Monday, 28 May 2012


I'm at a payphone trying to call home
All of my change I spent on you
Where have the times gone, baby it's all wrong
Where are the plans we made for two?
Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember,

The people we used to be...
It's even harder to picture,
That you're not here next to me.
You say it's too late to make it,

But is it too late to try?
And in our time that you wasted
All of our bridges burned down
I've wasted my nights,

You turned out the lights
Now I'm paralyzed,
Still stuck in that time,
When we called it love,
But even the sun sets in paradise
Payphone Maroon 5
 I decided upon the song for this blog as I really like it at the moment and cant stop listening to it! Theres not really a meaning in it for me, even though it does remind me of my past a little. Anyway this week I got very busy in Second Life, I decided to change my skin to become more unique and I'm very happy with the outcome. This outfit is one of my favourites. I finally splashed out on some Mesh Jeans and they really are worth it. I really doubt  ill ever go back to wearing normal jeans!
Secondly I really love this Hair in which I have decided to try more light reds theese days. I found it last week but it wasnt right for what I needed it for but today it goes perfectally with my Blazer so of course I had to get it! Instantly fell in love! In real life my hair is pretty long so its nice having a long mesh hair that wont stick into your body. I really love my daytime casual look which I have to admit I havent taken off for days now! 

Want theese Items:
Blazer: Anglomania Blazer from Lagyo Femme
Pants: Zipper skinny Mesh Jeans from Maitreya
Hair: Listen Hair in Red 01 from Elikatira
Earrings: Melange Earrings from Zaara
Shoes: Goshi Pumps in Isabelline from MStyle
Bag: Lora Purse in Brandy from Lagyo