Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In space with Cleo!

The first woman on the moon was Dr. Wendy Jacobson. She flew to the moon on Apollo 23, in December, 1975! So today im pretending im Wendy in the modern day! And arent i doing in in style! I mean in the world of fashion we dont do it in spacesuits! We do it in amazing sexy space dresses! This one in particular is made by Cleo Couture and i really love the Cage skirt which adds a bit of edge to this sliver torso and curvy sleeves.
I matched it with a new realese from Finesmith, which i feel matches perfectly and really addes that little more of spacegirl within my look! Theese items are really a must! Mixed up with my sleek Poinytail from Tukinowaguma which just fits this perfectally! I hope there lots of hot Avi's in Space!
Thank you to Cleo Couture for supplying this amazing Dress!

Want theese Items
Dress: Caged Diva by Cleo Couture
Hair: Kira hairpiece and base from Tukinowaguma
Jewerally Core earrings and necklace from Finesmith
Shoes: Divine boots in black from sYs

All photos taken by Aunya Hotshot~Kiss this photography

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