Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dont Wake Me Up

Dearly beloved, 
If this love only exists in my dreams,  
Don't wake me up
Too much light in this window,
Don't wake me up, 
Only coffee no sugar, inside my cup, 
If I wake and your here still, give me a kiss, 
I wasn't finish dreaming, about your lips
Don't wake me up up up up up up, 
Chris Brown - Dont Wake Me Up 
Yesterday I got sent this outfit from the amazing owner of Shey. After a week of craziness I really needed to relax by just doing a blog post. So I really wanted to show this new realese from Shey. Its great for the elegant lady with a touch of girliyness with the side scarf. And of course this comes in an aray of colors. Im wearing red here but it also comes in Purple, Black, Dark Red or Pink. 
   I mixed it with beautful hair from Clawtooth. I really love having a more ginger color and its mesh too. So im loving being able to wear long hair without it cutting into my body when apose. A models dream. Also as my hair pretty long in Real Life, it makes me feel a bit more me. I finished the look with natural make up from Madrid Solo.

Want theese Items:
Outfit: Nukhet in Red from Shey
Hair: Glamazon in Orange from Clawtooth
Make Up: Aubrey from Madrid Solo