Friday, 8 March 2013

FFL: 23 Hours....

23 Hours untill Fashion For Life is open to the public! Yayyyyy I can barely wait! I keep seeing updates of pictures of what the sims will look like and Oh Gosh it looks amazing! 9 Sims full of Fashion Shows, Stores and Events! At the same time while your shopping, you are helping Relay For Life. No excuse needed for all those shopping bags! So today this post is actually full of exclusives from Fashion For Life! Starting with the amazing Belle of Chop Zuey and her beautiful jewels, I love how she creates such art. This set is very natural yet dramtic and easyily dressed up or down. I mixed it with this messy Dura Hair and Skin from Modish which I seem to have fallen in love with. I love this tone. I have enjoyed going slighty darker mixed with this fierce Lipstick from Madrid Solo. So 23 hours!!!!!! Heres your Lnadmark for tommrow: Fashion For Life

Want theese Items: 
Skin: Iala-Nature Skin in Cioco from Modish (FFL Item)
Jewels: River Rocks from Chop Zuey (FFL Item)
Make Up: Vendetta Lips from Madrid Solo (FFL Item)
Hair: Fashion For Life hair 1 from Dura (FFL Item)