Friday, 3 May 2013

No Words....

This week I am living an exhausted mess, I always think how funny in a short week so many things can change, how people can change. To this I have no words. So I decided to blog something from one of my best friends in Second Life who owns Tattoo Art. I find it hard to believe I never blogged her amazing creations before. Today I am wearing the STFU mask and bodysuit which are both mesh and come with 5 different sizes. Check Out their Marketplace Store. I added some beautiful Jewels made by the ever so talented Yula Finesmith, I have been in love with this set for months, just didnt know what to wear it with, I love how Yula, see's something and instantly her mind flows with creativity. Really Finesmith is one of the best places to get thoose unique edgy jewels. I wish you all a beautiful long Bank Holiday Weekend if your English if not well.....Enjoy it anyways. 

Want Theese Items: 
Mask & Body Suit: STFU Mask & Body Suit in Blue from TattooArt
Jewels: Maniko from Finesmith
Hair: Judith in Red from MADesigns
Make Up: Catwomen Eyeshaow from Modish and Elf Lashes from Boudoir.