Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Shine Bright Tonight.....

Well I woke up early today and spent the whole day with my beautiful friends Tracy & Zaara that I sort of lost track of time till they had to leave. So I decided to blog after all as my pile seems to be growing. And I style soooo slowely especially as I been trying to find things to wear for the first challege of I'm a Top Model. Anyway today is another Miss Virtual World post this time a gown made for the beautiful Natzuka Miliandrovic who was also Miss Italy and I got the pleasure to stand in front of most of the contest and I'm pretty sure I stepped on her toes a few times. Sorry Natz! Its made by the beautiful store Solidea Folies, which is well known for unique and edgy pieces. And thats exactly what this gown is adding with some elegance. The dress was a show stopper and look at the prim detail. Amazing! Simply Amazing! I added some pretty jewels from Lazuri which are texture and style change. You have 3 different styles just for that one necklace! So it really can meet anyones desires. I feel bad that I hardly mention the pose makers I use so today I used Baroque Set made by Dahriel from Posesion. The poses were perfect for big skirts so if your looking, take a look there. I hope you all go running to Solidea Folies now.....

Want Theese Items:
Dress: MVW 2013 Italy Gown from Solidea Folies
Jewels: Noor Mystic from Lazuri
Hair: Tiffanys in Feux from Vanity Hair
Shoes: Savona Shoes in Blue Suede from Similar
Make Up: Lip Gloss in Coral from BlackLace Beauty
Pose: Baroque Set from Posesion