Friday, 1 February 2013

And I haven't got much, just a pen and some words...

I was listening to a few Ron Pope songs like you do and this line came to me - "And I haven't got much, just a pen and some words" I am just a blogger with a virtual pen and a few words to share with people who read my posts. Most of the times I write things that have no connection with fashion Inworld and I babble for ages. So if people actually make it to the end of my blog I am surprised! Lol.
Anyway I really need to talk about my dress, This is getting  realesed this week at Vogue, I fell in love with this a few weeks ago when Riri Lemon wore it for Vogue Instore Modelling Contest. I love the Vintage look about it but yet its also very modern and elegant all mixed together. Its Mesh too so yay easy fitting! I added a beautiful hair from Vanity Hair which have a few new shades of red going on now and this has to be my faviorute shade I have found anywhere called sunburn. I added 2 pictures today because I really wanted you to see a close up because of my make up, Im wearing Shake Ups new lipsticks and OMG! I love them, there's opitions to have teeth or not. I mixed it with make up from White Widow made by the beautiful Julie Hastings, this is my new favourite eyeshadow and only avaliable at the Couturier's Dock at the moment.
Want Theese Items:
Dress:Roxanne Gown in Lavendar from Vogue
Jewerally:Pearls Earring & Necklace from Alienbear
Hair:Valentina in Sunburn from Vanity Hair
Make Up:Dotted in Black/Pink from White Widow & Janire Lipstick in Cabaret from Shake Up
Skin:Cindy in Nude from Blush Skins