Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I wanted to write a blog post about a few challenges and events while I was in Miss Virtual World. This was my hardest challenge throughout the whole contest. We were asked to recreate a Valentino inspired look. For the challenge I submitted the image above, which at the time I was very happy with. But then we were asked to wear our Valentino look for Winter Wonderland - Tribute to Anna Sapphire. We were given the choice to use the one before or recreate something else. I put my outfit on and Adonis said to me "do you feel happy in it? Is it you" And at that moment I realised I needed something else, the look wasnt me and wasnt as dramatic as I was hoping and I knew I could do better. So yes I made a few mistakes in MVW but I learnt from them.
Above  Image by Tillie Ariantho
So I went shopping! And made this look above which is very Valentino (Above)! I actually think this was one of my best decisions and I felt 110% comfortable in this. I even mixed and matched. For me in Miss Virtual World I grew and improved and made mistakes but I'm only human. It reminds me of trying to play a musical Instrament. When you first try and play the Piano you are unsure and not good at it straight away but you practice and practice, some times you press the wrong keys. But in the end if you have the will inside you, you can be a great pianoist! Im determind to become a great stylist!