Tuesday, 5 November 2013

All I Have Is 3 Notes Playing In My Head...

That moment in life when you get a song stuck in your head all day replaying over and over!! People who follow me on Spotify will know I have been listening to Christina Aguilera on repeat for days and Today I found myself having the song "Sing For Me" stuck there! The song is a little depressing but so much truth in it! "And now I'm ready, I'm gonna sing 'em all out, Sing 'em out just for myself. I don't even care what the world thinks about how I sound" Anyway this Morning I got this beautiful dress from LpD and I am so in love with it! I love the fabric caressing the black cotton. So beautiful and for sure one of my favourite's. I added some beautiful shoes from Candy Doll which you need slink feet for but look at how realistic and pretty they look! I have just discovered this store!!! Lastly I got the finishing pieces from Finesmith, Shake Up and Truth Hair!
Have a beautiful day. Hugs

Want Theese items: 
Dress: Giulietta from LpD NEW
Shoes: Oxygen II from Candy Doll (Slink) NEW
Jewels: Grapa Set from FINESMITH
Hair: Denee from Truth Hair
Make Up: Natural Lips and Intense Freckles from Shake Up and Catliner 009 from CStar
Skin: Elle Skin from Blush Skins
Pose: TTB 23 from Wetcat