Sunday, 25 March 2012


When my strength was gone,
 and I just gave up on life
  In my darkest place you were my guide
  And you told me that I should live my life to the limit
  When you fall down get back up and fight 
 Well the shape of my heart don't lie
  I'm determined when you trust in me
  It's all I need Now I'm hoping, if you hear this
  You believe that all that I do is to make you proud 
 Make me stronger, so that I rise up 
Made my mind up  
So that all that I do is to make you proud
JLS Proud.
Today I chose this song for 2 simple reasons! Firstly this weekend I went to London to watch this band perform and they were amazing! Secondly this song is this years Sports Relief song in which JLS donated all the proceeds to Sports Relief Charity.All the money raised by the public helps people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world's poorest countries.
 Anyway movng on to the outfit! Its one of Zalyn Bailey's latest realeses called Quercus! I love the Orential look she is keeping on trend this season! I also love this dress with the beautiful pearl beading just underneath the bust! It is one of them oscar dresses! Zalyn never fails to amaze me in so many ways! I mixed this with a beautiful updo from W&Y hair! With the opiton to change the head dress color to either black or white to match ur desired hair color. Finishng my look i decided upon the Paulina MVW set from Finesmth! This set is ideal for this dress and also so beautiful to match to most of your formal or vintage looks! Really a must have!

Want theese Items: 
Dress: Quercus Dress in Classic by Vogue
Jewerally: Paulina MVW set in White from Finesmith
Hair: W&Y Model Hair 1 in Black