Saturday, 28 April 2012


In the blink of a night I was falling from the sky in the blur, 
You took my breath away and my heart starts beating 
 And my lungs start breathing 
And the voice in my head starts screaming I'm alive!
You're like a laserlight, 
Burning up burning down, 
On me you're like a laserlight, 
Burning up burning down, on me
You make me feel good, 
You make me feel safe,  
You make me feel like I could live another day  
You make me feel good,  
You make me feel safe,  
You know I wouldn't have it any other way
Jessie J, Laserlight

This song reminds me of the good times I have spent within Second Life so I really wanted to use it for one of my upbeat blogs! Always brings a smile to my face! I wanted to create a sexy spring look that i could just wearing exploring around the grid! I started by going to Bliss Couture where i got this really cute summery top. Its really good if you wanna bring a bit of shineshine into Second Life. I wanted to as all I'm seeing at the moment is rain in England!! 
I have to soooooo tell you about this skin!!! Its from a shop called CStar which have a wide selection of beautiful Skins and even make Ups! If your especially looking for avant garde make up!I would see here!! The eyeshadow I'm also wearing is from there and its now a new fav!! Its defo worth a trip! Jasmine is genius creating such high quality skins so im sure you will love it as muchas me!
Lastly I want to say how much I love Finesmith new back to nature pieces, the name says everything and i really am n love with this neckpiece especially! Its my new fav jewerally piece! I think i have worn it about 5 times in the space of a week. 

Want theese Items:
Top: Bellamorda Modice in Yellow from Bliss Couture (Basic)
Jeans: Bliss Flare Jeans from Bliss Couture (Basic)
Jewrally: Safari Chic Earrings, Back to nature Bracelet and Collar from Finesmith
Skin: Eccetra in Satin Tan from CStar Limited
Make Up:Lara Lipstick by Shake Up,  Leopard Print Yellow Shadow from C Star,Aphrodite 1 from Lovely Mi and Noya Vamp Lashes.
Hair: Shiva in Brick by Osmose