Tuesday, 18 December 2012

MVW: Believing in Dreaming

Its been 5 days since Miss Virtual World 2013 ended and I still cant believe I got to represent the beautiful country of Ireland. It was always a dream for me and Dana and by some crazy miracle we both got to be part of it and take this incredable Journey together. Miss Virtual World wasnt a comtest for me,  love all of the girls dearly especially Dana Yotov, Nice Wildrose, Zaara Burn, Kim Rongyu and Ashia Denimore.You girls have been my rock throughout the competition.
Well I didnt Place in the Contest but all that doesnt matter, I had an experience of a lifetime. Would I do it all over again? Yes, and I would change nothing. We were all asked to write our answer incase we made final 12 and even though I never got to say it here is what I would of said: "Being involved in Miss Virtual World has been one of my most wonderful experiences, I have learn't to open myself up more, to dream and not be scared. To take risks and not be scared of people's reactions. I have met some wonderful people who have helped me grow, For that i will be forever Thankful" I also owe a little thank you to Adonis Hansome for always believing in me.
I owe people alot of thank you's! Thank you to Enzo for making my beautiful National Gown (Above). You listened to my ideas even though I changed my mind over and over. You really are such a beautiful guy. Thank you to Zalyn Bailey for my beauiful Formal Gown (Below), After I badgered you for months begging you to make my dress. I could not have done this without your support thoughout the last 18 months! Zalyn you know I will always love you and be forever Thankful and lastly Marie and Ymir from Blush Skins thank you for making me look amazing in the perfect green make up on the skin. I love you all :) 
My Last few words go to everyone at MVW. Thank you for helping me through the last 4 months. Thank you Frolic, Persia, Kay and Carilyn. You were all amazing. Also a huge congrats to Starline Igeria. I know you will be an amazing Miss Virtual World. Thank you to everyone reading this blog, Your support for me and Ireland has been amazing. Remember to never give up if you want something bad enough, If I can do it so can you too!

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  1. Sess, very well written. I was proud of you throughout the competition and you represented Ireland with style and grace. I have watched you grow and from this point, as I always say, it just gets better!