Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thats what friends are for!

Keep Smiling
Keep Shining 
Knowing you can always count on me 
For Sure
Thats what friends are for
For good time
For bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
Thats what friends are for.
By Dionne Warwick

Well if you know my bestie Dana Yotov you have already seen this picture but I just wanted to thank her for the last year with her and I look forward to 2012 growing closer by the day. Believe me Second Life has made me so happy because of the friendship i have connected with!
So the outfits! Me and Miss Dana decided to wear Vogue! Yes I wore the same jeans in the previous blog but they are also amazing in Black aswell mixed with Zalyns amazing Kay Sweater! Dana and me both decided on the hair and hat mix, Mine is from Lamb which have a wide variety of cute Hair!

I also want to say a huge Thank you also to of course Dana Yotov, Zalyn Bailey, Rhawnie Draconia, Ashia Denimore, Dymex Sapphire, Bianca Adder, Nice Wildrose and Ai Hienrichs, You all made 2011 an amazig Year for me. Love you all xxxx

Want theese Items
Hair: Stargaze in Lady from Lamb (Including Hat)
Top: Kay Sweater in Black from Vogue
Pants: Rihanna Pants in Black from Vogue
Shoes: Coquette in Red Gltter Edition by NCore
Nails: Animal Print Red Nails by Purple Moon
Eyeshadow/Lipstick: Glitter Make up 1 by Vogue

Top - Kay Knitted Sweater (Checkers) by Vogue
Pants - Torn Jeans (Dark Blue) by Vogue
Shoes - Prestige Boots (Black Leather) by Bax Coen
Nails - Square Medium Passion by MoonDance
Hair and Hat - Winter (Soil) by Secrets Hair

Photo Taken by Dana Yotov