Monday, 19 November 2012

Catch My Breath.....

I'll spend the rest of my time
Laughing hard with the windows down
Leaving footprints all over town
Keeping faith kinda comes around
I will spent the rest of my life
Catching my breath, letting it go, 
Turning my cheek for the sake of this show
Now that you know, this is my life, 
I won't be told what's supposed to be right
Catch my breath, no one can hold me back, I ain't got time for that

Catch my breath, won't let them get me down, it's all so simple now
Kelly Clarkson - Catch my Breath
Today is the first time I heard this song and it made me smile, last week was a hard week for me in both worlds and now all I wanna do is....."Laughing hard with the windows down" - Which sounds really childish but super fun. Anyways enough about me, This jumpsuit is from Bliss Couture, It was was shown in BOSL Fashion Week so I'm lacking a bit with showing you it! I really love it! I love all the colors and so bright! Makes me wanna head back to Summer! But with all the bright colors it means you can literally style it however you like, I decided to pick up the red in it, and add shoes from NCore, Jewels from Finesmith (Which is back by the way) and a wild hair from Lelutka! I had alot of fun styling something so colorful and pretty! 

Want Theese Items:
Jumpsuit: Oriential Jumpsuit by Bliss Couture
Jewellery: Folieole Bracelet and Necklace in Sunflower
Shoes: Ultra Platform in Rouge Passion from NCore
Hair: Rykiel Hair in Its Not Ginger from Lelutka

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