Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I got one Life!

My Daddy sat me down, he said, "Girl it's probably time to start making some plans"
And I said, "No, not right now"  
With so many choices I just didn't know what to do now
All I'd say is forget it when he'd tell me I'd regret it
Just let it be what it is, coz it's so easy to say.
If I knew yesterday what I know today, where would I be tomorrow
I won't let my soul slide away,
I'd do whatever it takes Coz this time's only borrowed
I got one life, one life, one life and I'm gonna live it  
got one life, one life, one life and I'm gonna live it right!!
Well....How ironic is this blog, Because Second Life helps us to do things we feel we cant achieve in Real Life or even just to meet people from all parts of the world! Sometimes its great to just Escape Real Life for a few hours! So really everyone who plays Second Life has 2 Lives! Yay
Anyway for this blog its all about new beginnings so here i am wearing a Bliss Couture Dress which was realesed for the New Year! Amuntey has done an amazing job mixing a patterned dress with a soft Pink Fur Coat! Yes Darling!!! I dont know if its a English thing but i imagine the people in the streets of Chelsea wearing this Walking their Posh Poddles! 
I matched this dress with a new hair also from Bliss Couture realesed from MVW event! That was amazing if you all got to see it, Big Congrats goes out Anna! Anyway the hair is beautiful and perfect for your casual or formal gowns so really its a must buy, I dont usually talk about make up in blogs but this is from Vogue Mainstore Zalyn has done brilliantly making theese beautiful make ups, with opitions to wear with lipstick or without!!
Happy 2012 Everyone!

Want theese Items:
Dress: Melinda with Zhora Fur Coat from Bliss Couture
Hair: Calypso in Cennelle from Bliss Couture
Make Up: Vogue Dramtic make up series in 2a
Earrings: Flower Bead from Finesmith

All Photos done by Ashia Denimore - Pixel Icon Studios
Founder of Pixel Icon Studios and Pixel Icon School Of Photography.
Song Lyrics are James Morrison-One Life

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