Thursday, 2 February 2012

*Major Crush on Bliss Couture*

I feel a cold flush going through my hair
And hey you know what
I dont even care
The time has passed me by
Its gone with the wind
its only cus the sun shined once again
Now the party’s on
Everybody’s there
And if you dont know anyone
You’ll still meet some new friends
That’s the way it is
When i have myself a drink
Its only cus the sun shines once again
Labrinth - Let the Sunshine
Well todays blog is about new beginnngs and thats why I love this song! Because it reminds me of peace and a new start! So today I decided to bring to you a top from Bliss Couture in which at first I was'nt sure about but then I saw a few models around the grid wearing and it grew massively on me and now I got it I absolutely love it!!! You know how amazing the details embroided on it are? I love the mix of colors and how unusal it is from my usual casual tops! This was realesed for Chinese New Year, so its a few weeks old but I do Love Love it! You can find it in the Fur section of the store.
And OMG! Mega crush on this hair which is also from Bliss Couture in the saffron as I recently decided to become a red head! And its so much fun! I finally realesed why Cheryl Cole went from Blonde to Red! I feel like a classic!

Well I hope you all enjoyed my major crush on Bliss Couture!!!
Want theese Items:
Top: Chinese Empire Coat from Bliss Couture
Jeans: Low Waist Jeans in Light Blue from Vogue
Hair: Mari Hair in Saffron from Bliss Couture
Earrings: Flower Bead earrings from Finesmith
Shoes: Goshi Pumps in Magenta from MStyle
Make Up: Glitter Make up in Charcoal/Red from Vogue