Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ready For My Hawaii...

I am so so so sooooo ready to go to Hawaii..... Trouble is I dont have the funds to live there. But just imagine everywhere you go there are palm trees, people sunbathing on hammocks and clear beautiful sea. I think this is where I would wanna go when I retire. Im so sick of English weather.... Ok granted we did have like 3-4 Sunny Days but then a storm came and well Hello rain again! Urgh!
So anyways let me shut up about the weather xD Today I am Blogging some VoguE! I love this new Bikini from VoguE and its also named after one of my close friends Venum :D I love the tassels ( Perfect for Hawaii). Its Mesh and comes in many different colors but you know how much I love Red. I added some Jewels from Finesmith. I love this chest piece its stunning!!! And the jewels are texture change!! Need I say more? 
Talking about Jewels! Are you ready for Finesmith Muse? I was glued to the contest last year when Shino won. Its a contest like no other, So unique and I had a look at the themes and trust me its not to be missed! 
Save the date 5th July 2014 at 10am SLT :D 
Well I hope the sun is shining where you are! If your in Hawaii I am soooo jealous right now xD

Want Theese Items:
Bikini: Ames Bikini in Red from VoguE
Jewels: Iris Set from Finesmith
Hair: Denee in Gingers from Truth Hair
Make Up: Lying Eyes from Madrid Solo 
And Teeth from Shake Up
Nails: Love Donna Flora Set from Nailed It
Skin: Ashley Skin in Toffee from Birdy
Pose & Prop: Can't Swim from Wetcat
Location: Baja Norte (Must Visit)