Thursday, 20 October 2011

Casual just got Sexy!!!

I really wanted a cute casual look and as i was looking through my Second Life wardrobe, could I find anything out of my 8,000 inventory? Nope so i decided to take a trip to Prism, a friend had recommended it so i thought id take a look! Now as soon as i walked inside it was friendly and welcoming with the Blog walls! Checking out how amazing the Bloggers looked! Now thats why i love the designer Journey, she puts so much into her designs and store that each and every outfit you can feel how loved it is! Anyway i picked up this cute Green Knit Jumper Outfit! Which is perfect for my Shopping days or also just hanging out at home listening the radio feeling the heat from the fire. I mixed it up with a casual hair from LoQ and cute pumps from M-Style! Also  check out the bangles which are a free gift from Chop Suey! 

Now my second outfit i picked up from Prism is my Rock look! Well as rock as i get! I imagine riding on the back of my boyfriend's motorbike feeling the wind blowing through my curly hair and looking so glam at the same time! Now i love this leather jacket! You could match it with anything! I bought my shoes this time from Leletka ! I instantly fell in love with the White/Black smoky pattern!

So are you a rocker or a cutie?

Outfit 1  - Cute Look
Outfit: Savannah in Blue and Gold from Prism
Shoes: Goshi Pumps in Rosso frpm M-Style
Hair: Iced Coffee in Light Brown from LoQ
Necklace: Godess: I am Rajani Kali from Chop Suey
Bangles: Istanbul Bangles from Chop Suey
Nails: Animal Print Nails in Red from Purple Moon

Outfit 2 - Rock Look
Outfit: Mercades in Black and Sand from Prism 
Shoes: Pow Pumps in Black and White from Leletka
Hair: Folie d'Ete in Vanilla from Vanity Hair
Earrings: Sunlight in Sliver from Gems and Kisses
Necklace: Sunlight in Sliver from Gems and Kisses
Bangles: Shina in Sliver from Gems and Kisses

All photos done by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss this Photography

Friday, 14 October 2011

Catching up with Bliss!

Well, How long has it been since I blogged about Bliss? I feel its been too long! So here I am with another amazing dress! I feel it lets me express the Gaga inside of me! Its so beautiful yet it has that Gaga feel about it! And are wondering where the hair is from? Yes that is also Bliss! She's one of my favourite designers! This dress is actually an older realese but i couldnt resist blogging it! 

The Shoes are from Mary Jane Shoes and are ideal for cocktail skirts as they are so beautiful and sparkly! You really should check out the store and the amazing selection they have there! The nails are from Purple Moon and they complete this outfit perfectally! 

Hope you all enjoyed my little catch up! Mwah

Want theese Items: 
Dress: Annarita in black and white from Bliss Couture
Shoes: Smitten from Mary Jane Shoes
Nails: Chalk White from Purple Moon
Hair: Angelina Hair by Bliss Couture
Necklace: Trifle from Chop Suey

All Photos ~ Dasia Mocha

Monday, 10 October 2011

Ready for Halloween!

I been looking for the perfect Halloween outfit for weeks now so when i got a notice that Angel Dessous had some Halloween outfits out i just had to take a look! And they are so cute but i decided on this cute little orange dress! It actually comes with some Pants too but i think the dress on its own is so cute!
So i matched it with another new Realese from Mary Jane Shoes! Theese are so beautiful! The designer made a whole selection of boots and shoes! You have got to check them out! I guantee you will fall in love and it will match any Halloween outfit perfectly! See my Lashes, How amazing are they! So easy to fit and come in different colors! I have so much love for them! 
One thing is for sure i love my Halloween look! So i hope you all check out theese great stores and give them a little love and look cute this Halloween!

Want theese items:
Dress: Halloween Frances by Angel Dessous
Shoes: Cheeky in Black and Orange by Mary Jane Shoes
Lashes: Beautiful Eyes ~ Halloween by T&T Designs (Found on Market Place)
Jewerally: Alexandra set by Finesmith
Hair: Woopsie in Black by Vanity Hair

All Photos taken by Dasia Mocha

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Breaking the Rules!

Sometimes Rules are there to be broken! So i broke every rule in the book with this outfit! You know by now that i usually settle for cute pretty dresses! But this Dress is dramatic,unusal and my first ever dress from Kunglars! But I love it so muchand i actually think its one of my favourite dresses!
I usually really dislike Yellow! But i went to town with it today! With my Dramtic Yellow make up and nails matching the dress perfectly matching it with my soft red hair blowing in the wind! I think its a perfect outfit! You might see me wearing this alot around Second Life! 
So go out today and buy something totally not you! I did and i couldnt be happier! A great way to get noticed!

Want theese Items: 
Dress: Ellis from Kunglars Couture 
Hair: Jen Noisette from Vanity Hair
Nails: Basic Prim Nails Yellow from Candy Nails
Eyeshadow: Vogue Floral Make up Set 001~b
Bracelet: Concentric Bangles in Gold and Diamond from Purple Moon
Earrings: Flower Bead Earrings from Finesmith

All photos taken by Aunya Hotshot ~ Kiss this Photography

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Early October Snow

As the first signs of winter kick in and a snowflake touches my nose, makes me feel so refreshed looking forward tocosy nights in by the fire with my slippers watching old movies but loving every moment with my special someone! 

As I'm daydreaming in the middle of this big city im wearing this beautiful casual winter outfit made by Vogue! I just adore the ruffles round my thighs and the cute little wool scarf warming my heart! I thank Zalyn for keeping me warm on this snowy day! 

Now my hair! I just cant manage to detach it at the moment from Dura! I love it so much! My messy hair really suits my winter mood! Matched with yet again my Knee High Boots from Mary Jane's im not sure they are practical for the snow but they sure are sexy! 

Want theese items: 
Dress: Joan by Vogue
Jacket: Annika Jacket by Vogue
Scarf: Sharmine Stole in Lavender by Vogue
Hair: Dura girl 22 in Strawberry
Boots:Knee High Boots by Mary Jane Shoes

Photos taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss this Photography

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Made In Chelsea!

My look is 101% inspired by the UK television programme Made In Chelsea! Where all the reality stars walk around in the poshest clothes, attending big events and falling in love! So I decided to take a trip to Mon Tissu! Where i got this beautiful white shirt (without the attachement) and beautiful chic skirt which I have to say I fell in love with as soon as I saw it!
I teamed this cute outfit with a jacket from Tres Blah in the same location! I completed the look with my new fav hair store for everyday hair Dura Hair! The quality is amazing and for just over 120L! Seriously its a must go store!
I can only dream I'm a star in this hit show falling in love with Spencer!!

Want theese Items:
Top: Cropped Tank Top in Off- White from Mon Tissu
Skirt: Gauzy Skirt in Black from Mon Tissu
Jacket: Striped Cardigan in Black from Tres Blah
Jewerally: Tres Beau Ribbion Pearls
Shoes: Flirty White from Mary Jane Shoes

Photos taken by Dana Yotov