Monday, 26 December 2011

Fairytale Dress!

Tale as all of time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends unexpectanly
Just a little change
small to saythe least
Both a little scared
Beauty and the Beast.

This dress makes me think of Disney films especially Beauty and the Beast. A film true to my heart. I watched it when I was younger dreaming of being Belle and here I am stood in this beautiful Vogue Dress and it makes me feel beautiful and special, Yes  this dress doesnt look like the one in the film but it has that feel that makes me feel enchanting.So thank you to Vogue for helping me feel beautiful and helping me relive my childhood memories.
I also used a hair from Bliss Couture which is actually really versiltile, you could use this for a formal or casual look and comes in every color to suit your personal looks!

So I guess this is the end of me reliving my memories for you all......

Want theese items:
Dress: Narcissa Dress in Turquoise from Vogue
Hair: Temprence Hair in Champayne from Bliss Couture
Jewerally: Pearl Earring and Necklace from Alienbear

Photo taken by Ashia Denimore

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