Monday, 12 August 2013

If I Lose Myself....

I stared up at the sun,
Thought of all of the people, places and things I’ve loved.
I stared up just to see
With all of the faces, you were the one next to me.
You can feel the light start to tremble,
Washing what you know out to sea.
You can see your life out of the window tonight.
If I lose myself tonight,
It’ll be by your side.
I lose myself tonight...
One Republic - If I Lose Myself

This song and me were meant to meet espically after my last 24 hours. Over the weekend I had a rough time with people who I wont name basically hurting me. But every cloud has a sliver lining right? And I found myself in a Surprise Party my beautiful friends had thrown for me. I looked around and I knew at that moment this was more than a Virtual World for me. So Thank You to everyone who came, even if we are close or not, I appicited your support. Moving on to all things fashion.... I am wearing another cute top from Chebs, I love what Holza is doing with her textures, so girly and so me! I love theese simple little bustiers. I mixed it with some cute long pants from Molichino and one of my all time favourite Truth Hairs.
My last part of this Blog Post is of course Strawberry's Monday Meme and for once I am doing this on a Monday! Have a beautiful Week. 

Monday Meme - Inventory 
What is your current inventory number? – 43,976 (Feels Proud) 
If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? –My Eyeliners! I need them!!!! 
What is the last thing you purchased? – Slink Elegant Hands (Hides, as I only owned Casual) 
Which item do you wear most often? – Has to be.... My Catliner from CStar 
When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up?None (Because Im such a good girl :P)

Want Theese Items:
Top: Orange Flower Bustier from Chebs
Pants: Kay Pants from Molichino
Hair: Mercedes from Truth
Make Up:Catliner 009 from CStar and Morocco Lipstick from BlackLiquid
Jewels: Nur from Finesmith