Sunday, 12 August 2012


Won't dance, not without you, 
Small steps, they lead only to your heart
You keep me wishing in the dark
What's wrong, you cannot lose, 
My eyes only see to your heart
You keep me wishing in the dark
Now if you're never gonna move, 
Oh my love… you'll make me come to you
But I'm still dancing on my own, still dancing on my own
Although I'm coming close to you, oh my love… 
I'll keep the dancefloor warm
But I'm still dancing on my own, 
Still dancing on my own
Jessie Ware - 110%
I really love Jessie Wares songs, I literally chose this song because as I write this my avatar decided she doesnt want to stop dancing. So awwww Summer is nearly at the end as I see all the fall clothes getting realesed and England has hardly had a Summer. Sigh. So I decided to throw on my prim feet and this beautiful dress from LpD. I literally fell in love as soon as I saw it. I can imagine its soft fabric rubbing against my skin as I run through the water. I love how this snap looks like me on holiday messing around in the water. Im wearing a beautiful long mesh hair from Lelutka which I have probably blogged about before but i cant stop wearing it! 

Want theese Items:
Dress: Atena Dress from LpD
Hair: Trend Hair in Its Not Ginger from Lelutka
Jewerally: Genie Bracelet & Hemp Hairbeads from EarthStones