Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Keep Your Head Up!!

The glow that the sun gives
Right around sunset
Helps me realize
This is just a journey
Drop your worries
You are gonna turn out fine
Oh, you'll turn out fine
Fine, oh, you'll turn out fine
But you gotta keep your head up,
And you can let your hair down,
You gotta keep your head up,
And you can let your hair down, 
Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up
Well I chose this song, because it reminds me of fun time with my best friends Bianca and Dana. When we spent the night dancing and organising our Real Life meeting in the future. It was one of the best nights in my Second Life. Anyway moving on to my outfit. I wore it the weekend just gone for my first day with the Miss Virtual World Meetings. All the girls looked amazing and all so pretty. I decided to wear different colors for once, so I swapped green for blue! This beautiful skirt is part of a set at Gizza, I fell in love as soon as I saw it! So of course I had to buy it! I also had a hair shopping spree, one of my new additions is this one from Vanity Hair which is truely beautiful and sooo fierce! I felt I had to get it professionally snapped by my dear friend Mhik Menna Eiren, His work is outstanding and always blows me away. Thank you Mhik.

Want theese Items
Shrug: Angel Shrug (Textured Editted) from LWL
Top: Tommy Mini Top in Black from Giereh
Skirt: Baroque Set from Gizza
Shoes: Goshi Pumps in Black from MStyle
Hair: Cohimbra Hair in Warm Red from Vanity Hair
Jewerally: Holiday Tale Earrings and Louise Bracelet from Finesmith