Monday, 2 June 2014

Back To Black...

So recently I have been Blogging bright and colorful to match the Summer Season (Not that England has a Summer). So Anyways I went Back To Black Today! Black isn't always sad and mournful. I saw something on Pinterest the other day and it said "Black is my happy color" I think I agree. I wear dark colors in RL as that's where I am conformable and hey isn't Black a little sexy too? (I think so) 
So Today I am Blogging a beautiful formal gown made for Miss Portugal last year in MVW. I love it so much beacause the skirt is made of feathers, And lace, feathers and pearls? How can one resist. Its absolutely stunning and probably my favourite gown in the Formals. If you fancy becoming a Miss for 2015 all details are here: Miss Virtual World. Anyway see my gloves? Free! Yep no lie! VoguE is having these as June's Gift for members and its free to join group. What u waiting for? Oh and they are mesh and come with a HUD for 6 different poses for your fingers. Enough said! 
Hope you are enjoying your Monday and.... If you are Umming and Erring about entering MVW... Just do it! You never know!

Want Theese items:
Dress: Feathers of Serenity from Living Imagination
Gloves: VoguE June Gift Gloves from VoguE GIFT
 Jewels: Dragonheart Set from Emo-tions NEW
Hair: Anne from Emo-tions
Make Up: Glitter Eyeshadows from Shake Up
New Occasion Lips from Glamorize
Eye Petals: Lashes Wind Petals from Topazia NEW
Pose: Vanity Set from Wetcat