday off work. Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Want Theese Items: 
Glasses: Gold Roses Elgance from Chic Zafari
Hair: Judith in Red from MA Designs (KMadd)
Jacket: Biker Jacket in Black from Coco
Top: Hotheaded outfit from Gizza
Leggings: Leather Leggings from ISON
Belt: Double Hole Belt from SEY
Jewels: Noir Ring from Finesmith
Tattoo: Zianna from Letis Tattoo
Make Up:083 Lips from CStar
Pose: Adle from WetCat

Friday, 3 May 2013

No Words....

This week I am living an exhausted mess, I always think how funny in a short week so many things can change, how people can change. To this I have no words. So I decided to blog something from one of my best friends in Second Life who owns Tattoo Art. I find it hard to believe I never blogged her amazing creations before. Today I am wearing the STFU mask and bodysuit which are both mesh and come with 5 different sizes. Check Out their Marketplace Store. I added some beautiful Jewels made by the ever so talented Yula Finesmith, I have been in love with this set for months, just didnt know what to wear it with, I love how Yula, see's something and instantly her mind flows with creativity. Really Finesmith is one of the best places to get thoose unique edgy jewels. I wish you all a beautiful long Bank Holiday Weekend if your English if not well.....Enjoy it anyways. 

Want Theese Items: 
Mask & Body Suit: STFU Mask & Body Suit in Blue from TattooArt
Jewels: Maniko from Finesmith
Hair: Judith in Red from MADesigns
Make Up: Catwomen Eyeshaow from Modish and Elf Lashes from Boudoir.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A day for daydreaming......

Today is my rest day, as I think I endured too much sun yesterday, So I decided to throw on a beautiful Sundress from Purple Moon which is style change, It comes with a stylish HUD where there are lots of colors and styles you can choose from. What more could a girl want? 1 Dress.....So many different ways to wear it! Earlier this week I managed to get to Truth Hair where I picked up this loose pony tail for only 75L, I am not sure how long this Sale lasts but you should soooooo run there ASAP and take advantage. I just advise you to take your wallet with you or at least your partner's to buy you lots of pretty hair. I finished the look with some of my ever so blogged about lipstick from Shake Up and a beautiful summary ring from Zaara. 

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Meadow Maxi Dress from Purple Moon
Hair: Elisha in Marmalade from Truth Hair
Make Up: Lara Lipstick in Fawn from Shake Up.
Ring: Raga Oyster Ring from Zaara