Sunday, 20 May 2012

Face of Vogue!!!!!

Yessssss......Zalyn has annouced the first Face of Vogue Contest ever! I'm so EXCITED! Im unable to enter as i already work instore but i have agreed to help out! Which made my day! So come on, want to be the FIRST face of Vogue?
Face Of Vogue
Year 2012 marked VoguE Fashion 3rd Year Anniversary. In celebration the brand will be launching its' first Pageant Contest "Face of VoguE 2012" starting from May 2012. The still growing brand has over 13,000 members to thank for its' growth.The brand believes beauty needs to be celebrated, hoping in search for some unique individuals whom are beyond a pretty face. The pageant focuses not only on physical beauty of it's contestants. The ultimate person the pageant is looking for must incorporate personality, intelligence, integrity and creativity.She will be the brand ambassador in every public event, show, media and showcasing VoguE's collections in the brand's official blog and modelling for the brand in every possible show.
VoguE is most honored to be have on board as sponsors the following renowed brands and medias
BOSL (Main Sponsor ~ Media/Venue)
FINESMITH (Sponsor ~ Jewellery)
WTG (Sponsor ~ Jewellery)
BLISS Couture (Sponsor ~ Hair)
May 25th - June 7th 2012
50 entries each, 20 shortlisted candidates each for a final audition

(A) 1 Headshot Photo 512x512
(B) 1 Full Body Photo 512x512,
wearing an outfit created by VoguE. 

Also fill out the Application form and JOIN Vogue Fashion Pulse Group and The BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group.

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