Thursday, 16 May 2013

Your Uninvited.....

Today I decided on a colorful post because tommrow being Friday everyone deserves to be happy. So I put on a beautiful dress from Nya's Shop called Valencia Sweater Dress, I really love this dress for all the bright colors, of the white, reds and pinks making me want to smile. Reminding me of fireworks in the midnight sky. Nya's Shop is a new store which only opened at 2am this morning. I already have seen so much more beautiful things, so it is worth a browse to say the least and thats not to mention a hunt going on till the 23rd May. Heres your Taxi : Nya's Shop
I added one of Truth's newest hairs, I really love all the new hair's and colors. I especially love the gingers, with this tone being my favourite in the fade, this is the color I wish my real life hair was. Light ginger fading into blonde. A girl can only wish can't she? 

Want theese items: 
Dress: Valencia Sweater Dress from Nya's Shop
Hair: Abra in Gingers from Truth Hair
Jewels: Bang Bang Collar from Finesmith
Make Up: Lined Pink from Miamai and Janire Lipstick with teeth in Shades of pink from Shake Up
Pose: A Breeze One from Wetcat