Thursday, 28 February 2013

You Were Always Mine

I have had a family day in Real Life, spent sometime with my Sister and Niece. So I'm pretty happy minus my headache that has been following me for 2 days. Goooooo away! Today I decided on a post wearing the beautiful gown Nayomi Gartner - Miss Brazil wore for her Formal Round in Miss Virtual World 2013 made by the talented Enzo Champagne. This gown has been one of the public favourite's. I've seen it blogged everywhere. I love the peacock blended in the front of the dress and the jewels cover the hem of the bodice. The dress also comes with a beautiful peacock feather collar but I decided to not wear it to show theese beautiful jewels from Lazuri. Lazuri jewels are texture change, from the metals to the gems. Really something so versitile for your wardrobe. I finished the look with one of my long term hair crushes, this hair is perfect for all my formal dresses, Edgy but stunning! You can even have a added ponytail. Vanity Hair is famous for its edgy modern hair! Every Models one stop Hair Landmark. 

Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Brazilian Marvel from Champagne Sparkling Couture
Jewels: MVW Nayomi Gartner from Lazuri
Hair: Wake Up Alone in Light Red from Vanity Hair
Make Up: Janire Lipstick in Shades of Red from Shake Up.
Pose: Extreme Fairy Set from Posesion