Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stay Tonight.....

Saturday, empty room, filled with people
It don't mean a thing to
You and I, holding hands
Nobody knows, Nobody understands
I don't care for sunlight
That only means it's over
And I'm in no mood for that
Stay tonight

Don't come morning, don't come light
They may be lies, say it, say that we'll be alright
If we stay tonight
Sara Bareilles - Stay
Wishing a night where you can just be with who you love, forgetting everyone and everything, Things are never that simple right so instead I spent much more time shopping Inworld taking advantage of Black Friday. All the sales are over now but I did pick up a few amazing items at Purple Moon. Firstly this beautiful dress in which you can chose to have the white or black on the top and gloves, I chose the white as it makes me feel elegant. Every girl likes to feel like a lady for a while. I added another beautiful necklace from Purple Moon which is so stunning, I might have to go back and buy more colors of it. To match I added a beautiful headdress from Baoba which adds the edge, Im sorry you cant see it that well but believe me its stunning! Baoba is my favourite Hat shop by far and worth a look if your looking for something unique. Hope your all enjoying Late November :)

Want Theese Items:
Dress: Meryl Dress from Purple Moon
Necklace: Roses Vintage from Purple Moon
Headdress: Ikebana from Baoba
Hair: Sami Attachement in Red from Baiastace

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