Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thoose Rawr Heels...

I used to work in a Shoe Shop and I remember thinking, I wonder why NEW shoes makes us females so happy? I mean they are only for our feet? We only walk on them!I have never really been a shoe and handbag sort of girl (Maybe cos I spend all my moneys on chocolate xD) I probably own about 5 pairs and I know that's not alot for females. Geez some of my RL friends have hundreds. I think I blame the fact I cannot withtake the pain heels give me so maybe I never got excited about them :D But in SL thats different I am either barefoot or wearing heels I couldnt wear in RL. So ty SL for the chance to wear skyhigh heels.
 I didnt understand the term "Sex On Legs" untill I was introduced with these shoes. The fact that I didnt buy theese from a store! No No No! These shoes are full perm which means you can buy them and put your own texture on them and they also come with 3 different textures included... One being the black I used. But did u know I didn't have a clue how to texture shoes untill like 2 days ago! Yes I am that Noob with building! So I do love these shoes a whole lot more because they are compatible with Slink High Feet and there are only a limited amount sold. Heres a link with more Infos: Aurora Platform Heels.
 Thank You Jordan for my NEW Sexy Shoes :D 

Want These Items:
Shoes: Aurora Platfrom Heels from J - Designs
Leggings: Leather Skinny Pants from Maitreya