Thursday, 19 April 2012

This is the start....

This is start of something beautiful 
This is start of something new 
You are the one that make me loose it all 
You are the start of something new, ooh
And I throw it all away

Watch you fall into my arms again
And I throw it all away  
Watch you fall, now  
You are the earth I will stand upon  
You are the words I will sing
Ed Sheeran - This

Today I actually foud the time to have a little house to live in! Yay! Soo I found an outfit I adore and took some pictures around the House. I felt like a little girl goign to her prom where your parents make you stand there in your prom dress like in all the amercian teenage Rom - Coms. 
Today I decided Upon a Formal Gown from Purple Moon, I been feeling recently my blog was lacking in Formal Gowns! So here i am!! I love this gown! The collar really gives it that edge! And turns heads! Poulet really does put every effort into her designs! And every single gown I have bought from my early days in Second Life have been worth every penny or Linden I should say.
 The jewerally I have on is from no other than the amazing Finesmith, I have probably featured this jewerally in my blog before, but its so easy to mix with either your casual or formal outfits! This is my favourite jewerally piece. I guantee you wont want to take it off!!

Want Theese Items
Dress: Chok Gown in Red from Purple Moon
Jewerally: Scatterheart in Red/Black from Finesmith
Hair: DARE82 in Red from Boon

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