Sunday, 7 October 2012

I am Me.....

Do you remember when you told me that
Ill never be good enough for anyone
That I wasn't worth your time your energy
And why did I listen then
Why didn't I stand up for myself
You made me believe
That I was on the road to nowhere to nowhere
Travis Garland - Dead ad Gone
Shape: My Shape I bought in a Shake Up Sale last year and editted with a little help from amazing people. 
Skin: I was searching a long time to find the perfect Skin that made me comfortable. I love this skin from Blush Skins. 
Eyes: I have tried a few stores but to me nothing can beat Ikon. 
Make Up: Ever since getting accepted as a blogger for Shake Up, I cant take this Lara Lipstick off.
Achievements: This doesnt matter to me! It doesnt make me who I am.

The Journey for myself hasnt been easy to find myself and I'm still not there 100%. I understand theres alot of improvement to be made. As everyone of us, we live each day styling, taking risks, experimenting, to improve. So someone might steal your shape. skin, completely copy you but they cant steal ur Identity and they did'nt live your journey. Be proud because you are beautiful :-)))

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