Friday, 17 May 2013

When you stop waiting.....Vista

Well after Persia telling me how amazing the NEW Essence Women AO from Vista, I finally got my hands on it, And what can I say its all I imagined and more. Everyone knows about my love for the Spice Girls and this AO is here to celebrate being a women, so you can expect lots of confident stands ad sits. "Vista Animations celebrates the beauty and femininity found in all women with this fresh AO created for women across the world by the Vista Animations team in both lives.This AO is a tribute to women who are self-assured, passionate and playful; women who are aware of their femininity and the power that it holds" - Vista Team. With over 25 stands, 5 sits, 9 dances,Mesh and Lola compatable and new breathing version to make it more realstic. You can see why I am in love. Grab yours today at Noon. Click Image below for you Limo. Have a great Friday whereever you are.

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