Monday, 26 September 2011

To Know Me Is To Love Me!

My amazing friend Rhawnie informed me that Vogue had some really cute T-shirts and for only 100L so I had to take a look! Out of all the cute little T's i chose this one: To Know Me Is To Love Me! I really hope the slogan is right! Because it matches my personality perfectly! I love all my friends so much and to know them is to love them! 

I matched it with a cute jacket also from Vogue and a short Gaga haircut from Bliss! Best Hair dresser i know! Gotta check out the collection of hair Bliss has! I also got my amazing boots from Mary Jane Shoes! They are to die for :-))

So is to Know me to love me? Who Knows! But it might get me some attension around Second Life!

Want Theese Items: 
Top:Vogue Rainee Top ( To Know Me Is To Love Me)
Jacket:Vogue Kate Winter Jacket in White and Black
Jeans:Aoharu Jeans Straight Skinny Black
Boots:Mary Jane Shoes Knee Boots
Hair:Bliss Alanis Hair

All Photos Taken By Dasia Mocha

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Boho Baby!

So me and the beautiful Bindee decided to go to a casting and the theme was Boho! So i spent my whole evening styling my look! I decided on the most amazing hair i now own from Vanity Hair! Look at how beautiful it looks! Its an amazing casual hair which you can change the headscarf on it! So versatile! 

I decided to go casual so i jumped into some jeans! That flatter my shape in everyway! And put on abeautiful Boho top from Sea Hole! I love how youcan dress this top! I think it would also look cute with a skirt! I really love my new look and i love how it fits!So yeah im gonna be wearing this Inworld for a looong time!

I did'nt manage to make the casting but Congrats to Bindee who did!!!

Want Theese Items:
Top: Shiarra Top from Sea Hole
Jeans: Blue Jeans from Hoho Boho
Shoes: Mimosa Ballerinas in Purple from Purple Moon
Earrings: Mango Earrings from Purple Moon
Bracelet: Moroccan Bracelet in Sliver from Finesmith
Hair: Nina in Blonde from Vanity Hair

All Photos taken by Dasia Mocha

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Crushing over Vogue's Autumn Collection!

Well as most of you amazing people know i was in the Vogue Fashion Show! And it was amazing!! I want to do more amazing shows like this! It helps when the designer is amazing too! So anyway this is the amazing new collection from Zalyn at Vogue! Here is Serafina! I love how sexy yet beautiful it is! I love how it also reminds me of winter but in a sexy way! Matched with Vogue's Rosita Lingerie! Would'nt i love to look like this in real life!

Ok so up next is the most beautiful formal gown i own! Its called the Faye Gown and its a really amazing WOW gown! With its sliver and pink low cut top and full flowing skirt it makes anyone look like Cinderella! Now i just need my second life prince! 

All hair is by Bliss and they are so beautiful yet unusal! Bliss has alot of hair to suit any occasion! Look beautiful! Zalyn will be re launching her autumn collection again very soon! Thank you for listening to my crush on vogue!

Want theese Items: 

Outfit 1
Dress: Serafina Dress by Vogue
Stockings: Rosita in White by Vogue
Shoes: Sayuri in White by Haysuriza
Make up: Vogue Model Make Up Set 001
Outfit 2
Dress: Faye Gown by Vogue
Make Up: Vogue Model Make Up Set 001
Jewerally: Ariel Necklace and Earrings

All Pictures are taken by Dasia Mocha

Friday, 16 September 2011

Vogue Fashion Show!

So after weeks of planning and practising my walk and poses! Its almost here! My first Second Life Fashion Show for the amazing Vogue! Your be so impressed with the amazing designs for Autumn! From casual to formal, Feathers and Tweed!

I love so many Including this beautiful dress above! I thank the Vogue Boss so much for putting her faith in me and my very close model friends! The prices are good and they will only be on sale for a little while before the relaunch later on! Sooo come grab some!
Come by and show me and Vogue some support beautiful people!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sneak Peak At Lushish Catz Item for Runway Hunt!

Well i had the beautiful manager from Lushish Catz contact me today! She let me have a sneak peak at what she has made for the Runway Hunt! Oh my it was just so beautiful! I love the dress! Its so pretty! I love how dramatic it is but looking sexy all at the same time!

I mixed this dresswith beautiful hair from Bliss!! I have loved this hair far too long! Im soooo happy with this dress! The hunt will be running from 1st-31st of October 2011! So come grab yours!

Come look beautiful and Sexy in Lushish!

Want theese items:
Dress: Runway Hunt dress starts 1st October
Shoes: Haru in black from Purple Moon
Hair: Angelina Hair from Bliss
Earrings: Daisy from Virtual impresssions in Bliss
Make Up: Runway Make up from Vogue

Photographer ~Kay Aristocat (Owner of Lushish Catz)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Rock Me!!

For this blog i was looking for something different! You all know by now how i love the sweet, soft casual look so i decided to go a bit mad and Rock you all out! So i got some little cute shorts from no where else other than Gizza! And looked on Marketplace where i came across a top i was unsure about at first but still got it as it was only 20l and also its got the english flag on it! And guess what im only freaking English!
Now i had to find some really Rock me shoes! So went for theese cute gold and sliver studded boots from Cero Style! Gotta love them!Mega cute! So anyway i really needed rock hair as all my hair's were a little too sweet so i surprisingly found it at Truth hair and this really surprised me their hair there is always so sweet! But this was ideal for what i needed with its loose pony tail and pink highlights!

So here's me rocking it! I feel like i belong at a Bon Jovi concert! He he.

Want theese items:

Top: British Rock from Shore Thing
Bottoms: Grey Jean Shorts from Gizza
Hair: Odette Streaked in Caramel from Truth Hair
Shoes: Nevaeh Boots in Black from Cero Style
Jewerally: Mary Pearl Earrings from Finesmith

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bringing out my Wild Side!

So here i am looking though marketplace and i come across this beautiful top made by Gizza, Now this is pretty low cut for me but i love how it looks, with its sequined top half and white torso its just one of them tops i wanna go dancing in!

I mixed it up with some ISON leggings that i found on marketplace in my early days of second life! When 100l seemed like alot of money! So i think this outfit is very beautiful yet affordable!

Hope you all enjoy my street look!!!

Want Theese Items:
Top:  Glamour White Sequine by Gizza
Leggings: Leather leggings by ISON
Shoes: Polka Pumps in Cream by Purple Moon
Hair: Malibu in Apricot by Exile
Jewerally: Rhondain Sliver by Finesmith

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Getting Dramtic In Vogue!

So ever since i saw this dress a month ago, I have been in love! Its so beautiful with the transparent top decorated with purple beautiful flowers both on top and on part of skirt! It's one of them dresses you feel beautiful in no matter how you feel! I mixed it with this amazing NEW vogue make-up! I love the new vogue make up!Theres a whole selection of dramtic colors and patterns to make you stand out on the runway or even just to make an outfit stand out!

Mixed with this outstanding Updo hair from Vogue with its amazing roses in the hair that you can click to change the color to match any outfit! So versitile!

Feeling Sexy Yet Beautiful in Vogue! You gotta check it out!

Want theese Items: 
Dress: Flora Gown in Onyx from Vogue
Hair: Raining Rose in Blonde From Vanity Hair
Jewerally: Earrings and Bracelet Mimmi From Finesmith 
Make Up: Model Make up Dramtic From Vogue

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography

Friday, 2 September 2011

GoodBye Grixdale!

Sooo i got a notification that Grixdale were closing on 31st August so i thought id check it out and.....OMG! Why are they shutting. I got this dress and its beautiful! Its so casual and cute. Im so in love with it! And it was only 100L. So i had to buy it! Also i got this make up FREE!!

So i teamed my goodbye dress with beautiful heels from Purple Moon and a beautiful casual beaded necklace from Finesmith. I think i look mega cute including this really cute casual hair from W&Y! Woo!

So here my cute casual going shopping in Second Life Outfit!

Want theese Items:
Dress: Wolf and I by Grixdale
Shoes: Polka Pumps in Brown by Purple Moon
Jewerally: Charlotte Beads in Brown Chrysoberyl by Finesmith
Hair: Hair New 161 Typpe C in Brown from W&Y Hair

Photos by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss This Photography