Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Way I Loved You

It's all gonna be okay. And I know,
Maybe I'll even laugh about it someday
But not today, no cause I don't feel so good
I'm tangled up inside, my heart is on my sleeve
Tomorrow is a mystery to me and it might be wonderful
It might be magical, It might be everything I've waited for,
A miracle. Oh, but even if I fall in love again
With someone new
It could never be the way I loved you
Selena Gomez - The Way I Loved You
Today I'm wearing one of Vero Modeo's beautiful casual dresses to bring summer into your Second Life. I love this dress and I wear simular dresses in RL. I love the different colors this dress comes in but I chose to go with pink for once. I added one of my favourite hair's from Exile once again. Im really loving there their rigged mesh creations. This one is called Kiss me! And is perfect for thoose real casual looks. But I think the only reason I bought it was for the romantic name. I really adore the light red colors from Exile so I can guantee I'll be hitting that store again very soon. 
Want Theese Items: 
Dress: Gunes Dress from Vero Modeo
Hair: Kiss Me in Nectar from Exile
Ring: Indonesia Ring in Roseta from Finesmith
Nails:  Draakje Nails from Finesmith

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