Friday, 18 May 2012

Mountains with Vero Modeo

He said I'm going to have a bed with lots of pillows
And that we're going to build a house with lots of windows
And when we have the kids we'll tell them to remind we
Of where we were and how so we never get lazy
Yeah we'll climb mountains
Climb mountains together
Yeah we'll climb mountains
Climb mountains together
I'd never work these hours if I didn't love you
My hands are always red and sunshine I sleep through
If you say we're going to move somewhere with neighbours less crazy
You know I'm going to be there, because I trust my baby
Emeli Sande - Mountains
 As soon as I saw Vero Modeos realese of wedding dresses i was stunned! They are so beautiful with a range to suit any beautiful brides demands. I wasnt lucky enough to even attend any wedding in Second Life and I so want to see what its like. Is it as emtional as real life? Is it as beautiful? So any weddings hit me up I wanna be there!
This dress is one of many newely realeased dresses from Vero Modeo all stunningly beautiful and amazingly made. I dont have any complaints and i have seen a few of the dresses in other blogs and im wowzaed each time! Reminds me of a fairy tale everytime I see the beautiful gowns. I just got to wait for my Prince Charming! By the way the handsome man posing with me is just my alt *sigh*
All of the amazing gowns will be showcased by beautiful models on Saturday 19th May at 2.30pm slt! Dont Miss out!!!! Heres your Limo Vero Modeo.
Want theese Items: 

Dress: Eleaf Bridal Gown from Vero Modeo
Hair: Dare82 in Red from Boon
Jewerally: Paulinha MVW set from Finesmith

Suit: Gli Suit by Vero Modeo
Hair: Drake in Night by Truth