Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Skin Deep!

You're telling me that I'm your queen, that nothing matches me.
You're making me feel like a dream, the way you flatter me
Are you just another fake, or something special?
You're telling me that I'm too cool, you say I'm beautiful
I gotta tell you I'm no fool, I'm kinda cynical
Boy have you got what it takes 
Something special
Don't think this beauty's skin deep
I need more than you're giving me
Skin deep
Get down to the bone
Heart and soul, I've got to have it all
It's got to be special
 Natasha Thomas - Skin Deep
This song i never heard before today and its perfect for this blog as you may seen my avi in the space of the last week has had a extreme make over with the help of friends I have become what I have wanted to look like! ByeBye Sweet Sessie! Hello Fierce Sessie!
I was lucky enough to be in Posh Fashion Week ad i got this amazing outfit for part of the Xanadu show! Its one of my favourite outfits at the moment! I love the jacket with the short skirt! I think ill be wearing this around Second Life a hell of a lot! My fav part of my look now is my eyes! At first i felt like a extra in Twlight but now i love theese! Go to Poetic asap!
I hope you all love my new look as much as me!!! 

Want theese Items:
Dress & Jacket: Black Beauty Collection - Safari by Xanadu
Hair: Ema2 in Black from Diva
Boots: Prestige Boots in Black Suede from BAX
Jewerally: Xenobia necklace and Chloe's bracelet by Finesmith

All Photos done by Ashia Denimore - Pixel Icon Studios 
Founder of Pixel Icon Studios and Pixel Icon School Of Photography.

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